“Smear by Lack of Association” —Andrew Brons MEP Exposes Daily Telegraph Lies

There is no evidence linking British nationalist parties to Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, and the Telegraph newspaper’s attempts to create such an linkage are “smears by lack of association,” Andrew Brons MEP has said.

Writing in a letter to the editor sent to the Telegraph, Mr Brons said that “the frantic attempts by your reporters to refer to the British National Party when investigating the associates of the Norwegian mass murderer, Breivik, could best be described as smear by lack of association.

“Breivik is reported (Telegraph 28th July) to have sent his ‘manifesto’ – an inappropriate word if ever there was one – to 250 British-based contacts,” Mr Brons wrote.

“There is no suggestion that any of the 250 asked for this document and only three of the addressees were on record as having referred to the British National Party. One of these had spoken of his support (not membership) of the Party.

“It goes without saying that Breivik’s actions were unutterably evil. I am not aware of anybody having defended them, apart from Breivik himself.

“They were also completely counter-productive. This provides the clearest clue that Breivik is completely irrational, apart from being irredeemably evil. It might also suggest the hypothesis that any person found to be an associate of Breivik is likely to have a completely different and indeed opposite political agenda,” Mr Brons continued.

“The only person reported to have said anything favourable about Breivik, after the bombing, is an Italian MEP, Mario Borghezio, who is a fellow member of the European Freedom and Democracy group, with UKIP, in the European Parliament. He is reported (Telegraph 27th July) to have said, “One hundred per cent of Breivik’s ideas are good, in some cases extremely good,” he said.

It remains to be seen if the Telegraph publishes Mr Brons’s letter.

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  1. So why has it been left to Mr. Brons to respond to the Torygraph’s lies? Surely this is the job of the Party Chairman or his “Press Department” – both noticeably by their absence!

  2. Breivik was no Ethno Nationalist, in fact by the evidence of him killing his own Norweigan people he is quite the opposite.
    We dont condone the sensless murder of any peoples.
    Breivik is not only insane, but also illogical. The irony is that his horrendous actions have actually slightly increased the relative percentage of Muslims in the West, which was supposed to be his concern!
    Very Weird, and very sad for everyone.

  3. Boycott the Telegraph.

    For the sake of my sanity I stopped reading it in the early ’90s.

  4. ” It remains to be seen if the Telegraph publishes Mr Brons’s letter.”

    A perfectly reasonable, intelligent and polite response to the scurrilous smears and innuendo by the quisling NUJ media being published for ALL to see !

    Jumping smear tactics Batman!…not a dog`s chance.

  5. Avoid buying ANY newspapers; they are all lying traitorous filth that fill their tawdry rags with gossip, trivia and brainwashing. Read them online, if you will, but back that up with a wide cross-section of alternative news sites, and then form your OWN opinion. Fortunately, not a month goes by without their sales figures showing a steady decline…

  6. “It might also suggest the hypothesis that any person found to be an associate of Breivik is likely to have a completely different and indeed opposite political agenda,”

    Very clever, I like 🙂

  7. When any ‘terrorist’ event occurs such as the Breivik atrocity, it is worth pondering the question; who benefits?
    Since last weekend the corporate mass media have had a bonanza of finger pointing at what it calls ‘the far right’ – a convenient label which for them, embraces Nationalist groups in northern and western Europe, including the BNP and EDL in Britain and the FN in France, VB in Belgium, Geert Wilders party in the Netherlands etc. etc. Of course they (the media)never quite define properly their terminology – a proper analysis would spoil the knee jerk propaganda effect! I mean, for example, Geert Wilders is seeking to defend the liberal values of the Netherlands from the incursion of very illiberal Islamic influence. So liberals are ‘far right’ only if they oppose Islam? In fact the main unifying shared objective is the defence of Europe from the threat posed by uncontrolled immigration – specifically of Muslims. The media did let on that Breivik was a staunch Zionist, but there was no finger pointing at Israel and Israeli nationalist organisations. Fancy that! (Wouldn’t have anything to do with the pro-Zionist sympathies of the owners of the corporate global mass media now would it!) The alternative media however – principally on the internet – has informed us that the youngsters on the island – the victims – were very much engaged in the anti-Zionist cause. Norway in fact has displeased Israel and the international Zionist cause quite considerably of late, what with backing UN resolutions in support of the recognition of a Palestinian state and then recently announcing its withdrawal from the Libya operation. Zionists in Britain have been conspicuous in their antipathy to organised Nationalism over many years. It is only relatively recently that some of their number have identified with the EDL – but then again the EDL is NOT a Nationalist organisation. It is specifically and only, a pressure group opposed to Islamicism in Britain. So if Breivik was driven by an anti-Islamic hatred, why were his victims not Muslims? Wouldn’t an attack on a crowded Mosque have sparked off the civil war which we are always being told by the media is the desire of nationalists and ‘far right extremists’? It is my contention that the vast majority of ‘terrorist’ events are not the random lone operator jobs as portrayed, or the work of specific extremist organisations, but state sponsored ‘false flag’ events. It is a psychological war being waged on civilian populations. Certain powers that be are alarmed at the awakening of European peoples to the rising tide of Islam, as manifested by the success of some of our friends across the channel. Whilst that is not being currenttly replicated here (due to reasons we know well) there remains the huge potential. These certain ‘powers that be’ would like to poison that fertile ground. So, this latest terrorist outrage ticks quite a few boxes in terms of ‘benefits’ for the true protagonists, both within Norway itself as a ‘warning’ about the conduct of its foreign policy (and maybe even including its refusal to be part of the EU club?) Within the EU generally, it is a big bludgeon to hit everyone over the head with lest they consider engaging with Nationalist activity – lest they be not only socially ostracised, but have the finger of suspicion pointing them out as potential ‘terrorists’.

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