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Ashampoo_Snap_2015.09.25_22h06m15s_001_A new leaflet has been added to the web site under the LEAFLETS menu item and can be downloaded.

The leaflet size is A5 and suitable to having printed locally for distribution in your area. (Just take the downloaded PDF file to your local printer)

Alternatively, members/supporters may order leaflets using the email address:


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15 thoughts on “Party Leaflets

  1. ( Party Official ) With our respectable name and reputation , combined with decent common sense and hard hitting Nationalist policies , our leaflets are getting plenty of goodwill and support in Dorset. With housing being an issue with many people , the new leaflet will help us even more. Get ordering people ! Simon Fairbairn. Dorset County Organiser.

  2. My only compliant is that the new immigration leaflet doesn’t mention the Greens, in some areas they are taking over from Labour as the left-wing party, their pro- mass immigration policy is unknown to many of their voters.

  3. At last something to be positive about. Downloaded, a colleague will print them off and they should be going through local; letter boxes by the weekend.

  4. The BDP is only respectable to those with a clear vision and real patriotic bent . Not the faux patriots that fly the flag when the England multiracial football team are paying , generally badly.
    Its great to big the BDP up johnshaw. But one must also be realistic. as you will find out when they get successful. from a press that hates patriots.
    These lemming folk will never be engaged by us types. Reality TV is their bent, cheap goods, and beer curtesy of the Murdoch Press.

    1. ( Party Official ) You are right on all points , as usual , Baz4545. Regarding the media attacks when we start to succeed , this Party is determined to AVOID THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST.

      1. I like your enthusiasm John, pity there are not a few million more like you. We always have to remember that when it comes to the press they will never ” let the truth get in the way of a good story” especially when it comes to rubbishing Patriots and Patriotism.

  5. Lots of things covered here, and also a good quality design. It is, for sure, a bit more ”hard hitting” than the leaflet with the lion of the strand on the front, which went down well with anyone who saw it, and is also top notch. I know from the past, that you have to put out a lot of leaflets to get some responses. Many may well read and agree with the policies and aims etc , but how many are prepared to join. Target areas that have realistic potential, and get leaflets out there en masse.

  6. Very good leaflet which in fact exposes the dirty little secret at the core of the official media. Keeping out of discussion the fact that we’d all (humans) be better off with our own homelands.

  7. Slightly off topic but I hope that all Patriots will spare a thought for the Muslims trampled to death yesterday whilst on a pilgrimage just as the BBC told us they did after the London bombings and the murder of serving soldier Lee Rigby.

  8. First 1000 being delivered to Wakefield Thursday they will be hitting the Public by Monday. Lets get these out they are the best we have produced and it would be criminal if ALL members did not deliver at least 100 each.If you have never put a leaflet out do not be nervous you will after the first 10 mins feel that you are walking on air. Its our duty to try to rebuild this shattered Movement.

    1. ( Party Official ) Well said Graham. I too urge Members to order our leaflets. Try a 1,000 and put some out for half an hour. The feeling of DOING SOMETHING is GREAT ! Select an area next door to yours , if it looks promising and go for it !

  9. Excellent leaflet, well done to who ever wrote/designed it. Make sure you have plenty of them available at the BDP table at the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting, in Preston, on October 10th. I’m looking forward to hearing BDP Chairman Andrew Brons speak there. Keep up the good work.

  10. I’ve just been watching the quaint and highly cultivated ”schoolgirls of Walthamstow” rioting, and trying to kill each other. There are several videos online of the enrichers : ‘doin’ wat dey do’ … By all accounts the police had to close the road for hours as armed thugs reverted to type yet again. Local MP and deluded Leftie Stella Creasy, has pandered in typical fashion : ”Walthamstow young people , you are too talented to waste”…what a crock of you know what.

    If this does not make you realise that the ”freedom” our forebears fought for, was effectively an unforgivable betrayal, and we now have a divided, crime ridden, hostile and violent society that are own people do not feel safe in, then nothing will.

    I will be ordering a batch of British Democrat leaflets, and I would encourage all patriots to do likewise, as these are top quality and will have a wide appeal to people who live in the real world.

  11. Looks great ! Corbyns got his revolutionary cap on, ha ha. Design looks high standard. Also true about housing not going to the British people, instead given to ethnics again and again, and they take it all for granted. Every house given to them is of course one less for British, and the immigrants are nearly all getting rent free with housing benefit, loads of kids and all the rest. Best strategy is getting leaflets out in areas with potential, like where UKIP polls well, you could put loads out in some places with not much potential, and less in another area that has real promise for growth. No point inner cities, in my opinion, they have been taken over and hardly what you could call a working class community remains now. Ethnics now call the shots in the cities, they have taken over totally, end result is white flight. Labour is the one for them, focus on the suburbs, towns, anywhere UKIP has got a half decent results.

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