Refugees Are Not To Blame

By Southwest Nationalist. From Bristol we have an interesting banner, displayed in a protest against the arrest and possible deportation of an asylum seeker from Zimbabwe.

“Bristol Defend Asylum Seekers: Refugees are not to blame” the banner reads.

One has to agree with the “refugees are not to blame” section, even if the existence of a Bristol Defend Asylum Seekers group in itself does illustrate where a large part of the blame lies.

Put up a sign outside your house saying all are welcome to move in, no questions asked, see how soon you are overcrowded and exploited. Would you blame those exploiting you for doing so, or would you excuse all those exploiting you simply because a few did not?

Of course, that won’t happen, the over-riding concern with liberals seems to be not in my back yard – travellers, asylum seekers, all the same, defend and protect their ‘rights’, but make sure they are foisted on someone else.

Flippancy aside, although it is accurate flippancy, no, it isn’t the refugees and asylum seekers who are to blame.

Our flippancy is still relevant though, the largest part of the blame lies with white liberals*, eagerly embracing the concept that everything and everyone minority and foreign is good, and has rights to be here no matter what.

Rights of others are easy to defend when you aren’t living with the consequences of those rights personally, or are even making a living from promoting those rights.

Rights is a big money game peopled with those making profits and useful idiots, there is no doubt about that.

It is not the asylum seekers and refugees who created a system where Britain would be colonised and Britain would be left picking up all the costs – it was the white liberal, quite possibly under the bidding or influence of another larger interest or school of thought.

Hordes of asylum seekers just used and exploited it, they were given every encouragement to do so.

Millions of asylum seekers didn’t just wake up one morning and decide that they’d go and colonise Britain, rather those running the show in Britain created – whether due to idiocy, flawed ideology, a conscious desire to socially engineer a populations diversity, or whatever – a system and an ethos which elevated enrichment and diversity to the pinnacle of desirability.

Our own leaders of politics and thought created the system whereby Britain became a Mecca and a magnet to people from the world over.

Millions of asylum seekers and immigrants are the inevitable result, not the cause.

No, we have to agree with the banner, it’s not the refugees who are truly to blame, it’s ourselves.

It’s those running the show in Britain and taking the decisions.

It’s those who decide what the public is allowed to think.

It’s those holding the banners.

*Of course, as we reap the full ‘benefits’ of colonisation, it becomes a self perpetuating cycle, where immigrants become increasingly involved in demanding and promoting rights for immigrants, so they too become a part of the ongoing problem and not just a symptom.

3 thoughts on “Refugees Are Not To Blame

  1. There have been numerous times in my life when i’ve been accussed laying the blame on so called Ethnic Minorities! And from a very eary age it became apparent to me that the blame didn’t lay with them but with the busy, liberal white left, who you so eloquently described. As you quite rightly stated – they did not wake up one morning and just decide to come to Britain, but neither did a vast number of Western Europeans. What these NIMBY’s as I call them can’t grasp is the mind set of these people – and that is that they have a natural apptitude to take rather than give.

  2. Britain is the homeland of the British people and not a refuge for everyone else.

    Even under international law the only folks who have the right to come to Britain are those living next to us, seeking refuge, and not those from outside of that rim.

    It is the duty of government to defend our homeland from all-comers.

    This is known as “ownership”.

    They can have their ‘equal rights’ in their own countries but they are not entitled to equality of ownership in ours.

    Why? Well, because they have got their independence.

    They wanted it. Now, we want ours! Simples.

  3. Too true, refugees and asylum-seekers are not to blame for this immigration invasion, they are the very unwelcome symptom of the mental illness of the White liberal-left in Britain and the west in general. Without the moron liberal governments of the last decades there would be no problem, but they surrendered our borders and sacrificed our nation to the invading hordes all in the name of diversity, multiculturism, white guilt, and of course cheap labour!

    Of course the real power, the hidden hand is the International Banking Cartel and their Multinational corporations who in the name of ultra-capitalism wish to create a New World Order, where nations are no more, and there is free movement of both Capital and Labour in a borderless world, owned and controlled by this financial, aristocratic elite. Diversity is the lie we are all to be a mass of coffee-coloured drones!

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