Rights for Women?

By Mark Pritchard. A woman in Saudi Arabia has just been sentenced to a public flogging. Her crime? Driving a car. It is illegal for any woman to drive in the mediaeval desert Islamic sheikhdom.

Two other Saudi women will appear in court soon on similar charges, doubtless to suffer the same fate.

However, the country’s hereditary despot, King Abdullah, has graciously conceded women the vote  -although not until 2015. Saudi women will then have equality with men in being able to elect their choice from a list of candidates approved by the King and his mullahs to a completely powerless talking shop.

They still won’t be able to drive or go out alone in public, or leave home at all if not shrouded in a black bin-bag-style burqa.

This is Islam in action, and many Muslim Immigrants would like to see it imposed here.

As a first step, they have been going round painting over bikini and ladies’ underwear adverts in areas in which they predominate, such as the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

No doubt assaults by bearded fanatics in which women drivers in Immigrant areas are dragged from their cars and beaten are only a matter of time.

As the Muslim population of Britain and other Western countries rises inexorably, as does the grip of Islamist fundamentalism amongst such communities, especially their youth, many Western feminists who welcomed Immigration and the “diversity” it brought are believed to be having serious second thoughts….

Recommended reading: Jihad: Islam’s 1,300 Year War on Western Civilisation by Arthur Kemp B.A. (Pub. Admin., Pol. Sci., Int. Pol.).  For centuries, violent Muslims have been trying to capture Europe for Islam. Sweeping out from its origin in Saudi Arabia, Islam has expanded through violent conquest into North Africa, the Middle and Near East, and very nearly into Europe itself, attacking through Spain, Italy, and the Balkans. Each time, the Islamic hordes were turned back by a united European military effort. Today, the Islamic invasion is not being carried out with sieges, scimitars, or cannon, but rather by immigration, birth rates, and demographics. Given current trends, Europe is set to be overrun before the end of this century. This book puts the current crisis into historical perspective, showing that instead of being a “religion of peace,” violent Islam has, in fact, been waging war on all its self-appointed opponents since its inception. Finally, this book dares to say what must be done if Europe is to avoid succumbing to the new invasion. The choice is hard, but is one which will determine whether Western Civilisation lives or dies. P/B 72 pp.

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5 thoughts on “Rights for Women?

  1. There is no doubt about it at all that Islam is an army: it has an everyday ‘military’ uniform for men and women; a military creed in the koran and hadith; an expansionist and supremacist agenda by force if needed, by overawing if not; a doctrine of deception or camouflage (taquiya) to beguile us all into a false sense of stupidity and security; a breeding-reinforcement programme through the womb to take society over by demographics; an infiltration attack-strategy through immigration; and its own version of martial law, the sharia.

    In a minority situation the idea is that the sharia is to apply to Muslims, members of the army; but in due course, in a Muslim majority-situation, it will be martial law for us all! So BBC watch out!

    We tackled this subject recently in the Christian Council of Britain yearly meeting in Oxford, which you can see on our website.

    The other danger facing us is the false prophet, Karl Marx; and we also dealt with that a little on the question of political correctness.

    Please, any Christians out there, do consider joining-up to the Christian Council.

  2. Muslim women have two roles- to serve their men and to produce & rear children. They are the property if their husbands. Dehumanising yes, but as part of a strategy to dominate the globe very successful. Non muslum wimen alsi have arole, to be used & abused. Feminism has gone to far in the west, but God help us if Islam is the antidote.

  3. In view of the role of women within the islamic ‘culture’ one can only speculate on the motivation of those western women who convert to this medieval lifestyle; often, but not exclusively due to marriage.
    For such women to voluntarily join a society in which they have no rights, are denied healthcare and education, and compelled to wear the burka; a ridiculous and unhealthy garment which blocks sunlight and is a major cause of vitamin D deficiency, to my mind implies they suffer an acute lack of self-esteem and would do far better for themselves by seeking psychiatric intervention.

  4. WITH COMRADE CORBYN spouting off about this subject , I thought this older article would be of interest. Whilst Saudi Arabia might let women drive now , the point of the article , in 2011 , was that the ISLAMIC HORDES THAT ARE TAKING OVER BRITAIN , TREAT WOMEN VERY BADLY AND THEY SHOULD , IN THEIR OWN INTEREST , IF NOTHING ELSE , JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

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