Syria: Have the Tories Nothing Better to do With Our Money?

syria-cameronWe are informed by the controlled media that the US and Britain are to work to strengthen what they describe as the “moderate opposition” in Syria to create a transitional bodyto replace President Bashar al-Assad.

Quite what the internal politics of Syria has to do with either country is not explained.

British puppet, David Cameron, speaking in Washington, claimed there was an “urgent window of opportunity before the worst fears are realised” in Syria. Perhaps there is, but once again – why is any of this Britain’s concern?

According to Western/Zionist propaganda the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s rule has cost 70,000 lives and created more than a million refugees.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an anti Assad body, in a disclosure some claim was timed to coincide with Cameron’s visit to the US, put the death toll at 80,000.

The media would have us believe that Cameron has not made a decision to arm the Syrian opposition, only that he is pushing for further flexibility in the EU’s arms embargo on Syria. However, few observers doubt that the Tories can resist the temptation to involve this country in yet another war at the covert behest of the US/Zionist lobby.

Cameron has already pledged to double what is described as non-lethal support to the Syrian opposition over the coming year, including armoured vehicles, body armour and generators. However little news is “hitting the wire” over British financial assistance – money that is, presumably, being utilised to fund the purchase of weapons by the rebels themselves.

Anyone who doubts the direction this Tory government is taking us should ponder Cameron’s own words: “I do believe that there is more we can do alongside technical advice, assistance, help, in order to shape them, in order to work with them.”

Apparently ring-fencing some £10 billion of our tax money in the sacred name of foreign aid, in these times of austerity and record borrowing, isn’t enough for “our” profligate government – we now may have to fund another military adventure in the furtherance of US/Zionist imperialism.

The bottom line is as simple as it is clear – leave the Syrians to sort out their own mess – it’s nothing to do with us!

4 thoughts on “Syria: Have the Tories Nothing Better to do With Our Money?

  1. ( Party Official ) Nobody , particularly our Prime Minister , EVER explains WHY they want to re-place President ASSAD of SYRIA. Anyway , is it RIGHT to rampage round the World , overthrowing other Peoples Governments. The LibLabCON parties want us in a STATE OF PERPETUAL WARFARE. we Nationalists respect other Countries and wish to live in PEACE !

  2. John Shaw ( Party Official ) It is FANTASTIC to read that DONALD TRUMP AND MR. PUTIN are going to work together on the Syria Problem , with the U.S.A. REVERSING POLICY and supporting the legitimate President ASSAD. THIS PARTY has ALWAYS BEEN CORRECT ABOUT SYRIA , unlike the disgraceful David Cameron and his like , who have been totally wrong in being hell bent on trying to get Britain INTO WAR AGAINST THE ASSAD GOVERNMENT IN SUPPORT OF ‘ MAD MUSLIMS ‘ ! In fact a vote for the Donald was always a VOTE FOR PEACE and a vote for New World Order Hillary was always a VOTE FOR PERPETUAL WARFARE AND ON THE WRONG SIDE AT THAT. Peruse our article library and see our UNIQUE COMMON SENSE ON THESE ISSUES AND THEN IN A REJECTION OF THE OLD , FAILED PARTY’S , JOIN US TODAY !

  3. OUR PARTY POLICY is that Britain should never involve ourselves in FOREIGN WARS that do not directly affect our NATIONAL INTEREST. Despit having recently admitted the Syrian conflict is a CIVIL WAR , our Government and MISLEADING MEDIA , are on the WRONG SIDE ! I WISH sky news and the even worse B.B.C. would show ALL THE I.S.I.S. AND OTHERS , CELEBRATING THE NEWS THAT WE ATTACKED THE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT WITH MISILES ! THEN MAYBE OUR PEOPLE WOULD UNDERSTAND ! Be ahead of the game by JOINING US TODAY !

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