Prove you are not racist!

By Mike Newland.

There are many utterly futile quests a man (or woman – equal opportunities here) can pursue in this life. Immortality is one. Buying happiness with money is another. But there are few as futile and embarrassing as being challenged to prove ‘you are not racist’ and taking the bait.

You might just as well try to prove you are not a witch as prove you are not a ‘racist’.

Apart from the impossibility of proving a negative, the entire idea behind Rism is that it’s a shape-shifting concept within which the more a body tries to deny the deeper the hole he digs for himself.

There is a splendid American video on YouTube where a lawyer and a police officer explain why you should never talk to the police. Guilty or innocent it will do no good. Sooner or later even the most saintly person will say something which can used against them. It’s exactly the same with protests about ‘not being racist‘.

The correct approach to accusations of racism is to demand to know what exactly the accuser means by ‘racist’. This will usually collapse the stout party making the accusation. But so nervous have we become of being dubbed a ‘racist’ that most finding themselves in the dock on this most heinous of charges will splutter out the utterings of a desperate man. ‘Some of my best friends……’.

UKIP has done its best to fall into the trap in recent weeks with tactics which betrayed a great deal of naivety concerning the workings of the ‘racism’ industry. This should be a warning to anyone who opposes the left and political establishment about how not to do things.

UKIP put on an absurd ‘parade of the ethnic candidates’. If one were ethnic and a candidate one would be entitled to feel a little miffed at being presented in what will inevitably be seen as a circus. UKIP claims to be entirely non-racist. In which case what does it matter what colour you are? Dignity dignity dignity.

In any event, however many ethnic candidates you can line up to show off the obvious retort will be – not enough of them. It’s a fool’s errand and a gift to the opposition press – which is most of it. Those supporting UKIP will do so anyway and opponents will simply scoff. Why bother?

Not having learnt the lesson, UKIP then decided to make another attempt to prove the unprovable with an event which turned cliché into an art form.

What finer proof could a man offer against a charge of ‘racism’ than to hold a carnival with a band? And an event promoted by a black candidate with a steel band hired for the occasion! You could not make it up.

The fact that the carnival descended into farce after the band declined to play in a protest against ‘racism’, plus a bizarre protest by bogus ‘Romanians‘, is neither here nor there. Any serious party should retain some aura of seriousness not dance to the tune of a media laughing behind its hand at the manner in which UKIP will rise to a bait.

It’s possible that the great R word terror is now losing its force after chronic overuse. This has been inevitable but long-delayed. Time to help in its demise by never giving it the time of day in its customary usage as a means of closing down debate by cheap trickery basted in hypocrisy.

Now where’s my steel drum? I need to be ready for any accusation. Where’s yours?

20 thoughts on “Prove you are not racist!

  1. Delicious thought strikes me-what if people get so fed up that they start thinking “There must be something in this racism business”?

  2. I quite agree. I always ask these people to define what they mean by “racist” and then I tell them whether I am one or not. Usually they have no clear definition and it is just the usual sloppy thinking. I even got one of them to agree that they were being racist themselves.

    It rather reminds me of the screams of “Heretic!” which used to be thrown around in the 16th century.

  3. Even for Racial Nationalist the R-word is a quagmire. Alongside words like ‘hate’, ‘far right’, ‘fascists’ they are words to demonise and provoke negative sentiment in the general public and supporters of Nationalism. Their language

    I believe it is a breath of fresh air when rather than countering their language is just to ignore it completely as they want us to be reacting to them. Their language can be passed of as buzzwords as inevitably when the accusation of ‘racism’ is made it is a demand to “explain yourself” like when a student behaves badly they must explain themselves to the teacher. Thus much effort and time is spent reacting when it is better to focus on what we are about.

    As I heard John Tyndall say in a speech (all I know was that the audience was American) is that to recognise the enemies’ language is to give it credibility. We can point out 1000’s of examples of it’s hypocrisy but for the ordinary person “racism is just a word used against White Europeans who oppose the deliberate mass immigration policies that are pushed by the elite”. Or something a long those lines as a canned response.

    In the Soviet Union (for which are situation has ideological similarities) the words of the day were the likes of ‘reactionary’, ‘class enemy’, ‘bourgeois’ and when political divisions formed ‘Trotskyists’. They are but sound, vibrations in the air and should be given as much prominence as such.

  4. I used to enjoy the communist boo phrase ‘running jackals of capitalism’.

    I think it’s time to give it another outing. Time to see off the ‘running jackals of the bogus racism accusation’.

  5. In Cultural Marxist- speak, ‘racism’ means prejudice plus power, so since non whites are claimed not to have any power, only whites can be racist.

    An extremely pernicious, very convenient doctrine for oppressing white people in their own country and excusing non whites for wrong doing and failure which can be blamed on white ‘racism’.

    The meaning of racism has expanded rapidly since the days when it referred to those who thought some specimens of humanity were so inferior that hey could be exterminated.

    Now, it includes any ( white) person who simply wants to live amongst his or her ethnic kind in his own ethnic area and celebrate his ancestral culture and way of life freely, as the whole of humanity always has done since time began.

  6. In the sixties and early seventies if you considered that ethnic origins had an influence over socio-political thinking then you were termed a ‘racialist’.
    Outside of the liberal-left, this did not mean that you disliked – let alone ‘hated’ – other races. This was certainly my view in what I wrote and spoke at that period – and still is.
    Then the left decided to shorten the word to ‘racist’. After all, no doubt they thought, it even sounds like ‘fascist’ and thereby can easily be given the same connotations.
    The BBC and the media’s overwhelming liberal-left journalists ensured that it became established and thereby if, like the BDP, you consider that DNA proves that racial differences (not superiority) do exist then this must mean that you are a “race hater”
    As Steve say, ‘racist’ is just another sound vibration in the air and should be given as much prominence as such.

  7. I believe that the fear of being labelled in this manner is what makes the individual being accused in this way flustered, apologetic and feeling obliged to justify him or herself. . Once the fear is no longer there of being pigeon-holed and classified then the accusation of racism (or any other ism for that matter) becomes something that can be rightfully ignored and treated with the contempt that it deserves. Those who are suitably educated in politics and history will be aware of the source of such labels, and will be able to not feel the need to find foolish, futile and unnecessary excuses. Once an ethno-nationalist has become certain in the truth of their own beliefs they cannot be wrong-footed by such puerile and childish political name-calling.

  8. UKIP attempts to avoid the Trotskyist epithet ‘racist’ by implying that it stands up for Britain regardless of who lives here.
    Farage has said that he would end the discrimination against non-European immigrants. He said in 2010 that he believed that 250,000 work permits should be issued each year (a figure that would not include dependants). These would, presumably, be given, disproportionately to Africans and Asians.

    1. Farage and UKIP are ultra-Thatcherite Tories and not nationalists. We need to make the British people aware of the fact that UKIP only offer one distinctive policy compared to the Lib/Lab/CON party ie EU withdrawal.

  9. People are getting sick to death of this witch hunt / blood lust cry of fascist leftist bigotry which thinks it can silence opposition with it.

    That’s why accusations of ‘racism’ had little effect on Farage

    Farage has done those opposed to this brand of left fascism a favour by braving these smears and winning massively.

    He has kicked open the doors which will allow ethno nationalism through.

    1. Let’s hope so. Being an ethno nationalist is not to be conflated with being a ‘racist’. Too often this word is bandied around and used to shut down genuine, reasonable and frank debate about the issues.

  10. The anti-racists in Westminster and on the Telly all wish to see more and more ‘enriching’ and fewer and fewer Whites, actually until they disappear altogether! Many must be undiagnosed suicidalists and ought to be admitted for care.

    Racism is LOVE for your fellow kinsmen, and LOVE for God’s original unmixed Creation. Kind after kind. Race-mixing DESTROYS the races and is called adultery in the Old Testament and Fornication in the New. Even the Christian can’t unscramble the mixed-up DNA, and this is the unforgivable error. It’s not the children’s fault.

    Unlike Farage, his wife, Clarkson etc, let’s embrace the epithet and stop playing their games and to their rules.

    1. Golden rule of politics number one: NEVER embrace the terms used to describe you by your political opponents. I am NOT a ‘racist’. I am a nationalist who LOVES the British people and want to see them continue to have a HOMELAND that they can call THEIRS. That is a a NATURAL RIGHT of our people and we shouldn’t make any apologies for saying it.

  11. Why deny being a racist. I am and proud of it. If putting one’s own country first, one’s own language, culture, religion, children, our race and our proud history is being racist, be proud to be one. Fifty years ago this was expected of all British citizens.
    I would advocate stating that you are a racist on those principles and those that object are betrayers of our country and culture. If we devalue the constant, and ignorant ‘ racist’ call we will move forward.
    Be proud, Be racist and God Bless Our Motherland.

    1. A perfectly adequate response to the question, “Are you a racist?”, is to say:

      If by the question, you are asking – Am I concerned for the welfare and future of the British race as traditionally defined, that is the native peoples of the British Isles ? Then Yes I am concerned for their welfare and future. However if you are asking me, -Do I judge a man by the colour of his skin ? Then, No, I do not.

      1. Absolutely, if I’m seeking a top-class scientist, inventor, designer, musician, explorer, sailor, farmer, architect, house-builder, ship-builder, negligible-crime, happy civilization builder, I will not judge a creative-Caucasian man by the number of hours he lies out in the sun!

  12. If I may add to my previous comment, I an reminded of the wonderful writer Wilber Smith. Born in Northern Rhodesia, Central Africa, He remains one of the worlds leading experts on Africa and Africans. Wilber wrote on the subject od Racism, If you call a black man a racist, he takes it as a compliment. He puts his tribe and his family first and will war on other tribes when necessary. He is proud to be black, proud of his tribe which he puts first and foremost.
    We as nationalists, understand that perfectly. In Britain we put our families, our own people and our own race and culture first in our own country. If that means you are ever called a racist, thank the person making the comment and be proud to be one. Explain that to the idiot, or traitor that called you that, and thank them for the compliment.

    1. Our communities are now full of whimps, useful-(to our adversaries)-idiots and traitors!

      Even Farage wants to replace all the Romanians and Bulgarians here already with Africans and Asians, and welcomes even more immigrants! But they see themselves not as immigrants, but as conquerors!

  13. The smear word “racist” was invented by Levi Davidovitch Bronstein (aka “Leon Trotsky”) to help destroy us!

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