Repatriation, You Know It Makes Sense!

by Anglo Saxon


I hope our Party, without delay, adopts a policy of making available a £15,000 voluntary paid repatriation scheme.

If this shocks some then they will be surprised to learn that there is a Government funded repatriation scheme already operating with less money on offer. This scheme has quietly been running for years and is sometimes taken up by Afro Caribbean people, wishing to return to the sunshine back home.


Also, people seem to overlook the fact that foreign criminals are required to be deported at the end of time served, by law.  In reality I am not sure whether they are conveniently overlooked by a Government that is scared to death of this subject, despite the fact that it is currently designed to protect our people! Bearing that in mind we could seriously extend this to include those with dual nationality.

Obviously the expansion of these common sense measures should be brought in to act in conjunction with the most common sense measure of all for our overcrowded island.  The end to MASS IMMIGRATION.





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  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) ACTUALLY MILLIONS LISTENED TO HIM ! ENOCH POWELL was very heavily supported by 95% of members of the British legion , the Mothers Circle and all the people from the famous Smithfield Meat Market , who famously closed down and en mass MARCHED FOR HIM to great acclaim from ALL CLASSES OF PEOPLE. The support , from all ranks , in the ARMED FORCES , was incredible ! Although open opposition came from the hard left COMMIE’S AND LIBERAL TYPES , he was really stopped by the CONSERVATIVE AND LABOUR PARTY’S who could see their CLASS BASED CENTRES OF POWER DISAPEARING OVERNIGHT AS PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE WERE UNITING FOR THE FIRST TIME. THEY FEARED HE WOULD START HIS OWN PARTY AND UNITE OUR PEOPLE !

  2. P. Johnston(essex)

    I think a lot of people still do identify with his words of wisdom, as they did when he was brave enough to sacrifice his career. For him, the truth and his country were more important than anything else. The problem was that he was portrayed as an extremist by the traitor Edward Heath and the media in general, and many people feared being labelled in he same way if they openly supported him. I hope and pray people will wake up to the fact that this man was a true patriot and not a puppet like the vast majority of politicians.

  3. JJM(party memeber)

    In the wake of the horrific attack in Westminster the media is as expected – broadcasting Operation Denial…attributing everything to this heinous and cowardly crime to all but the actual causative factors.

    Enoch’s words resonate more now than ever, as he was stating an irrefutable truth, Multiculturalism is inherently divisive, and a burden on the indigenous British people… hence the full throttle maneuvers of the mass media in attempting to convey the illusion that ”we are all united”…We Are Not, Never Have Been, And Never Will Be. It just does not work that way in real life.

    Many people from different cultures will rightly condemn this attack, and the media are making sure you know all about it when they do. But it does not change the blatantly obvious reality that if you bring the Third World here, then a Third World Society you will most certainly get.

    • Exactly. It is hopelessly utopian for people to expect Third Worlders from cultures very different from our own to automatically assimilate into our society. Enoch Powell said this would happen with some time passing and with some effort on the part of newcomers but NOT when the numbers were not strictly limited. Labour and CONServative haven’t done this hence we are getting increasing incidents like what happened at Westminster Bridge.

    • Yes, bring-in Third World immigrants in large numbers and you will change the very nature of that society and make it a part of the Third World but Labour/Lib Dems/Greens/Scottish Numpty/Non-Nationalist Party/Plaid Cymru-Party of hating Wales/ and CONServatives (what in the hell DO they preserve apart from the wealth of the ultra-rich?) don’t get this truth. It isn’t rocket science so they should be able to but then they are all globalists of various descriptions so this isn’t surprising when you think about it.

  4. at last a political party in Great Britain that promises to repatriate all these foreign undesirables back where they came from let in by the likes of Blair well done we should not take any nonsense from Globalist outfits like the EU or UN

  5. Sorry but I disagree. Powell could have launched his own party and won the general election, thus saving Britain. Instead he scuttled off to self imposed exile in Ulster. He was the guy who, having spotted a burning building, shouted “fire” and then walked away, leaving others to tackle the blaze.

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) Maybe , Dave , maybe. Getting IMMIGRATION , REPATRIATION and the whole mess discussed is the thing. I hope you like our NEW , POSITIVE AND INDEED BRAVE ATTITUDE !

    • I agree he could have set-up his own party but the problem in Britain is our ludicrously unfair and profoundly undemocratic electoral system combined with some class voting still which makes it very unlikely any new party will gain decent numbers of MPs let alone be able to win a general election.

      The Electoral Commission registers a total of over one HUNDRED different parties in Britain but, due to FPTP, only TWO of them can get loads of seats and even the Labour Party looks like it will struggle at the next election due to it.

      Simply put, FPTP HAS TO GO.

  6. Powell could have and should have created a Movement that would have been able to put pressure on the Government of the day, instead he stopped short and relied on Heath and his cronies to take note of the voters concerns,just like today they did not and Powell was sidelined to Northern Ireland. A great oppertunity lost.Powell was no Mosley and having seen the treatment by the establishment of the latter, opted for the quite life.

  7. So let me get this right, the latest Islamic murderering convert was in fact according to his Family , friends and old school mates a great guy always laughing and joking, liked a drink and played Rugby with the lads.No one has a bad word to say about him despite stabbing a copper to death and ploughing his car into innocent folk leaving death and destruction in his wake.Strange how these ” nice guys”get there kicks! The BBC has gone out of the way to find some of his old chums, none of whom were aware that he had been radicalised, apparently.See the next BBC revalation.Edward Heath was a nonce,Greville Janner liked giving young boys Bicycles as gifts and Keith Vaz is indeed a Womaniser.

  8. Dave Williams, Enoch never ”scuttled off” anywhere. Do you think it’s that easy to start a nationalist movement, without the system and their lap dog politicians declaring all out war on you. There was the NF, and look at the flak they got. Do you not realise that another political party would have got the exact same treatment whether his name was asociated with it or not.

    • He was offered the chairmanship of the NF by the great John Tyndall but he declined, he had no need to start a party from scratch. But even if he had to build a party from the roots upwards, such was the level of Powell’s support amongst the working and middle class and local Tory associations, that he could have founded his own party, as many at the time wanted him to, and become a major political force. Instead he chose the relative obscurity of Ulster and watched while, Nero-style, Britain burned. Powell was a great orator; had he the mettle and determination of JT then, indeed, Britain could have been saved.

      • John Shaw ( Party Official ) Well put Dave. You are clearly a long standing NATIONALIST. The support for Enoch was incredible and from ALL SECTIONS AND AGES , OF SOCIETY. The big two Parties could not ALLOW that , could they !

  9. John Shaw ( Party Official ) If we don’t Promote our own POLICIES , then sure as hell , no one else will. The BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLICY DOCUMENT IS A BLUEPRINT FOR SAVING OUR PEOPLE AND WAY OF LIFE. Here is a snapshot from the section regarding BRITISH IDENTITY; The British Democratic Party is committed to ending all Immigration. Talking about reducing net Immigration is to connive at the replacement of the Indigenous Population. Illegal Immigrants and Immigrants who have committed serious criminal offences would be REPATRIATED IMMEDIATELY. Other Immigrants , especially the UNASSIMILABLE ONES ,would be provided WITH INCENTIVES TO RETURN TO THEIR COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN and those Countries would be provided with incentives to welcome them. Obviously these Policies are NOT THE LAW OF THE LAND , BUT WE BELIEVE THEY SHOULD BE AND EVENTUALLY WILL BE. HELP US TO MAKE IT HAPPEN QUICKER BY JOINING US TODAY.

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) If you enjoyed reading the above snapshot of British Democratic Party Policy , check out our POLICY DOCUMENT SECTION and read it . The sheer Common sense of it all will astound you after years of Multi Cultural Marxist Propaganda !

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