Promise of Amnesty to Illegal Migrants who Resided in the Grenfell Tower 

The following was reported by Breitbart (London) yesterday:

  • The Home Office and police have made a promise of amnesty to illegal migrants who resided in the Grenfell Tower if they come forward to police.
  • Many residents may also be given luxury flats  – whilst 7,000 UK veterans remain homeless.

The pledge of amnesty was made by the Home Office this week as many have expressed concern that illegal migrants living in the tower block may be afraid to come forward to authorities fearing potential deportation.

A Home Office spokesman said: “We will not use this tragic incident as a reason to carry out immigration checks on those involved and those providing information,” The Times reports.

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, which claimed the lives of at least 79 people, could be relocated to luxury apartments according to a report in the Evening Standard. Sixty-eight flats in a £2 billion luxury development in Kensington have been purchased by the City of London Corporation at a cost of tens of million pounds to permanently house those affected.

The luxury complex includes a swimming pool, a 24-hour concierge service, and a full gym. A source close to the development of the apartment complex said: “It is crazy money. The garage is full of Maseratis and Ferraris. But I think maybe the people here wouldn’t mind the empty flats being used – it would be a way of giving something back.”

It is unclear whether or not the illegal migrants who will be given amnesty will qualify for the relocation to the luxury building. Jolyon Maugham, QC, barrister, and director of the Good Law Project, has claimed that there is no clear guideline as to whether or not illegal migrants will receive any compensation or money from the government.

The move comes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for the “Chavez-style” seizure of properties last week to house the victims of the fire. “Properties must be found, requisitioned if necessary, to make sure those residents do get rehoused locally,” Corbyn said.

The left has also called for the toppling of the government in response to the fire and many have become radicalised – even beating up a volunteer helping victims who they thought was a council worker.

Meanwhile, statistics compiled by homelessness charities show there are at least 7,000 homeless veterans in the UK, though the Department of Communities and Local Government say they keep no records as to how many veterans require housing.

In 2012, the Armed Forces and Community Covenant was signed by 407 local authorities to give veterans priority for housing. But because the covenant used the word “should” instead of “must”, the agreement has been sparsely upheld.


Courtesy Breitbart (London)

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  1. The Home Office and police have made a promise of amnesty to illegal migrants who resided in the Grenfell Tower if they come forward to police. This means any illegal immigrant can claim they were squatting in Grenfell Tower, and the government may house them in nearby luxury flats, that the majority of hard-working British people could never afford…. and while whilst 7,000 UK veterans remain homeless

  2. It was a terrible thing that happened, and the scenes were truly disturbing. One thing is no surprise, and that is how the Left have jumped on this as a race/class issue, they are quick to forget that even in tower blocks like Grenfell, flats which were bought from the council by tenants can and are sold at astronomical prices. I would also like to point out, that not all ethnic people are housed in tower blocks, they live all types of council/housing Association properties.

    The high number of these people represented in Grenfell tower is merely indicative of the proportion of social housing which is allocated to ethnic people in the first place.

    The other point I would like to make is that people who buy flats in new apartment developements are generally NOT wealthy and many do not qualify for social housing, they most often have mortgages, pay extortionate stamp duty and maintenance charges, and should not be singled out by the Far Left as targets for hatred. The other fact is that many of these new developements also include a Social Housing section, this was Red Ken’s idea when he was Mayor.

    There should be a full review of safety in tower blocks, and the chance of something like this happening again should be minimised as much as is possible. The Left should stop trying to use tragedies as ammunition against ordinary people who because of demand, will never qualify for Social Housing.

  3. John Shaw , As soon as this fire broke out my Political Instinct told me that this was the incident that opened up a ‘ can of worms ‘ that in the end will prove that BRITAIN CAN NOT AFFORD MASS IMMIGRATION , or , with a couple of Million unemployed , ANY IMMIGRATION AT ALL. The reason I realised this was my observation that there was only one , old , indigenous person living in a one hundred and twenty flat block . Pictures of the poor people missing , interviews with ‘ local people ‘ confirmation lists of the dead , all showed the British throughout OUR COUNTRY that this was a different Planet that must be costing Britain a fortune. Apart from that thought I bet everyone also shuddered and was glad they did not live anywhere near there !

  4. John Shaw , Having spent decades supporting the NATIONALIST CAUSE IN BRITAIN , I have spent many a weekend in COLONISED PARTS OF LONDON. Many People have no concept of what it is like in these places. Now retired in Dorset , I shudder at the memories of these dreadful people and their few lefty / liberal type friends. Let me give just two examples of what it is like. The other day the Bolshevic Broadcasting Corporation gleefuly showed a crowd of multi cultural people cheering and clapping a fire engine as it slowly moved through the crowd , taking the heroic and exhausted firemen off shift. These pictures were great for the left and gave a totally false impression , as usual. THE REALITY IS that in an area like that , people often set bins on fire so , when the Fire Brigade arrive , they can hurl bricks and bottles at them. Where I live there are banners proclaiming ARMED FORCES DAY . They are union flag top half and proclaim the charity day to help our heroic servicemen and women. This is how things should be , in a normal decent Britain. Well , can you imagine the flash mob of angry people that would form in the area we are discussing ! People round there hate the National Flag , the Muslim slaughtering Armed Forces and much else decent besides ! This is how they think and WE TELL IT HOW IT REALLY IS ! Those who do not believe me , I say this. Buy a little Union Flag lapel badge , that’s if you can find one and go for a walk round the area near those tragic flats ! You would not last 5 minutes before being lynched !

  5. John Shaw , A major point made by the above article , that ex servicemen and women are bottom of the pile when it comes to social housing , that’s why so many are homeless , reminded me of a proposal I made for the Party a couple of years ago. Irepeat it here; I hope the British Democratic Party adopt the Policy that ALL ex service men and women have to be OFFERED a Council or Housing Association PROPERTY , AUTOMATICALY upon leaving the Armed Service’s . This RIGHT to be provided by the Local Authority Area that they lived in at the time they Joined up. It would be up to the Individual concerned whether they took up the offer , but the fact that it had been made would SHOW THE PROPER RESPECT AND GRATITUDE TO OUR ARMED FORCES PERSONEL.

  6. John Shaw , The above Housing suggestion is just the type of thing that our Decent Nationalism is all about and as a Political Party that wishes to save Britain by Righting Wrongs , has to be a way of putting our General Policy Document into Practice. At the moment a Somali Warlord , having lost power in his ‘ neck of the woods ‘ , seems to be able to come to Britain and WALK INTO SOCIAL HOUSING whilst our Service People seem to be left to rot !

  7. John Shaw , A man has been charged with 5 counts of fraud and in custody , will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court today. ANH NHU NGUYEN , aged 52 , is alleged to have attempted to gain money and housing by pretending loved ones had died in the blaze. He came forward and claimed to the Authorities that he had lost his wife , son and all his property in the tower block inferno. The media did not inform us from WHICH COUNTRY HE HAD COME FROM TO ‘ ENRICH OUR CULTURE ‘BUT I WISH HE HAD NOT ! Mass Immigration , don’t we just love it ?

  8. what mandate do the corrupt Tory & Labour parties have in declaring such a move get rid of these dirty traitors

    • Sadly Adam , their mandate is Millions and Millions of votes. All we Nationalists can do is keep trying and be proud of our Party Membership.

  9. The Government , opposition and media are twisting and turning , with success , to HIDE just how many people DIED in the tower block inferno . We Nationalists know the reason . People throughout the Country will be SHOCKED TO KNOW that there was probably EIGHTY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS LIVING THERE , UNKNOWN TO THE AUTHORITIES and now sadly perished in OVERCROWDED BRITAIN.

  10. I will never forget the horror I felt when seeing live pictures of people trapped in that inferno because the standing rules for the flats was to stay put and let the fire brigade deal with it. Having said that I often wonder how much a year it cost to run that monument to Mass Immigration that Britain CAN NOT AFFORD ! Also the open HOSTILITY TO AUTHORITY that did so much for them , before the Fire , disgusted me. Grateful to Britain they are not ! Anyway the latest Police report issued to the Media say’s there are currently EIGHT CASES OF FRAUD AND FOUR CASES OF BURGLARY BEING DEALT WITH AT THE MOMENT. Say’s it all really !

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