Political Correctness and Those Police and Crime Commissioners

policeandcrimecom2By Sam Swerling. The appointment of police and crime commissioners has always been a nonsense. It has never been at all clear what they might achieve.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent, Ann Barnes, recently appointed a callow young women by the name of Paris Brown, aged 17, with self-evidently no notable achievements and bereft of any experience of public affairs, to be her “youth commissioner”. Miss Brown wrote some balderdash on Twitter for which she later apologised. Mrs Barnes has now just declared: “I’m quite sure she is going to do a brilliant job at helping the police to connect with young people.”

Paris Brown was later sacked by Mrs Barnes.

But why should it be thought that the police need to “connect” with young people unless it be in the only way that matters – breaking up criminal gangs, keeping order and enforcing the law – in which case Miss Brown’s position is redundant. Social engineering has no place in the maintenance of public order.

The British Democratic Party stands for a minimum of bureacracy and getting rid of useless quangos.

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  1. It is interesting to note that the regime continues its purge of anybody who makes the slightest non PC (that’s non Politically Communist) comment on the likes of Youtube, Twitter or Facebook with one proviso – the object of their attention must be white. Yet the following Youtube clip shows a brown woman making an offensive anti white racist remark on national television and when given the chance to withdraw it she just laughs and confirms her racism. Any action by the regime you may ask – well no of course not; after all she’s a friend of the incompetent multi national capitalist and former PM John Major and a darling of the communists infesting the BBC. Her name? Yasmin Alibhai Brown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNuA_0-vuow

  2. Here in Wakefield the elected commissioner(ex Labour councillor) has just his hired his highly paid assistant and it was no surprise to find that he was also an ex Labour councillor (cronyism on a grand scale).The whole law enforcement system has been undermined by successive governments,the police are akin to the hired thugs you see in the likes of Zimbabwe.Several years ago when I was local organiser of the BNP I received a telephone call from a worried Party member informing me he had just had a visit from the police,the visit was to let him know ,they knew he was a Party member(sound sinister)however they assured him that they were not here to frighten him they were carrying out these visits on the instructions of West Yorkshire Police.Several hours later a knock on my door and yes two police officers trotting out the same line,as it turned out they had had a team of officers assigned to visit every member (150 at the time)in the local area.Of course this was designed to intimidate rather akin to the Stalinist “knock on the door”before you were carted off to the Gulags.In essence the police are not and never have been impartial they are servants of the State and will do the bidding no matter how foul of there Political masters.

    • It might have been possible to take legal action against the police-harrassment,misconduct in a public office,or wasting police time.Or even report them to MI5,which is meant to take action against those that subvert the democratic process.

  3. The police are on their knees, and the political establishment is hell bent on meddling with the Met, and forcibly ”enriching” it. Hence the appointment of Mr Hogan Howe in his ”pander car” . This elected commisioner business seems like another farce, and of course the girl said something which was not seen as complimentary about immigrants that are unable to speak English. Well that’s akin to murder in Britain thesdays. Remember,we live on fantasy island now, how great it is to celebrate the dissapearance of our own people and culture, and welcome all those lovely folks from the third world who come here to multiply. Aren’t we nice ?

  4. Direct intimidatory attentions by the police will probably now diminish.

    Some years ago, the idea was to stamp out completely any resistance to population replacement at a time when most of the public chose to go deaf and blind as to what is happening.

    It’s much more difficult now to swing the tale about ‘Nazis’ than it was. There is a torrent of media coverage which is often as graphic as the material once denounced in nationalist publications.

    The technique now will be to direct dissent into approved channels like UKIP who are given a regular platform even by the BBC. The problem with that is you make the disapproved views approved ones by offering a platform.

    Interesting times.

    • UKIP may be an ‘approved channel’, but even so, I note two derogatory reports in the Torygraph this morning, along the line of “They’re all bonkers, racists, xenophobes, etc. Trotting out what some of the less wise potential candidates have said on Facebook/Twitter. It seems that the MSM is getting scared no doubt prompted their owners (donors to the Tory party).

  5. The creation of these elected police and crime commissioners simply confirms the fact that the police have become brazenly under political control. Of course, they have never truly been impartial but the fact is that they are now so openly politically manipulated. To add to this almost all police officers now seem to be fully indoctrinated with political correctness (cultural Marxism) and appear, like most of the population, to be unable to realise that this is censorship of thought and behaviour which should never be tolerated in any truly free and democratic society.

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