Number of ‘Muslim’ children in Britain doubles in a decade – Islamification of the UK grows

burkaStudy shows number of children under five being brought up as Muslim rose 80 per cent in a decade. 1 in 12 overall are now Muslim.  Worried! Read below:
At a time when the wider population is ageing rapidly, half of British Muslims are under the age of 25 and a third are under 15.
Muslims have grown to 2.7 million in a decade. That is up from just under 1.6 million in 2001 – a 75 per cent jump.
Among children under the age of five the rate of increase was more than 80 per cent.
Strikingly, although just over half of Muslims living in Britain were born abroad.

"But the study of official census data by the Muslim Council of Britain also concludes that the Muslim population will continue expanding for “many decades” to come – something experts said could transform everything from social attitudes to foreign policy"
'Significantly, Muslims make up more than a fifth of the population in 26 parliamentary constituencies and around 50 per cent in some areas. There are also 70 council wards with a Muslim population of 40 per cent or more' 

Parlimentary seats with 20% or more Muslim populations:

Birmingham Hodge Hill                      52.1 %                          Oldham West and Royton             24.6

Bradford West                                    51.3 %                           Edmonton                                    24.5 %

Birmingham Hall Green                     46.6 %                           Slough                                          23.8 %

East Ham                                           37.4 %                           Rochdale                                      23.6 %

Bradford East                                     36.9 %                           Birmingham Perry Barr                 27.7 %

Blackburn                                           36.3 %                           Leyton and Wansted                    22.6 %
Bethnal Green & Bow                        35.4 %                            Westminster North                       22.6 %

Birmingham Ladywood                      35.2 %                            Luton North                                  22.4 %

Ilford South                                        34.9 %                            Brent Central                                21.2 %

Poplar & Limehouse                          33.6 %                            Birmingham Yardley                     20.6 %

Manchester Gorton                            28.8 %                            Leicester East                              20 %

Leicester South                                  27.8 %

West Ham                                          26.8 %

Luton South                                       25.3 % 
Check report for Telegraph, 11 February for full damning report.
It is vital that we unite under one movement and people join our Party to campaign against the destruction of Western Civilisation in the UK. 



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  1. A most valuable report. I would like to see these statisics repeated in a leaflet, even if it has to wait until after the May elections because our campaigners will be concentrating on the distribution of literature with immediate bearing on the election campaigns.

  2. Seems a very appropriate post on the day a former English king (Richard III) is ibtered in a former English city (Leicester).

  3. It should come as no surprise that some of these seats are very safe Labour Party strongholds. East Ham, for instance, has a Labour majority of 27,826, a Labour vote share of 70.4%, a percentage majority (the really important figure you need to halve to get the ‘swing’ needed to the second-placed party to win it) of 55.2% over the Tories. All in all, that makes it the Labour Party’s THIRD safest seat anywhere in Britain. Mr Cameron meanwhile imports another 300,000 plus immigrants and then wonders why his party has trouble winning elections nowdays!

  4. ( Party Member ) HAPPY EASTER from the Christian Values, Family Values , British Values BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Feel GOOD about yourself this Easter and Join Us TODAY !

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