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Keep The Pride In Yourself

There are 250,000 ‘Ex Paid Up’ Nationalists in Britain. Despite the fact that the vast majority of people in our country never join any political party at any time in their lives, ever.

Why Join The British Democrats?

we are not a one or two issue pressure group, but a complete political party with a decent patriot and essentially classless policy on all issues of our time.

Sold Down The River!

Conservative minded people as well as the vast majority of traditional British citizens waited in hope for the Conservative Party to ‘come good’ and deliver the Brexit that was voted for and indeed promised.  Instead they are letting us all down again, badly.

Its Our Country And We Want It Back

Fifty odd years of being governed by godless, self serving parties who only stand for narrow sections of our society, whilst Britain, quite frankly, goes down the toilet.  Visit a multi-cultural area of any of our cities, if you doubt this, where it can be extremely difficult for our policemen to issue a parking ticket

Third Time Lucky!!

Don’t waste your efforts of the past by giving up, just when opinion in our country is turning our way, but join the solid, respectable and genuine British Democratic Party today, and be ready to further the cause when the time is right.