One Million Immigrants in Two Years – The True Figures

By John Bean.



Whether the media is discussing  current immigration figures or those during the Blair Government when Labour deliberately engineered mass immigration,  the Lib-Lab-Cons – and even the Ukipers – stick to the net input. Perhaps because it gives less worry to the UK aborigines that way. It helps to soften the reality that we are being flooded by the Afro-Asian world.

I wrote the above in Nationalist Notebook No.5 – June this year.  In an excellent report in The Spectator, 28th November, Melanie McDonagh backs up what the Brit Dems have been saying about the gross immigration figures giving us a far truer picture of the effects of immigration on our country. As a good half of those leaving the country are of original British stock, what the old parties are achieving is the replacement of that stock with a cosmopolitan new world order. And what UKIP is offering cannot stop this.

Just over half a million people migrated to the UK in the year to June. And half a million the year before – actually, she says,  it was 517,000, but let’s not quibble. A million, then, in two years…that’s quite something. But you wouldn’t have known from the news about the new immigration stats from the Home Office, which focused instead on a rise in net migration to 182,000 (ie the number of people arriving, less the number of Brits leaving).

Melanie McDonagh then makes this very important point, which has been stressed on  this website  on  several  occasions: “Now, for all the noise about Bulgarians and Romanians coming to Britain, about half the new immigrants were from outside the EU – 242,000, down from 282,000 the previous year. You’d never think it though, to judge by the PM’s obsessive focus on EU migration.

Further on  in her report, she says: “ And if, over four years, a million people from outside Europe are coming to Britain, however excellent and hardworking they are individually, it really does change the face of the country and its sense of its own identity. Unless, of course, they’re largely Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and Americans, who culturally have a good deal in common with the locals – and they’re not.”

Well that is exactly what  the BDP has been saying.  Welcome to the real world, Melanie!

20 thoughts on “One Million Immigrants in Two Years – The True Figures

  1. (Party Member) There is so little time. We need to be very positive about what we do and make sure our party does all we can to gain publicity for its policies.

    1. Done for us all. Leaving us high and dry. Living on the hope UKIP takes the slack. A sorry state of affairs indeed.

      The only redeeming feature is that those who allowed this to happen on such a large scale might suffer from that arrogance. But I fear the lemming folk will not stop voting the way they do.

  2. The discussion about immigration only came about because of the recession. Now that we are recovering the pro-immigration lobby will be telling us that we need more immigrants to do the dirty jobs and look after our old people. And gutless rags like the Daily Mail will return to supporting the “inclusive” Tory Party. The old gang parties will never control immigration because they are addicted to cheap labour. A vote for any of them -including UKIP – is a vote for more immigration.

  3. “Now that we are recovering” says who – the government. The reality is that we are in a far worse mess than we were five years ago, millions of immigrants driving down wages, years of struggle by our forefathers and trade unions discarded to increase the profits of the capitalists. The Left do a wonderful job for employers by censoring debate on immigration. They support the flood of cheap labour thus enabling the fat cats to get even fatter. Meanwhile the indigenous population grow ever more stupid on a diet of football, beer and television.

  4. Good post. LIB LAB CON all the same rip off. This post hits the nail on the head as to how we are told there is no money for us yet billions still for mass immigration. The same story in France, Germany the UK and many more EU countries who although we are all bankrupt are still borrowing billions from the banks.

  5. The Rumanian government says we should be grateful to be getting their excellent workers.

    In which case why are they not providing jobs for them? Is the Rumanian government admitting it’s no good at running the country?

  6. The economy is ‘recovering’, but they are still borrowing more each month just to keep the show on the road.

    If 300,000 odd more immigrants turn up in UK from January, more and more houses will be needed to house either them, or the people who will be desperate to get out of the towns that they will arrive in. So that means less arable land on which to grow food, which means that morr and more will have to be imported. Not only that, but not all immigrants eat the same food as we do, so their particular specialities will also have to be imported. This then widens the trade gap still further……so more has to be borrowed….this is going to end badly……

    I have thought for some time now that the PTB are stark, staring mad…..and wicked as well.

  7. The enemy of my enemy is my friend!!!!

    An immense vote for UKIP will alter the political landscape in favour of an exit from the Euro monster. Not what I or we would ideally wish to do, but a vote for UKIP at this time is to win a battle not the war which will only be won by Nationalism.

    I was a Euro and Parliamentary candidate, and did well but the ground is not in our favour at this moment. The BDP needs time to grow and so let’s use what is available to damage the enemy, the LibLabCon.

  8. (Party Member) I have never in my life voted tactically but this time I shall vote for that insincere Farage’s UKIP. A massive vote for UKIP will ‘break the mould’ of British politics. From that point of view it is only one step more for the public to vote for the decent British Democratic Party.

  9. I agree. I think UKIP has to be viewed as a ‘wrecking ball’. The Labour party is bankrupt, the Tories are haemorrhaging party members and voters. The Euros in 2014 will be a chance to damage them further. They have no future if one realises that their average voter/member is in their 60’s- 70’s. Something new is badly needed and let us hope that, if UKIP don’t step up to the mark, that the BDP will be there to do so.

    1. UKIP will never step up to the mark as they are nothing more than the anti-EU wing of the Tory Party. Indeed, they are a refuge for the Tory Party’s most loopy people ie they have even more crazy globalist ideas as to how to run the ‘British’ economy than the parent party does. Basically, the most out-of-touch sections of the Conservative Party eg those who think all unemployed people are ‘scroungers’, ‘workshy shirkers’ rather than just people finding it hard to find a job in a country with a very weak economy find a home there. It is Britain’s ‘nasty party’ on steroids.

      1. People are voting UKIP because they think Farage stands for primacy of people of British descent in our homeland and an economy run with us in mind. If he really did the left-wing BBC would not touch him with a bargepole except to do a hatchet job on him.

        But that is no reason not to vote tactically for UKIP. A vote for UKIP is an expression of the view above and everyone knows it. A big vote thus makes such views acceptable and mainstream.

        If UKIP only took us out of the EU the way would be open for more in the direction we want. Farage, before long, will be seen through. Just look at UKIP’s immigration policy with wriggle room to allow in even more immigrants.

  10. Yes, indeed, the sensible thing to do is vote UKIP at the European elections in order to send a message to the other parties that we want out of the EU and are fed up with their leftie policies.

    BUT what about a general election? No room for tactical voting here, surely? A large vote for UKIP would probably lead to a Labour government or (worse) a Labour/LibDim victory which is what I think will probably happen. Disaster!

    1. The flaw many people see in this argument is the assumption that a Tory government will save us.

      Rather it would provide a vote of confidence in their bogus conservatism and justify them continuing the same – which differs little from Labour.

  11. (Party Member) The news that the ASSISTED VOLUNTERY RETURN AND REINTEGRATION PROJECT is sending back IMMIGRANTS, at an average cost to Britain of £1,300, is fantastic. The Home and Foreign Offices are working together to return 1,500 Illegal Immigrants. As this is Budget Week I hope that this bargain policy, to save Britain a fortune, is massively expanded. A budget for the scheme could be an eye watering 12 Billion, taken directly from the Foreign Aid Programme. As criminal Immigrants are supposed to be repatriated at the end of sentence and many others are very unhappy with our Country, the way forward is clear. Spend our Foreign Aid money on expanding the Voluntary Return Scheme.

  12. (Party Member) Whilst looking at Woolwich Council’s Website, for any news on a memorial for Our Lee Rigby, I saw that I can get considerable advice on Immigration matters including how to claim Asylum ! I can telephone something called Greenwich Welfare Rights Service stating my name, phone number and Language I require and an officer will ring me back with an Interpreter ! ! !

  13. (Party Member) The Government’s Migration Advisory Committee have found Employment Rules were either not being properly enforced or were just flouted by employers. ” this affected workers from home and abroad”. Their researchers also said ” they were underfunded”. Calling a spade a spade we are talking about illegal immigrants working for cash and being poorly paid and treated by mostly other immigrants ! I hope we call for punitive custodial sentences for anyone employing an illegal immigrant, whether exploited or not ! Say three years custody for first offence if done in ignorance and six years custody, first offence, if it is proved they knew the person was an illegal immigrant. This would solve many problems as people would think twice before employing immigrants before local people known to them.

  14. (Party Member) Given the fact that CANADA is not ‘ Enriched ‘ much, unlike our poor little Country, they could easily bring in a policy of enforced, but paid , REPATRIATION. Given that the current attacks on that wonderful Country are only the beginning of a Multi-Cultural NIGHTMARE, they could take this opportunity to LEAD THE WORLD IN COMMON SENSE !

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