Serco, Mears win £2.9 billion refugee housing contracts in Britain

Ever wondered why the Tory government seems to just sit by and allowed hordes of illegal migrants to enter the UK?

Serco, Mears win £2.9 billion refugee housing contracts in Britain.

Valued at 1.9 billion pounds for Serco and 1 billion pounds for Mears, the 10-year contracts were awarded by Britain’s Home Office Visas and Immigration department under the Asylum Accommodation and Support Services Contract (AASC).

Shares in Serco were up 6.5 percent at 108.8 pence at 1253 GMT on Tuesday, while Mears rose 6.2 percent to 360 pence on news of the new contracts, which sources told Reuters last month had attracted few private sector bids.

The British government is awarding contracts worth a total of 4 billion pounds to house asylum seekers, the sources said, but last year’s collapse of Carillion has dampened appetite for riskier projects.

One thought on “Serco, Mears win £2.9 billion refugee housing contracts in Britain

  1. Good to see the British Democratic Party website active again, with a few recent articles of great interest.

    I still maintain that you have the best political manifesto among the range of so called Nationalist / Patriotic Parties that occupy the scene today.

    I really do hope you continue these series of excellent articles on a more regular basis, although I really do believe that you should use social media more to advance the good cause.

    As an ex member of the BDP, I believe, like many, that this Nation is a about to enter the greatest economic crisis since the great depression, a well tuned in Nationalist Party could supply the solutions to many of the forthcoming problems.

    I may well rejoin again – at the moment I don’t see a lot of potential out there when it comes to practical economic solutions being offered by other movements on the Right.

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