Sharia and the Balkanisation of Britain

By Southwest Nationalist. Britain has taken another step towards Balkanisation or religiously imposed apartheid today with news that the government has abandoned its investigation into Sharia courts operating within our country – because the Sharia courts refused to co-operate with, or talk to, investigators.

The courts (think tank Civitas estimated in 2009 that there were 85 of them, although the truth is that nobody knows the real number, it could be far higher) mete out Islamic ‘justice’ to Muslims in the UK, and most operate highly secretively. What they rule on, and what punishments they impose, well they are not going to tell us Kafir, it’s only our country after all.

A telling comment from Baroness Cox earlier in the year when she tabled a bill in the House of Lords which was aimed at curtailing “parallel legal, or ‘quasi-legal’, systems taking root in our nation” is worth revisiting : “Many women say, ‘we came to this country to escape these practices only to find the situation is worse here’.”

We have also, who can have missed it, seen Anjem Choudary, Muslims Against Crusades, and numerous others within the Muslim populace here agitating for ‘Sharia zones’ and the creation of Muslim enclaves within the UK, areas which would be dominated by Islamic law and which would, to all intents and purposes, become a country within our country, a conquered territory not under British rule.

Some have pointed to the existence of Jewish Beth Din courts, dealing with civil matters within the Jewish community in the UK, as a justification for Sharia courts, but the huge difference is that one does not see Jews declaring parts of Britain to be theirs, that outsiders are not welcomed, and trying to force their religious law and beliefs upon the rest of us.

Whilst retaining many of their own traditions, Jews have become a part of Britain and a part which most of us welcome, not a separate nation within a nation nor an aggressive force hostile to British values.

The road we have begun to walk with Islam, and there is ample evidence all around us so that all but the politicians and politically correct can see it, is a road which leads inevitably to the Balkanisation of Britain.

To some degrees this has already occurred with hugely Muslim dominated areas, the agitation from some sections of the Muslim community currently seems to be more about achieving some kind of legal recognition and status for it, as well as forcing non Muslims out so that Islam can further consolidate its hold on areas of the UK.

The growing phenomenon of Sharia courts are a further step towards this Balkanisation, springing up to supplant English law and English legal rulings. Sharia courts know that they are not answerable to the authorities in the way any other groups would be — our law is powerless.

What are our politicians going to do? Any half hearted moves will be perceived as an attack on Islam and serve to further accelerate the process of Balkanisation by handing Islam a unifying victory.

Moderate or extremist, and how misleading those words are, Baroness Warsi was right and we should use neither, Islam is Islam, and Islam will unite at any perceived attack.

The prospect of millions of angry Muslims is a fearful one for politicians on lost votes alone, largely Muslim dominated areas in the UK ensure that it is the Muslims who will decide who is elected in those constituencies. And, there is always the spectre of some kind of violence or civil disobedience, and if that occurred it could well be on a horrifying scale.

Doing nothing, which seems most likely since politicians are doubtless secretly terrified of the rising Islam within our midst and are fully aware that any action taken will wake the public up to this nightmare, something which the politicians would desperately like to avoid, simply allows the Balkanisation by stealth to continue.

By insisting on force feeding us all the idea of a integrationist Islam the politicians bear the guilt for the situation which we are now in.

They will never admit to that, they have no choice but to cling to the same hollow rhetoric and hope that when the explosion finally does come, and come it will, it won’t be on their watch, some other party will bear the blame.

Initially our nations Balkanisation may have begun with stealth, but we see it becoming more and more open and obvious. Islam has grown in both numbers and confidence here in the UK, and has to be aware, just as many non Muslims in Britain are aware, that hand wringing politicians lack the will and the courage to do a thing about it other than issue soothing words and make tokenistic gestures.

Anjem Choudary and Muslims Against Crusades may be labelled as extremists by the politically correct establishment who so love to divide Islam up into the compliant majority and extreme minority so that they can better convince us in Britain to put up with anything Islam does, but their demands for Sharia enclaves are just giving voice to what is already happening within our nation.

Make no mistake about it, Muslim dominated enclaves in which our laws virtually do not apply are already here. The law and the government prove again and again that they are unable to do a thing.

Every day we see a further step towards what currently seems the only outcome – the day when the inevitable is conceded and parts of Britain become Islamic zones either by official acceptance, or by officialdom having no choice but to turn a blind eye.

The Balkanisation of Britain has begun and is gathering pace, and those in charge of our country are allowing it to happen. They alone will bear the blame for the terrifying future which we now face and the all but unavoidable nightmare which is to come.

Recommended reading: Jihad, Islam’s 1,300-Year War on Civilisation.

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  1. For the last 20 years I have been trying to make the proponents of Multiculturalism see what a suicidal social experiment they were conducting.with the simple point of , when you get two groups of people with different ethnic or religious identities within National boundaries. The said peoples will eventually come into conflict over the allocation of resources and services within those boundaries, especially in times of crisis, such as the economic collapse that is looming, we will then see the true outcome of the failed traitorous socialist experiment, WAR AND BLOODSHED!

    • Bullseye, Ive Cooper…………
      but try telling that to the idiots
      who continue to vote liblabcon.
      They deserve all the grief that is coming
      their way……..& it will be awesome.
      Even then I doubt they will comprehend
      what is happening………… or why.

      what is happening,……or why.

  2. The Government Drugs Advisor:

    “The picture is seriously bleak: family breakdown, drugs, crime and incivility are part of the normal experience of modern Britain. Muslims see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear.”
    – UAF Founding Signatory, David Cameron PM

    • Unfortunately, Cameron is right. What he doesn’t
      acknowledge is that it was the fatuous liberal and egalitarian policies of Tony Blair, his idol, and those who went before him which have contributed so very much to this situation.

      Those who are old enough to remember the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s in this country remember a society which for all its faults such as class division valued honesty, honour, decency, freedon and merit rather than’equality’.

      Then the 60’s boy revolutionaries like Blair and Jack Straw got their hands on it and these values have been omprehensively sneered at by the soi-disant ‘intelligentsia’ in the BBC and elsewhere who despise them as ‘bourgeois’.

      Cameron also doesn’t acknowledge that among the values moslems in Britain ‘hold dear’ are the systematic suppression and oppression of women, disdain for non-believers, cousin marriages which produce abnormal children, forced marriages of young girls,’Honour’ killings etc etc etc.

      If they don’t want to integrate it is partly because their religion specifically teaches them to be hostile to non-moslems, never to be friends with them.

  3. This withdrawal by some Muslims into what they regard as their own enclaves should not be seen by nationalist as necessarily a negative thing because in many ways it accords with our own philosophy and should be encouraged more widely.

    Racial integration (and the resultant miscegenation) is a liberal and internationalist creed and not a nationalist one, so this policy of separation should be seen as a half way house towards our own policy of racial separation by repatriation.

  4. The Daily Express has publised the result of it’s national Poll, Aug.04.2011, with the following results.
    Against immigration 71%
    Out of the EEC 69%

    The time is now for a decent Nationalist Party with a simple and fair constitution and fully democratic on operation. We may never have this opportunity again. We must put past differences aside, combine our talents, work together and we will be successful. It’s up to us..

  5. Have you noticed how the Multi-culturalist and Media NEVER live in these areas described above ? Great article and comments, particularly Roger Bennett above. He points out a poll (two years ago) that said there was 71% against immigration and 69% against the European Union! Roger also said it was time for a decent Nationalist Party with a fair constitution and emphasis on Democracy ! Well, time has moved on and thank god, we now have the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY !

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