Police Anti-White Racism is a Documented Fact

By Clive Wakely. Today marks five years to the day that a police force admitted it deliberately and illegally discriminated against white male candidates on grounds of race and gender.

In September 2006 a spokesman for Gloucestershire Police admitted breaking the law in operating a covert racist policy when it “deselected” 108 potential recruits for no other reason than they were white males.

As a consequence of a complaint made by one of the failed applicants a tribunal concluded that the force had been “at the very least disingenuous and at worst misleading”.

Compensation of £2,500 was subsequently paid out to the complainant in a case that proved deeply embarrassing and expensive for the force concerned.

It is thought that the resulting publicity resulted in a number of other discriminated-against applicants coming forward to seek compensation, at a final cost to the taxpayer believed to be in five, or possibly six, digits.

One applicant, who claimed he had wanted to join the police since he was a child, said: “I didn’t come here for the money. I just want to be heard.

“I firmly believe a wrong has been done here. I was, I still am, desperate to be a police officer and they have unfairly discriminated against me.”

The applicant was one of the 108 white men who had been told they had made it through to the second round of the recruitment process.

But, two months later, Gloucestershire Police informed them by letter that they had been “randomly deselected”; no further explanation was given.

It subsequently emerged that the police had taken the decision to deselect the men as part of what they described as an “advance diversity” drive; to be blunt – they were the wrong colour and gender.

In the final analysis it emerged that every one of the 129 female and ethnic minority candidates who had applied was accepted, along with 63 “token” white males.

Incredibly Gloucestershire Police were not the only force to be exposed as illegally discriminating on racial grounds against white males.

Less than a year previously the neighbouring Avon and Somerset force was also exposed as operating a racist recruitment policy, after it rejected 186 white applicants at the first stage of a selection process.

In November 2005 the force received 800 applications for its 180 vacancies.

Following complaints from baffled white hopefuls the force admitted they had discriminated against white male applicants is a bid to increase ethnic and female representation.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that whereas virtually all the ethnic, female and “gay” applicants were accepted, only then were the remaining unfilled posts allocated to white male applicants.

The then Chief Constable for Avon and Somerset Police was later reported as admitting that his force had “over-stepped the mark.”

No charges under the Race Relations Act or resignations are known to have followed.

Interestingly a spokesman for the Police Federation was quoted at the time as claiming that other forces were guilty of operating similar discriminatory policies, but had “yet to be found out”.

Peculiarly he neither named them nor, as far as we are aware, was pressed to name them; this being the same Police Federation that supports a ban preventing BNP members from being police officers.

In defence of the police it was alleged that they were merely “following orders”.

To be precise they were “under pressure to meet a Government target of ethnic minority recruits making up seven per cent of force strength by 2009”.

Whereas accusations of “racism” against the police by ethnic minority members are no doubt largely unfounded, police racism directed against white males happens to be an established fact.

7 thoughts on “Police Anti-White Racism is a Documented Fact

  1. In defence of the police it was alleged that they were merely “following orders”. Wasn’t that what some of those who stood trial at Nuremberg offered as the reason why they committed atrocities. This wasn’t accepted as a suitable excuse and they were all subsequently, and quite rightly, found guilty and hanged.

  2. Where is the ‘Human Rights Act’ in all this?
    The Act makes it clear that ALL discrimination based on race and gender is illegal.
    I would have loved to have seen the complainants take their case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights and the Gloucestershire Police left with egg all over their faces together with a big fine and restitution.Such a test case would have also worked wonders in frightening off the public sector from ever doing ‘postive discrimination’ again as it is clearly illegal under the European Convention of Human Rights.
    I’m not a big fan of the ECHR, but I would just love to see the Government hoist by its own petard.
    The point is you simply CANNOT institute anti-discrimination laws as a government and make them the centre-piece of your ethos – and then refuse to implement them in letter and spirit yourselves.It’s the height of hypocrisy.

  3. My view is that the police should not be racist against anyone, whatever their race.

    Ministers of the gospel are to go into all the world (Mark 16: 15), not bring all the world here, and teach all nations (Matthew 28: 19), not try to abolish all nations! If only other clergymen could read the Holy Bible and actually say what it really does say, instead of what they think it is saying.

    It seems to me to be racist to try to abolish nations and doubly racist, therefore, to try to bring them all here in the hope that they will somehow “get abolished”.

    This may be what the Koran and Das Kapital teaches but it is not what the Holy Bible teaches; and we know that its teachings are better!

  4. So now whites are being denied jobs, I know it’s difficult for the recruitment officers, if they don’t comply with the politburo directives, they lose their job, but where does it end, it ends where whites are on the streets, second class minorities, being beaten up, murdered and raped as whites are in south africa.
    That’s the future for our children unless we turn this around.
    Our job is to do what we are able to Protect this country and our people from All enemies, foreign or domestic.

  5. Anti-white racism is alive and kicking in Canada as well.
    The most recent case is that of Carole Nixon who appointed as executive director of the Africville Heritage Trust . The black community claimed that hiring a white person“ignored the sensitivities of Halifax’s black community”.
    Also, read this and look at the images:
    Blatant anti-white STD awareness campaign held in Quebec
    CIR: According to the anti-gang campaign held by the Abbotsford Police Department, local gangs are 100% white
    And there are many more cases…

  6. This police departments’ homoethnic (anti-White) discrimination is only one aspect of a worldwide agenda to exterminate those of White European origin.

    The term ‘racism’ currently used in the racial discrimination/prejudicial context is incorrect. Racism is perfectly normal as it denotes a preference for one’s own ethnic group and the natural and healthy desire to preserve its genetic and cultural roots most especially within the borders of its own ancestral homeland(s).

    The correct terminology is ethnic discrimination, (but homoethnic discrimination in relation to discrimination practiced by individuals/groups of the same race and culture against those of the same race and culture as themselves) – pure and simple. However, any White police authority which engages in homoethnic discrimination, ie, against its own ethnic group is also guilty of the crime of genocide because it wilfully and deliberately seeks to deny members of its own ethnic group a livelihood and thus a means of survival of both themselves and their progeny. Ethnic discrimination (racism) practiced against alien ethnicities resident in (without consent of the indigenous owners of the territory) and thus occupying the indigenous territory/territories of ethnicities of different lineages, languages, heritages, belief systems and cultures to which they don ‘t belong, is perfectly natural and absolutely necessary.

    Furthermore, it is actually highly criminal and dangerous to engage in the recruitment of alien ethnicities to positions of power, authority and influence within one’s own ancestral homeland(s), ie, policies which must urgently be reversed and completely outlawed by whatever means deemed necessary.

    In passing, the present pattern of anti-White homoethnic crimes being committed by Western governments and their political organisations of which the policeforce is merely one, ARE designed to mirror the South African/Zimbabwean agenda of White genocide very deliberately so.

    There is no time to lose in effecting the apprehending of our criminal elite and bringing them to swift justice whereupon, the true patriots of the indigenous peoples of each and every afflicted nation can assume power once more and proceed to avert this approaching evil and morally depraved Marxist/Zionist agenda of mass murder, ie, White genocide.

  7. This is nothing new. As long ago as 1982 Derbyshire Police Force attempted to lower application standards for black applicants in the hope of employing more members of this ‘under-represented minority’. I wonder why this under-representation…………?

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