Norway Massacre: Andrew Brons MEP Condemns “Insane, Horrific Act” and Sends Condolences

British Democratic Party Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire, Andrew Brons, has condemned the massacre in Norway as an “insane and horrific act” and has expressed his deepest condolences with the victims of yesterday’s attack in Olso and Utoya.

“The person or persons responsible for this outrage must be brought to justice as quickly as possible. There can be no justification for such an act under any circumstances,” Mr Brons said.

“No matter who is responsible, this sort of outrage cannot be tolerated.

“If we lose the essence of free debate and democracy, we will be plunged back into the Dark Ages and all that the West stands for, will be destroyed. We dare not let this happen,” Mr Brons said.

4 thoughts on “Norway Massacre: Andrew Brons MEP Condemns “Insane, Horrific Act” and Sends Condolences

  1. Norwegian sources tell us the man is a masonic conservative figure linked to the church, and a supporter of Zionism. Nothing to do with the “far right”. The facts will become clear soon enough.

  2. I have no doubts that dozens of slimy lawyers, social workers and assorted do gooders will even now, before the dust has settled from the explosion and the smell of gun smoke is still in the air, be preparing themselves to defend the indefensible actions of this man.
    As is usual in cases of mass murderers, these scum-bag lawyers and others will be telling the world that the killer is innocent, that he had a traumatic experience when 5 years old because his mother would not buy him a new computer or had sent him to bed early without a good night kiss.

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