Solution to UK’s crime wave: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life?

by Kevan Stafford


Troy Thomas and Nathan Gilmaney have been found guilty of murder Credit: Met Police


The number of murders in London has reached 62 so far this year, in addition to numerous woundings, assaults, muggings and sexual attacks on women and children.

 Some blame the epidemic of violence on shortage of money, police officers and resources to deal with the problem. But the fault could lie more squarely at the door of politically correct soft “civilised” penalties, epitomised by a recent report about two vile thugs on a moped found guilty of knifing to death their robbery victim, child-worker Abdul Samad, even after he had handed over his valuables. High on drugs, the pair of murderers also knifed and wounded several other victims in a four hour rampage across London.

 Nathan Gilmaney, 19. GRINNED as he and his accomplice Troy Thomas, 18, were led to the cells at the Old Bailey on 18 May 2018.

 Gilmaney’s grinning after being found guilty of foul murder explains everything one needs to know about the violence problem in this country – and much of Western society. Violent thugs DO NOT FEAR THE LAW! And they are correct in not fearing the law, because penalties are nowhere near severe enough. Fines are proportionate to one’s income and what is to be feared about a sentence in a safe warm cell with three hot meals per day plus comforting coco before bedtime, lots of activities available such as playing snooker and ball games, internet browsing and football on TV, like-minded friends to chat to, time in the gym for body-building, university courses and “rehabilitation”? And early release to look forward to for good behaviour after serving only half of one’s sentence.

 Political correctness (derived from the infamous 1920s Frankfurt School with the aim of fragmenting western societies) demands that we should act in a “civilised”, i.e. soft, manner towards criminals, even persistent ones. Instead, society should be prepared to respond to murder, acid throwing and child abuse with execution, society would be better of without such vicious thugs. For less serious crimes like shop lifting, birching at increasing severity could be an effective deterrent for repeat offenders, alongside sequestration of assets. Birching would undoubtedly be appropriate for crimes of violence, to both punish and deter. Rehabilitation would be largely superfluous when the best form of deterrence would be to be very afraid of the consequences of committing crime in the first place.

Abdul Samad was stabbed to death outside his home

 On the evening of Abdul Samad’s death he had promised to marry his girlfriend Sultana Ahmed this year. She said “Abdul lived for his job of helping children; he was the change we needed to see in the world, the change he brought because he wanted to brighten the future for the youths of this generation.”  RIP.


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  1. Thuggery has always been around, though never at the levels we are now experiencing. Liberalism and multiculturalism, combined, a lethal cocktail which fosters division, a victim mindset and sense of entitlement. The influence of black street “culture” has been hugely detrimental to White youths.

    Odds on the White thug pictured above is an ardent fan of “gangsta rap” ….and all the messages of violence we associate with it.
    London is now the knife crime capital of Europe thanks to “diversity”.

    In Finsbury Park a Russian girl was horrifically attacked and murdered by one of our third world “contributors” on her way home from work. The brute, who had previous(as always)was sentenced last week, but we all know what the real punishment should have been. In other words he will get to survive, will remain a burden on the taxpayer, and have a cushty life, thanks to the disease of liberalism.

  2. if anyone expects the LibLabConGreenSNP gang to reinstate capital punishment and repatriate all the 3rd Worlders dumped on us by the liar Tony Blair then they are wasting Their breaths We need to get rid of these globalist parasites

  3. Political Correctness is the root of evil.

  4. If you take a life, then under an effective system of law, you should forfeit all freedoms, including your right to live. These psychopaths are beyond therapy, they have an incapacity for remorse and lead lives where patterns of violent and manipulative behaviour make their existence a criminal and social burden. Tragically, our legal system is bogged down with Politically Correct pandering and and all the absurdity that goes with it.

    • We should model a future criminal justice system on that of asian countries like Singapore or Japan. Both of these countries don’t mollycodle the criminal fraternity and Singapore especially is notorious for its hardline policies against them including the pretty frequent use of the death penalty. The lowlife scum that deal in drugs in Singapore get their just deserts by dangling on the end of a rope!

  5. The eye for an eye principle is advocated by the Holy Bible. Exodus 21-24 (King James translation)says: “If there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.” That’s comprehensive.

    However, where Jesus is reported as saying “Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also” (Matthew 5:38-42)he was apparently having an unexpected senior moment.

    In a radio interview in 2016 Donald Trump said that the Bible’s Eye for an eye verse was his favourite. Regarding immigrants he said: “And they laugh at our face, and they’re taking our jobs, they’re taking our money, they’re taking the health of our country. And we have to be firm and have to be very strong. And we can learn a lot from the Bible.”

  6. Interesting article. Unfortunately though there are Sub-human creatures within our society that are capable of committing such appalling & heinous crimes. Such miscreants I consider to be lower than vermin -in actual fact, I take the view that they are lower than the lice & the parasites that crawl on the vermin’s back!

    And the remedy to the problem? Our utterly Unfit for purpose liberal establishment shall never approve of course, but there is only one solution when it comes to dealing with parasites….

  7. These two cowardly yobs dont deserve an ounce of pity, but are an all too common indictment of our failure to punish/lenient sentencing which leads to a cycle of repeat offending and laughing at the law.

    The Frankfurt schools ‘contribution’ to our current state of liberal madness, can’t be overstated enough. it has now become a case of ‘containing’ crime. Knife crime epidemic, there is no solution, as nature dictates here -so how to contain the problem we cannot solve ? They’re lost.

    The tragedy, Cultural Marxism , an ideology that is pervasive to an extent that it’s undeniable the far-Left ‘anti racists’ and Tories, are one and the same when it comes to championing Multiculturalism, diversity worship, gay/transgender promotion in schools, and just about anything that corrodes our traditions. They all advocate shutting down any opposition to what amounts to national suicide.

    Recent events, they are still in power but are losing the meta-political war. Brexit. A gradual awakening of Britons frightens them. It could gather pace. The response, patriots are being attacked, jailed, threatened, censored, banned from the country, or hounded from their jobs by a collusion of disparate elements, all of which become united by their anti British agenda.

  8. On balance, I’m against the death penalty. My solutions:

    * Reserve prison for burglars and serious violent/sexual offenders. This would make room for solitary confinement. The worst offenders should be regularly birched while in prison.

    * Limit child benefit to the first child. This would help reduce the size of the quasi-criminal underclass. Also, pressure and bribe ‘gangster’s moll’ type girls to accept sterilisation, at least until they are 25.

  9. Yes Patrick , whilst I understand and agree with your sentiments regarding the child benefit point , I have often wondered whether the answer to the British Peoples declining Birthrate problem would be for large child benefits to be paid out by the state to INDIGENOUS BRITISH PEOPLE who must be MARRIED and one of them in FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT. A very GENEROUS and long running scheme would get OUR Population GROWING AGAIN.

    • Thanks for the reply johnshaw. Yes, I think your idea could be a major element in re-balancing the population and it would indirectly help reduce criminality too. But before that could be done, I assume the Equality Act 2010 would need amending to allow British/white racial preference (I’m no legal expert though, so I’m not sure).

      • Sure , Patrick , there would be MANY LAWS CHANGED. This is what the British Democratic Party is all about. To undo the horrific harm that the LibLabCon have and indeed still are doing to our People and Country will take many changes and indeed scrapping of many Laws that are against the well being of OUR PEOPLE. The FIRST Law to go will be the RACE RELATION ACT and all its OPRESIVE AMENDMENTS. I urge all to read our POLICY DOCUMENT. It is SUPERB and indeed a ‘ BLUEPRINT ‘ for SAVING OUR PEOPLE AND COUNTRY.

  10. It was reported today that “Dad of four battered to death with cricket bat as he looked for his children’s stolen bikes”. After being hit on the head from behind he was also jumped on and punched. A 16-year old youth has been charged with murder. No doubt this charge will be reduced to man-slaughter if the alleged attacker claims he merely intended to injure rather than kill. If a perpetrator knows that death could result from their attack, then that should still constitute murder and result in a ‘life for a life’ penalty – preferably employing the same method used on their victim! That would be a tough but fair punishment, which could also help to deter future attacks by others.

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