Prime Minister Adopts British Democrats Policy

by John Shaw


In a speech on Britain’s new foreign policy, to politicians in the USA, Theresa May said:

“The days of Britain and America intervening in the affairs of other sovereign countries in an attempt to remake the world in our image are over”

Thank God for that!!  It is clear the Prime Minister has been reading the British Democrats policy document and grasping the fact that our ‘Nationalist Britain’ would never involve our country in any war that does not directly affect our national interests. 

6 thoughts on “Prime Minister Adopts British Democrats Policy

  1. Perhaps if she had said something along the lines of “The days of Britain and America intervening in the affairs of other sovereign countries in an attempt to remake the world in Israel’s image are over” would have have been more beneficial to all.

  2. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Theresa May has shown some promise of late , as our Politicians move towards our Decent , common sense Nationalism. However , she still does not understand what it is to be TRULY BRITISH. Although not condemning the U.S. President regarding his temporary ban on People , from some horrible Countries , entering America , she say’s she does not agree with it and will COMPLAIN IF IT EFFECTS BRITONS ! This measure WILL NEVER EFFECT INDIGENOUS BRITISH PEOPLE ,only People with ‘ Dual Nationality ‘ which this Party does not agree with. If anyone is in doubt as to whether they are REALLY BRITISH then send £ 50 , OOO TO OUR PARTY , with a full colour photograph and full family history and we will clarify the TRUTH for you.! ! ! ( note : The conclusion will only be our opinion and will not clarify the Law of the Land at this present time. The fee is non refundable , even if you are disappointed at the outcome of the decision , which is for guidance only )

  3. Although the Media ignored it for a few days , Theresa May has , at last , acted like a Prime Minister ! She has decided to DECLARE THAT BRITAIN WILL LEAVE THE EUROPEAN UNION AT 11 PM ON 29 TH OF MARCH 2019 ! This means that all talk of an interim period is over , yet again I might add , IN ACCORDANCE WITH BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLICY.

  4. Further to the above comment , the wording will be now part of the Committee stage of the E.U. WITHDRAWAL BILL that the large contingent of Conservative REFERENDUM DENIERS , two faced Labour Party , liberals and all the rest FORCED ON THE PRIME MINISTER in an attempt to THWART BREXIT. Well now , TORY WIMPS , you have a problem. Either vote FOR THE BILL OR BRITAIN GETS CORBYN ,who will stop brexit and destroy BRITAIN ! only time will tell if the Prime Minister has pulled off a masterstroke or not !

  5. Talking about Foreign Matters and Britain NOT INTERFERING , at least Theresa May is sticking to her word regarding BERMUDA. The British Overseas Territory ( we used to have a trading empire ) has become the first Country in the World to REVOKE a law that allowed ‘ Gay Marriage ‘ , although it will continue with the so called ‘ Domestic Partnerships’. This decision means that ‘ Gay Marriage ‘ on Bermudan registered ships will be a thing of the PAST. The Prime Minister said ” that we need to RESPECT other Countries Laws “. Hear Hear !

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