Our so-called ‘Black’ Ancestry

  by John Bean



Earlier this year the UK daily press and all main TV channels welcomed research at the Natural History Museum which, they said, shows our ancient ancestry was black. It is the media’s interpretation of a facial reconstruction on the skull of Britain’s oldest skeleton, the 10,000-year-old Cheddar Gorge Man.

A typical press report on the findings began: “The earliest Britons were black-skinned with dark curly hair and possible blue eyes.”  This came from a Henry Bodkin of the Daily Telegraph, a so-called serious Tory paper. The photo produced everywhere shows that the face was a dark bronze and the hair was straight down to mouth level and then became wavy. Perhaps our Mr Bodkin wanted it to appear more African with complete curly hair. As for the definitely blue eyes, well you can’t have that with an ancient African, hence it was “possible” blue eyes. He, and all other reporters, made no mention of the fact that Cheddar Gorge Man’s nose was typical of the shape of Europeans of today and far removed from that of  an African man.

I make no criticism of the pioneering work of the archeologists who found scraps of DNA in the ear of the Mesolithic ‘Cheddar Man’ [1]. They then cross-referenced the genomes of modern inhabitants with known origins of living near the area of the Gorge.

Their DNA  now comprises roughly 10 per cent of the genetic make-up of most white people living in the UK.  But the maximum figure of 10 per cent is not good enough for the heading to Mr Bodkin’s report. This says “The first Britons were black – and their DNA lives on in most of us”.

That was also the view of a dusky lady on the BBC who went even further by suggesting that the overwhelming majority of  Brits throughout the UK were black in origin.  Ignore the fact that the 90 per cent of our ancestors were Celts, Saxons, or Vikings (the Normans were cross-breeds of French and Viking).  Furthermore Archeologists in mainland Europe have recorded ample evidence in DNA testing that their ‘whiteness’ goes back to at least ten millenia.

Backing up this DNA evidence is also that resulting from the many naturally mummified corpses in Northern Europe. Leading the way is the Danish Bog man (Tollund Man [2]) who lived in Denmark 6000 years ago. Wikipedia images show that his skin is now black, although his features are typically Nordic. The oldest bog body found in Northern Europe, including Britain and Ireland is that of Koelbjerg Man [3] of 10,000 years back (same as Cheddar Man).

Believe it or not, where photos are shown,  all these buried corpses have acquired ‘severe tans’ to their skin. Wikipedia says these occurred because of conditions of highly acidic water, low temperature and a lack of oxygen. These parameters apply to Cheddar Man, whether he was buried in a cave or outside in the Gorge.

The facts that were hidden in all the media reports yet again show that we are being subjected to a campaign of  distortions and outright lies to accept a multi-racial future for our grandchildren. They are hoping that old buzzards  who can still dig out some embarrassing truths will soon fade away – or even be ‘dealt with’.


[1]  Cheddar Man

[2]  Tollund Man

[3]  Koelbjerg Man


Acknowledgement:  ‘ The original short version of this article appeared in the February issue of  Nation Revisited .

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  1. YES INDEED , the Fake News continues , on top of the usual Propoganda ( like the perpetual portrayal of typical families in T.V. adverts) I am waiting for them to claim that Richard the Lionheart , Robin Hood ( it’s nice to believe in him ) and ST.George were all West Indians !

  2. That has to be Dianne Abbott or is this fake news !!!

  3. How far back in time do we have to go to demonstrate that white Britons are indigenous? Whatever their exact appearances, the ‘Cheddar Man’ hunter-gatherers were largely replaced by farmers from the Turkey region who were then (about 4000 years ago) mostly replaced by the (white-skinned) Beaker People from Central Europe.

    For me, British national identity begins with Boudicca’s revolt against the Romans and it is now believed that native English people themselves are about 2/3 descended from the Celtic Britons, the rest of the ancestry being mostly from the Anglo-Saxons who were racially very similar to the Britons to begin with.

    The bottom line is, a DNA test can distinguish modern ancestry from different continents and give a rough idea of the countries of origin as well. The cosmopolitans do not like this fact.

  4. Well said Patrick. The fact is the discovery of DNA was a DISASTER TO THESE LIARS.

  5. I would clarify Patrick UK’s reference to the ‘Turkey region’. In 4000 BC the population there was European (white). The Turks did not arrive in the region from inner Asia until 850 AD and took over control from the ancient Greeks. With no recognised art forms of their own,it is a nonsense when the Turks point out historic monuments or palaces as being built by their racial forbears.

  6. In this beautiful building designed by Alfred Waterhouse and Directly behind the model of Cheddar Man, the statue of Charles Darwin looks over the debacle taking place below him.

    Whether or Not Cheddar Man had dark skin, light skin, or something in between, we shall never know for certain, but it is utterly ridiculous to even suggest that he was Black, in a racial sense.

    Clearly the agenda of advocating multiculturalism, is the prime motive for this attempted deception; but few were misled by it, other than those whose wishful thinking easily gets the better of them.

    Darwin, himself, was a concientious man who was fiercely opposed to slavery, but no race egalitarian. His view was that some races had branched further away from their common ancestor than others. A view if openly expressed today, would see him hounded into academic oblivion.

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