Politically Incorrect Europe

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Take your time to watch this video!
This is the scariest horror movie you have ever seen!
 Because it is real!


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6 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect Europe

  1. A truly frightening video and all credit to the Brit Dems for posting it. I notice that the Kosher Nostra over at Hope not Hate (HNH) are typically twofaced on this issue. Whilst condemning those who oppose the Islamic occupation of Europe they are, as to be expected by a Zionist outfit, are non critical as regards Israel’s announcement that they won’t take any refugees. Should we expect any better – nah!

  2. This is the consequence of our swaggering politicians contempt for the rule of law. Regime change is illegal and a UN law. And its was never an unintended consequence either Jean Raspial foresaw it in his ‘Camp of Saints’ and I’m sure refugees have always been the case in civil wars. Whether home grown, or aided by Blair and his Heir. And until we desist from doing these things the flow will not stop.
    I’m assured our Airports move 250 million people ever year . So kicking out a few million jihadists aint a problem. But it aint gonna happen all the time we keep electing the dross we have.

  3. The EU tyrants are destroying Europe. You can’t take much solace from any of this, except that you know it will never be anything but a disaster…if you can call that taking solace. It’s One way traffic, third worlder’s to the lands of the white man…Saudi Arabia and Israel are taking none of them, but the fact is they want the lands of milk and honey: Europe. Saudi will help fund the building of Mosques throughout our continent, how nice of them.

  4. It would give me nightmares to watch this. Worse then night of the creeps by the looks of it. Absolute horror. Disgusting. You think these scum would be so nice to us ?

  5. I just watched this the other night after speaking about the hordes destroying Europe for some time now. This makes my stomach turn, we are being sold out by the politicians and globalists. I hope The United States can learn from these mistakes.

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