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The Common Currency Will Kill the EU

The forging of a common currency was supposed to bring the countries of Europe together. In fact, it has now driven them apart. It seems that the damage done by the disastrous monetary experiment will bring an end to the EU within three years.  And trade, freedom of business and European co-operation will be the better for it.

The Big Lie, That We Are A Disunited Nation Continues

Nothing helps the big lie more than the example of almost unknown, Shadow Business Secretary, Clive Lewis.

He intends to defy his leader, Comrade Corbyn, and vote against invoking Article 50 if he gets the chance!

May’s Brexit Is Not What It Seems

In an interesting report from John Shaw on this website last week he noticed that in a study held prior to the Referendum Afro-Asian voters intended to support ‘Remain’ in a much higher ratio than UK ‘born and bred’ voters.

Brexit and the Legal System

Unelected judges have been accused of declaring war on British democracy by defying the will of the people who had voted in a national referendum to sever control by the European Union. However, on 3rd November 2016 the High Court decreed that the Government had no right to trigger Article 50 to take Britain out of the EU without the approval of Parliament. A government appeal will commence in the Supreme Court from 5th December, with a final decision expected in the New Year.

Brexit – Will The Decision Of The People Be Respected By Parliament and The Courts?

Hilary Benn, the Labour MP who strongly backed Remain has warned Brexiteers that he now holds the power to dictate the conditions on which Britain will leave the EU.
Mr Benn, who leads the Parliament’s Brexit Committee, told Sky News that the single market will be a priority amid fears that desperate Remain MPs will water down the terms of Brexit.
Following this week’s controversial High Court Brexit ruling, Parliament now holds the power to activate Article 50 – the formal start of Brexit negotiations. 

Is There A Case For Progressing BREXIT by Royal Prerogative?

The High Court’s judgement on Article 50 obviously triggers a constitutional crisis. This is a victory for those who seek to subvert the will of the people and block Brexit by whatever means possible. Unless the judgement is overturned by the Supreme Court, the ‘Remainers’ in Parliament will be able to overturn the Referendum result

54% of Voters Agree That Invoking Article 50 Is A Decision For The Prime Minister To Make.

The High Court is currently considering whether the Prime Minister has the legal right to invoke Article 50 – thereby triggering the beginning of the process for withdrawal from the European Union – without having to have a Parliamentary vote.
Many who voted Leave at the referendum believe that the case is not about Parliamentary sovereignty – as those who have brought the case about suggest – but a way of overturning the result of the referendum.

French Military Officers Support Brexit

No doubt much to the shock of conventional Tory voters, on June 13th the Daily Telegraph published a letter supporting the British Leave campaign signed by three French admirals in Paris. Not to be outdone the following day a letter appeared from three French Army colonels expressing even stronger views.

What is The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership?

We would recommend you vote against TTIP but as none of us will have any say in whether it goes through or not (Brussels will decide) we need to stop it in its tracks. The only way we can do this is to leave the EU and let the other 27 EU countries deal with it as best they can.