The Revolution Devours Its Children

by John Shaw

The politically correct, multi-cultural revolution, imposed on the British people, has reached new lows.  A labour MP, Jared O’Mara has been suspended, by the Marxist led party for so called ‘homophobic’ comments made in 2002 and 2004!

labour M.P. Jared O’Mara

Many ‘multi-cultural’ adherents have fallen foul of their own brain washing system.  Recently Islamic supporting lefties, at a fringe meeting of the Labour Party Conference, have got into trouble for criticising Jews.

I remember a famous retired football manager, who had his TV commentary career destroyed for saying a couple of players were ‘lazy blacks’ despite the fact that the man had done more to promote black footballers than anyone in the past. This counted for absolutely nothing, as the unholy alliance of extreme lefties and liberal types raised a tempest of false rage against someone who spoke out against their agenda.

I recommend people read George Orwells book ‘1984’ about thought police and then go and join the British Democratic Party.

12 thoughts on “The Revolution Devours Its Children

  1. Labour have suddenly become very aware of the abuse faced by women, which Jeremy Corbyn rightly says we should not tolerate. But if he is being sincere, then why did Comrade Corbyn’s own party, as we don’t need reminding, develop such a severe case of ‘Ostrich Neck’ during the grooming gang scandal…that even now, regarding this ongoing crisis, their heads are still firmly embedded in the sand!

    1. YES ,JJM , I also having heard the number one ‘ comrade ‘ speaking about this subject thought about this. whilst jumping on the bandwagon on this subject he came very close to losing his ISLAMIC BLOCK VOTE. He did this whilst addressing a meeting of Trade Unionists , mind you at least it was something for him to talk about to them ,AS HE SURE AS HELL HAD NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT SAFEGUARDING JOBS , OR GOD FORBID , ACTUALLY CREATING SOME !

    2. Since you wrote this first class comment JJM , it has been revealed that the Comrade has appointed someone to hi shadow Cabinet Knowing that they had been accused of INAPRPOPIATE BEHAVOUR ! Say’s it all about what priority he really gives this subject. It is all FAKE INDIGNATION TO DISTRACT US ALL FROM THE THINGS THAT REALLY MATTER , LIKE HIS ONGOING SABOTAGE OF BREXIT !

  2. Exactly John Shaw, Red Jeremy does not want to jeopardise his popularity among the masses from the religion of peace, and we know the way they view women, and how decisive all their votes are in culturally ‘enriched’ areas. Leftist hypocrisy raises it’s ugly head as always.

    1. YES , Having read the Book , whilst at Junior school , I bought it recently and re-read it with great pleasure. This Party is totally AGAINST POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. COMRADE CORBYN’S PICTURE should be on the front cover and the thought Police would be his army of assorted Lefties , from around the World who support him !

  3. The extreme Left , Multi- Cultural Revolution to change our way of life , applied so much Politically Correct Pressure that it’s suspended Welsh Labour Minister , looks to have taken his OWN LIFE. We do not know the exact nature of the accusations against him , but if it was Trivial , like flirtingly placing a hand on someones knee years ago , then SHAME ON THE LABOUR PARTY and it’s Holier than though number one Comrade Leader ! THE ‘ REVOLUTION DEVOURS IT’S CHILDREN INDEED !

  4. UPDATE : We are hearing surprisingly little from the media on this story , however it has emerged from the dead Comrades family that the LABOUR PARTY refused to tell him or them , the exact or indeed any details of what he was accused of doing ! This is DISGUSTING and a combination of this and Jeremy Corbyn , his leader , constantly decrying People WITHIN THE NASTY PARTY , could have been to much. We do not know if any of them feel guilty or not !

  5. A SECOND nasty party individual has DIED SUDDENLY , following his suspension from the Marxist led Party , over allegations of SEXUAL MISCONDUCT. The man , only in his thirties , was a Senior Labour Party Staff Member , who worked at their Headquarters.He had been SUSPENDED over ALLEGATIONS INVOLVING PORNOGRAPHY. As a Labour Party Statement only says that a Member of their Staff had DIED SUDDENLY and UNEXPECTEDLY and we do not know any other , probably distasteful details , we British Democrats can only draw one conclusion. THE REVOLUTION IS STILL DEVOURING ITS CHILDREN. BLESS !

  6. The Revolution IS STILL DEVOURING IT’S CHILDREN with the darling of the left , a successful ‘ Black British ‘ ( their description ! ) Formula one racing driver IN HOT WATER. Yes Louis Hamilton looked stunned , hurt , bewildered and then Frightened at the outpouring of contempt levelled at him for saying his nephew should not wear his Pink Dress. Boy’s don’t wear dresses he say’s. Well , having been promoted because of the colour of his skin and then adored by many , not interested in motor racing , for the same reason , IT ALL CAME AS A BIG SHOCK as the sheer venom from the L.G.B.T. crowd , hardened lefties and the Liberal types ! The REVOLUTION IS DEVOURING IT’S CHILDREN , AGAIN !

  7. IF our slippery media are to be believed Hamilton is domiciled abroad. This means that he PAYS TAX ON HIS CONSIDERABLE INCOME , TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. Now , considering he drives a GERMAN Mercedes car , our Party would like to know which bit of this so called ‘ Black Briton ‘ IS ACTUALLY BRITISH ! Waving our National Flag around , when he wins a race , hardly cuts the mustard , DOES IT , LEFTIES ?

  8. ITS STILL HAPPENING FOLKS. The downfall and exposure of the proponents of the Multicultural myth continues. Look in the media for the story about so called England footballer TREVOR SINCLAIR. I do not TRUST MYSELF to tell this story to you on our pages !

  9. I have no doubt that our Members , supporters and other Nationalist people are thoroughly ENJOYING the self destruction that is going on amongst the LEFT AND LIBERAL TYPES in our Country. These HORRIBLE , SOCIETY DESTROYING CREATURES ARE RIPPING THEMSELVES APART over the very things they have constantly attacked the rest of us over. The sheer HATRED of JEWS AND ISRAEL is incredible as , like decades ago when they ALL SUPPORTED THE I.R.A. , they are now SUPPORTING THE PALESTINIANS AND THEIR OFFICIALLY TERRORIST BRANDED ORGANISATIONS. We normal people have been bombarded with this insanity of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS FOR YEARS. Many decent PATRIOTS ,CHRISTIANS and many , many others have been bullied and indoctrinated by people with very sick minds. Normal people do not wake up on a Monday morning in a frenzy over a ‘ GOLLYWOG ‘ ON A JAM JAR. NOW THESE PEOPLE ARE BREAKING THEIR OWN SICK MADE UP RULES ON HOW THE REST OF US SHOULD THINK AND BEHAVE. THEIR REVOLUTION REALLY IS DEVOURING ITS CHILDREN !

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