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Letter from Andrew Brons To Telegraph

The EU is still insisting that negotiations about future trade relationships between the UK
and the EU cannot begin until the UK’s fee for leaving the EU has been agreed.

The Chief Democracy Deniers In Britain’s Cabinet

Apparently these cabinet members are among those in the Conservative Party that are trying to push the Prime Minister into accepting that while free movement of people will officially end, there should be no immediate move to reduce immigration, once we have left the European Union Superstate.

What’s Wrong With These People?

Now in his old age he is denying Brexit by trying to defy our democratic vote and bowing down to the foreign power of the EU superstate. He is in fact going against all he previously believed.

Sir Richard Branson Provides Fake News

the fact is Britain can spend £350 million per week on anything we like when we are free of the E.U. Super State and to suggest otherwise is just plain ‘Fake News’

Lord! Mandelson Condems Himself

One of the architects of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and crushing political correctness that enforces these dreadful policies, has condemned himself and his fellow international Marxists.