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Deport Anjem Choudary Today

Convicted of advocating support for ISIS, this disgusting British hating individual has been released early from Belmarsh prison.

Keep The Pride In Yourself

There are 250,000 ‘Ex Paid Up’ Nationalists in Britain. Despite the fact that the vast majority of people in our country never join any political party at any time in their lives, ever.

Help Chuck Chequers Proposal

Chequers didn’t make an appearance at Conservative Party Conference, but the Prime Minister is still trying to push it through Parliament.

Windrush and the roots of immigration

I can’t find out  how many trips it made to the West Indies.  Probably not more than four as the last mention  of this ship was when it caught fire and sunk in the Mediterranean in March 1954.
In 1948 the key to non-British immigration was provided by the British Nationality Act. This made provision for British nationality and for citizenship of the UK and its Colonies

Nationalism – Nature Vs Nuture

We in the Nationalist Movement – regardless of party or non-party organisation – are fundamentally different from every other party or grouping

British Nationalists and The Holy Grail

The Government has spoken of clamping down on hate speech. In the case of Muslims that will apply only to those who advocate murder and other extreme violence. In the case of Nationalists, it will extend to those who oppose multi-racialism.

Europe and the European Union

I once explained to a class of students that the word Europe, on the one hand, and the words, European Union, were not synonymous. The word Europe, a continent, has a much wider meaning than the organisation called the European Union.

Local Election Result from Loughborough South

In Lincolnshire, where Paul Nuttall is expected to stand in the general election in Boston and Skegness, UKIP went from being the official opposition to having no seats at all as the Tories gained 23 seats.

Nationalists Discrediting Nationalism

We must be on the look out for lunatics in our ranks and if they are potentially dangerous lunatics, they must be removed using constitutional powers correctly.