Should We Vote UKIP ?


Asks John Bean


Mohammed ‘Harry’ Boota and George Galloway
The British Democrats have only one Parliamentary Candidate standing at this election in this early growth period and that is Dr Jim Lewthwaite at Bradford East. Therefore we would recommend that in all other seats you could give your vote to any genuine nationalist or radical right candidate.


Many BDP supporters are saying that in all other seats where the above does not apply we should vote UKIP. The main reason is that the old establishment Lib-Lab-Con is already showing major cracks in its facade and a vote for ‘Nige’ will bring it tumbling down. Personally I doubt it, because Nige, the former city trader, is at heart part of the international monetary system.


Then we have UKIP’s alleged opposition to the ever-rising immigration flood. This opposition does not include Afro-Asians – a number of whom are actually UKIP candidates – but is confined to fellow Europeans who can be easily assimilated into our national stock. Of course I recognise that they are competing with our own Brits for jobs and thereby hold down wage levels.


Just look at the candidates that have been approved by Farage to stand in Bradford.

In Bradford West UKIP have Pakistan-born Mohammed ‘Harry’ Boota’, a great friend of far-left George Galloway of the Respect Party.(See photo) In Bradford East, where our Jim Lewthwaite is standing, UKIP candidate is Owais Rajput (muslim) a former long term Labour activist.


To Nigel Farage’s credit one of the most important things he has done is to press on with his exposing of the left-wing stance of the BBC, based on his experience of  the packed leftie audience at the ‘challengers’ debate.  Most of the media, including opposition TV channels, are still airing this as I write. Nevertheless, personally I don’t think I will vote UKIP.  But again, I might change my mind as I like the character of the old boy (nearly my age) standing for UKIP where I live. Former pilot and now a nurseryman, he is proud of the fact that all his grandchildren live in Suffolk near him.  I will have to think about it.

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  1. ( Party Member ) Happy ST. GEORGE’S DAY and yes, we need to reluctantly vote Ukip if we don’t have a real Nationalist Party Candidate in our Area.

  2. I agree with John in some respects but disagree in others. I will be voting UKIP in the absence of a BDP candidate for three reasons.
    (1) A vote for UKIP will be construed by the media and public at large as an anti immigration/EU vote – thus bolstering and legitimizing anti immigration/EU sentiment.
    (2) A vote for UKIP will also help to get people into the habit of voting for alternative parties, thus helping to further erode the slipping Tory/Labour stranglehold on British politics.
    (3) Should UKIP poll, say 3 million votes and only win one or two seats, then it will bring into question the fairness of a voting system that has effectively disenfranchised millions.
    I don’t particularly like UKIP but its success could be very useful to us in the longer term.

    1. I think your second and third points are the most valid here.  Yes, it will be interesting to see the reaction if UKIP polls millions of votes yet because of our patently unfair and archaic joke of an electoral system which is more akin to a lottery than a fair means of representing the democratic will of the electorate UKIP only obtains one to five or so MPs! Of course, when the Lib Dems got twenty percent or so of the national vote and were crushed by the FPTP system papers like the Daily Express couldn't care less but what if a 'Right-wing' party is also crushed by it? Could their reaction be different then?

  3. Refreshing to read some common sense on the “Do I , Don’t I ” vote UKIP subject. As Mr Bean quite rightly points out Farage is every bit an Establishment figure , he will fit snugly into his leather seat in the House of Commons should he be elected .I for one do not have the stomach to vote for this bunch of Right Wing Tories .I also predict NO seats for UKIP.

    1. Douglas Carswell will win in Clacton – nobody expects him to lose. So UKIP will have at least one seat. He has a 12,000 majority. 

      1. Sorry Paul, I had forgotten about this Tory defector.Yes I am sure this ex Tory will achieve a good vote and possibly win.

      2. I tend to expect him to do so as well. According to most polling experts, the constituency of Clacton has virtually perfect demographics for UKIP to win- one of few suuch seats.However, how much of UKIP's popularity in the seat is to do with UKIP as a party and their policies rather than having an MP who had what seems to have been a large personal vote when he was elected as a Tory?

        1. According to this site though his re-election as a UKIP MP could be a close-run thing: and today Tory polling 'godfather' Lord Ascroft has polled the constituency of Rochester and Strood (which has far less favourable demograhics for UKIP) and his polls indicate the Tories coud regain it:



          If Mr Carswell is re-elected and Nigel Farage wins in South Thanet that could pose problems for UKIP as Mr Carswell is basically still a Tory at heart and only seems to be interested in the EU issue and thinks UKIP should have LESS robust policies on immigration – the MAIN factor which is making people decide to vote UKIP!

  4. I can empathise with John on this issue. However, after much thought and in the absence of any genuine nationalist candidate, I shall be voting UKIP.

  5. ( Party Member ) Well said , Jim Diggory. For the reasons you state I see Farage as a Doorman. He is opening the door for us Nationalists. Never before has our subjects been discussed so much. History has proved us Nationalists right and it is up to us to point this out. LIKE Ukip ? You will LOVE the British Democrats

  6. Most comments above certainly make good tactical reasons for voting UKIP (whilst holding your nose). I still stand by my criticisms of Farage and UKIP, but having since met the actual candidate standing in my seat, I like him as a patriotic-family orientated individual and shall vote for him.

    1. Yes, votes should be 'lent' to UKIP rather than given to them. UKIP are very far from ideal but they are better than Labour/Lib Dem and CONservative and will have to do for now.

      1. I have got a English Democrat standing in my constituency. Their immigration policies are tougher than UKIP's and are more coherent and they're also Eurosceptics but, unfortunately, they have recently changed their policy from supporting a devolved English parliament to being outright separatists so if you are a Unionist as I am you can't really support them now. Also, UKIP will get far more votes so on election night their performance will be commented upon.

  7. The Socialist Workers’ Party used to have a slogan: “hold your nose and vote Labour”. Credit where it is due, even to a bunch of undergraduate Trots, it was quite a thoughtful and intelligent strategy for them. We need to learn, even from our worst enemies.

    Bearing in mind the present sorry state of the radical right in England I shall therefore vote UKIP, and would advise others living in England, Wales and Scotland to do the same. Realistically, the most that can be achieved at this general election is to deliver a heavy blow to the tottering two party system, which is the establishment’s principal line of defence against anyone thinking outside the bourgeois liberal box. UKIP is the instrument with which we can prise open the system’s barrier to the emergence of something better than UKIP will ever be.

    I haven’t forgotten that the U. K. is more than England, Wales and Scotland. BDP supporters and British patriots in Northern Ireland generally might well choose to vote for Traditional Unionist Voice.

    1. Or for the DUP as they have more chance of being elected and their MPs have their best chance ever of propping-up a government. Also, the DUP wants tougher immigration controls.

  8. This weekends gutter press has made interesting reading if only for the views of the “political experts” many of whom now believe there is a very good chance UKIP will not win a single Parliamentary seat.

    1. Many of these so-called 'experts' will not be genuinely neutral and allowing their own personal political prejudices (more than likley Tory supporters) to cloud their judgement on this matter. That being said, whilst it is perfectly possible UKIP could end-up with no seats, I doubt whether this will be the case. I do expect them to retain Clacton at least and Lord Ashcroft's polls ( indicate they have a good chance of winning Thurrock. I think due to it being a Tory stronghold (majority 28% or so) and UKIP choosing a candidate who is too young and inexperienced the seat of Boston and Skegness is probably beyond them. I think they will definintely have one and up to two others.

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