Statement on the Finsbury Park Attack

by Andrew Brons

Violent attacks can never be justified. They are completely immoral and must be condemned unreservedly. The violent attack on the Finsbury Park mosque must be condemned in the same terms as we condemned the Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge attacks. The people attacked in Finsbury Park cannot be seen as being in any way responsible for the Islamist terrorist attacks and cannot be targets of a revenge attack if that is what this attack was.

Apart from being utterly immoral and evil, this attack has damaged the Nationalist cause. There is no doubt that the attack will be used by the Government as a pretext for taking repressive measures against Nationalists. We do not yet know the identity of the attacker but whoever he is, he is an enemy of British Nationalism.


7 thoughts on “Statement on the Finsbury Park Attack

  1. The attacker has been identified as Darren Osborne. Yesterday, Monday 19th June, father of four Osborne was arrested ten minutes after allegedly driving a hire van into a crowd of Muslim men leaving the Finsbury Mosque in North London, injuring eight and possibly killing another.

    Andrew is correct that this attack may be used by the government as a pretext to suppress patriotic anti immigration organisations in general, notwithstanding that the police believe the attacker was acting alone and was not known to UK intelligence services. He was arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism, including attempted murder.

    Osborne reportedly turned against Muslims following the London Bridge attack. Osborne’s sister says that he had been “troubled” for a long time, but was “not a racist” and had never expressed any racist views – apart from yelling “I’m going to kill all Muslims … you deserve it … I did my bit” at the time of the attack!

    Osborne is plainly not of sound mind, has caused suffering and brought patriotism into disrepute. His actions should be condemned by all decent, peaceful nationalists.

  2. John Shaw , The best way to fight back for the harm done to our Country and People is to actually JOIN the British Democratic Party. The Party , AS THE NAME SUGGESTS , IS TOTALLY DEMOCRATIC and will Never be involved in any violence whatsoever. With People from both a Conservative background ( who have been betrayed ) and People from a socialist background ( who have been betrayed ) we intend to unite all OUR PEOPLE and save Britain from the Multi-cultural hell hole , that under the LibLabCON , it is fast becoming.

  3. John Shaw , All as above , we are a Democratic NATIONALIST Party , but be under no illusion ; IT IS OUR COUNTRY AND WE WANT IT BACK.

  4. John Shaw , Yet another wonderful , prophetic and to the point NATIONALIST slogan , that started as a chant on the march , ( like Brixton ) WE WANT JOBS , NOT MORE W— !

  5. Absolutely spot on. The individual responsible for this attack in North London is a psychopath. It will be used by the Government to stifle freedom of speech and stigmatise genuine patriots.

    I see Mr Corbyn has visited the scene and I observed ”Say No to Racism” placards on show. yet anything remembering the victims of the Islamic attacks never has anything like this displayed.

    My question is : While individuals carrying out these heinous crimes are rightly labelled as terrorists, be it the White Welsh attacker or the Islamic ones, why then is one a terrorist, an Islamophobe and a racist, and the others referred solely as terrorists ?

  6. John Shaw , We British have ALL been insulted by the People who frequent Finsbury Park Mosque. This includes our current Prime Minister who , whilst Home Secretary , had so much trouble from , amongst others , Captain Hook as he was known. The European Union were also a problem as they would not let us deport him in a long series of legal battles. Well , we are getting rid of the E.U. PROBLEM , but will we get rid of the Finsbury Park Problem ?

  7. John Shaw , Another infamous Dual Nationality citizen , who attended Finsbury Park Mosque was Richard Reid the SHOE BOMBER , WHO TRIED TO BLOW UP A PLANE. Yes those people really are an asset to our Country , in fact absolutely delightful , as any liberal type will tell you !

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