Oh How Racist and Offensive to Pygmies Mr Clegg

By Southwest Nationalist. Political correctness is rampant of late. We've seen that poor woman in Wiltshire pilloried and hounded for daring to say "jungle drums", not to mention a whole host of golliwog related incidents.


Seemingly the politicians endorse and support all this insanity, they are the ones with the power to change the laws after all.

So, you'd think they'd at least stick to the rules themselves, especially a politician as right on and, well, liberal, as Nick Clegg.

But no, in a moment of anger over Europe, he's surely committed a major breach of political correctness, and must have offended many.

"A Britain which leaves the EU will be considered to be irrelevant by Washington and will be considered a pygmy in the world" he said.

Notice Britain is to become a 'pygmy' in the world.

How insulting and racist.

Pygmies are, of course, groups of people whose height is unusually short. There are other meanings, but that is the most common one, in fact the first definition when Googling is "A member of certain peoples of very short stature in equatorial Africa and parts of Southeast Asia.".

Since anthropologists draw a distinction between Pygmy and Pygmoid (based on height) then one would argue that Pygmies possess a distinct racial trait, and should be protected from discrimination or insult due to that racial trait.

How negative and racist is it of Nick Clegg to insult these wonderful people by associating them with the fiasco over the EU, and the mess which Britain might end up in as a result.

Pygmies have feelings too, it is distinctly insulting to them to suggest that Britain will end up a Pygmy.

Would Clegg have said Britain would end up the black, or the Arab, or the Dalit of the world?

Of course he wouldn't, so why is Pygmy an acceptable term?

Saying that it refers to size, or that there are Pygmy animals is no defence. There are black animals too, and there are jungle drums as well, yet those terms are considered major faux pas if carelessly used.

It's also no defence to say that Pygmy can mean small or unimportant. Gay means happy, merry, cheerful and so on, but seldom has that meaning now and instead is, of course, homosexual.

Would walking up to a stranger and saying "God, you look gay" – of course meaning happy and cheerful – be acceptable in the modern world?

Say "Gay" and people think homosexual. Say "Pygmy" and people think of small black or Amazonian Indian type people.

On behalf of Pygmies everywhere we demand that Nick Clegg should apologise immediately and publicly, and the EHRC should most definitely become involved.

Pygmies have rights to protection under the law too, and should not be slandered by British politicians.

How is it not prejudicial to compare Britain’s potential failure on the world stage to a group of human beings, is it not both racist and discriminatory based on their physical characteristics?

It may sound petty, but there's an important point at stake.

The rest of us have to abide by this insane political correctness, and run the constant risk seeing our lives ruined by some chance, and more often than not innocent, remark.

Shouldn't Nick Clegg have to do the same?

8 thoughts on “Oh How Racist and Offensive to Pygmies Mr Clegg

  1. The way of cultural marxism is littered with improvised explosive devices, isn’t it? ,

    When you encourage super- sensitivity which tries to ignore reality whllst simultaneously abolishing free speech, you must be ever so careful, as Clegg has just found out.

    This country gets more like a prison camp surrounded by a minefield by the day.

  2. I’d like him to be remanded without bail and have his children taken away. Remanded in a Cat A prison, naturally, along with murderers and rapists, just like Emma West. Oh, wait, Emma West isn’t of the new political aristocracy.

    As Clegg insists upon forcing us ordinary folk to live as minorities among Muslims and Africans who hate us and persecute us, then it is only fair that Clegg and his family should be sent to live in Pakistan or Somalia.

    What goes around comes around.

  3. Has anyone gone knocking on his door and arrseted him.Has he been put on remand like poor Emma West I don’t think so ,he should be in the next cell to Emma.He was obviously beeing racist where Emma wasn’t. Emma is a hero.

  4. Nick Clegg is part of a government that is imposing very anti liberal laws and regulations on us. How utterly hypocritical, it is obvious that the coalition MUST hang together- but only to ensure that they continue to get their fat-cat salaries and perks.

    If he and the liberals had any backbone at all they would insist on at least having a say on what is decided instead of just beihg voting fodder.

  5. Lib Dems have ” let women down “, leader Nick Clegg has said. This follows an independent inquiry found Clegg “should have asked more questions ” when claims, which are denied , by Liberal Lord Rennard , of sexual inpropriety were made. Well, actually he and his horrible party always lets women down. He is complicit in the mass importation of muslims into this country. They believe women should have no rights, let alone votes, at all ! A ” liberal type ” is a person without any personal standards. Women should join the British Democratic Party.

  6. Since I just posted the above comment that a liberal type is a person without any personal or moral standards more liberal news has been reported. The Liberal leader of Kingston Borough Council has just resigned after he was arrested for possessing indecent images of children ! Derek Osbourne was arrested at his home in Kingston. The new acting leader of the Liberal Democrats claimed her local party were ” Deeply Shocked. ” I assume she was shocked that he was caught. ! If he is actually guilty of this offense then we British Democrats are not shocked. We expect this sort of behaviour from the no standards party.Join the decent British Democratic party today.

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