No Mr Carswell political correctness is not just politeness

By Mike Newland.

Britain is now in the grip of UKIP mania.

The political narrative runs as follows. If enough people make a protest by voting UKIP then those in power will offer a referendum on the EU which will result in our leaving. Most of our problems will then be solved. All achieved by one or two simple trips to the polling station!

We wish.

It is not UKIP’s fault that such a grotesquely oversimplified version of future possibilities – pumped up by a positively insane degree of trust in the rulers – has become the political currency. Rather it’s a reflection of the utter naivety of people in this country who have been steeped in a national myth of a gentlemanly democracy for much too long.

Britain can longer be saved for the British people by a referendum on the EU or by halting immigration. It’s too late for that. Nor can it be saved while it continues to be run by Lib Lab and Con you silly. Only government by a new party which is radical to its fingertips offers any hope at all.

At this point those enthused by UKIP may properly be allowed to ask: “Then what about us”.

So let’s ask ourselves how radical is UKIP really?

Nigel Farage’s party has now recruited its biggest fish yet in the Tory MP Douglas Carswell. He is certain to win his Clacton seat again giving UKIP its first elected MP. He is also certain to be very influential within UKIP. What kind of political beast is Mr Carswell? He’s certainly radical on the EU and banking plus reform of the democratic system. All to the good.

But where does he stand on the transformation of Britain into a place where the British people are to become a future minority – effectively as much ‘foreigners’ as say the Aboriginals in Australia? It’s too late for immigration controls to halt that process. Too many millions here.

The above is the elephant in the room no man must see! Well not if he wishes to remain ‘respectable’.

The core of the issue here is political correctness. And the core of political correctness is that the British people have no special rights within Britain any more. No more rights than anyone from anywhere in the world – and probably less on the grounds of reparations for past wrongs only supposedly committed by white people.

Nothing can now be done to save us without the doctrines of political correctness being rejected. The attitude of UKIP and its political figures to PC is therefore far more crucial to our futures if it succeeds than any other aspect of its ideas.

What does the exciting new recruit to UKIP think about PC? This is no minor matter.

This writer could have been knocked over by a feather when Douglas Carswell announced in his speech at the great unveiling of his new party affiliation that what had been denounced as ‘political correctness gone mad’ was just politeness. Precisely the argument dreamed up by the left to sell a sinister and totalitarian programme designed to destroy the entire society without the requirement of a formal revolution.

Carswell’s supporters will say that he only meant to draw attention to say unexceptional matters like improved attitudes to the disabled and so on. But that is like representing Stalin’s rule of Russia as exampled by say improved state education. Even the most monstrous regimes can point to something good.

Political correctness is not politeness. Try putting that argument to the members of Douglas Carswell’s new party who had their children taken away because of support for UKIP or the thousands of raped and terrorised children in Rotherham too.

So why did Carswell say such a thing and especially shortly after the revelations about Rotherham? He could easily have said that PC was a wicked and manipulative doctrine and the fact that it had occasionally led to something good should not deceive us about its true purposes. He did not.

Carswell is a professional politician who well understands that the media finds stories about a failure to grovel to the God of PC perfect fodder for personal assassinations. He was not putting himself on the rack.

But if Carswell’s abasement to the left’s religion is an example of the level of moral courage among UKIP’s principal figures then the party simply will not save the British people however powerful it becomes.


25 thoughts on “No Mr Carswell political correctness is not just politeness

  1. I hear what you say Mike. Mr Carswell and UKIP are not by any means everything that we might like them to be. However, (yes there was always going to be a ‘however’!) we are having to deal with the realities on the ground. Getting Britain out of the EU has always been a goal of British Nationalism for as long as I can remember. It might well be achieved in due course. Many, many more important things remain to be achieved. But it is a start. Isn’t it?

    1. The flaw in David’s assessment is that most UKIP voters are generated by concern about identity not by the EU. If UKIP looks like it is not really interested in identity their support may collapse before they get a chance to deal with the EU issue.

      As even Matthew Collins has admitted, the huge success of the right in Europe – like the FN – is based on a genuine concern about identity not hinting at it and then backtracking intp political correctness. Which is what UKIP does.

      1. Well I understand your point and indeed my preference is for the FN approach ideally. I am not sure that UKIP will necessarily collapse before they reach the goal of BREXIT, but if they do then on the basis that ‘politics abhors a vacuum’, something would replace it. Which is of course where the BDP, or similar, is presented with an opportunity, but…not before UKIP has run its course, or been seen to be not up to the task.

  2. Mr Carswell just happens to be the first current Conservative MP to jump ship in the fever for UKIP. He may well find the activists of his new party a whole lot more enthusiastic for a patriotic government. I am sure the former ‘Tory’ has read the constitution of his new Party: it is not for the promotion of multiculturalism or political correctness. That said if UKIP are to make major in roads they have to inflict major damage on the Conservative Party.

    The ‘Farage Army’ are the most radical movement in British Politics, they challenge the LIBLAB/CON and still the political pundits cannot quite understand them or the masses that have voted for them.

    I am an optimistic Nationalist. Yes, I see the political naivety of UKIP, but surely, one has to realise the momentum for UKIP is key. I predict UKIP will have to move more to the ground of the radical right and Farage will have to carry on holding his nerve. Come election time we all know the LIB/LAB/CON will be giving us a lecture on immigration and UKIP will be the new skinheads in suits.

    Just to throw an important spanner in the works. I noticed they got Gordon Brown out of his coffin the other day to gee up the campaign of the no vote in the Scottish referendum. I would say that could have a negative effect on the outcome. In just over a week our Nation could change forever.

    1. In regard to your last point, I would say not necessarily. Gordon Brown is fairly popular in Scotland. Scots were proud to have a Scot at the helm of Great Britain from 2007 to 2010 (Scotland has produced more that it’s fair share of British PMs) and THERE WAS A SWING TOWARDS LABOUR (in contrast to the rest of Britain) at the last general election in Scotland and having a Scottish PM leading the Labour Party must have contributed to that in some way.

      It is good that he is getting more heavily involved in a way because the outcome will very probably depend on how many traditional Labour supporters bother to vote and to vote for the No side (particularly in places like Glasgow and the surrounding towns)

      1. There is a possibility Steve that a small number of immigrants living in Scotland could decide the future of the UK if the vote is as close as predicted.

        This is an even greater outrage that betrays our people.

        The tidal wave that is UKIP I do not believe will sustain. Please remember that UKIP are fielding Muslim candidates together with their orthodox Jewish candidate who refuses to shake hands or touch any female.

        In the short term, UKIP may help the nationalist cause by moving the country to the right. In the long term, we, the true nationalists, must keep the faith, recruit to our cause as many as possible in the belief we will one day, succeed.

        1. (Party Member) Well said Roger. ” In the short term, Ukip may help the NATIONALIST CAUSE by moving the country to the right. In the long term, we, the TRUE NATIONALISTS, must KEEP THE FAITH, recruit to our CAUSE as many as possible, in the BELIEF that we will one day, SUCCEED.” This is the current situation, exactly !

  3. (Party Member) The fact that ‘FALSE FLAG’ Ukip are to some degree ‘stealing our clothes’ is heartbreaking to us Nationalists. However, the facts are that people who have voted Conservative and Labour all their lives are now voting for what they THINK is AGAINST IMMIGRATION. With Ukip on the verge of unlocking the key to European Union EXIT, things are looking good for Nationalism. Our new, small party has had some very promising votes so far and our future as the leading NATIONALIST PARTY is assured.

  4. Very good article Mike. I think the bottom line is that Carswell (like many in UKIP) is a libertarian. Not quite as extreme a libertarian as some of those we remember from the Thatcher-era Federation of Conservative Students, who wanted to legalise heroin etc., but closer to that view of the world than to anything resembling nationalism.

    A recent television profile of Farage featured then City AM editor Allister Heath, who pointed out the contradiction between Farage’s neo-Thatcherite liberal economics and his posturing on immigration. For Heath and many others, probably including Carswell, UKIP should be essentially a libertarian party defending the iron laws of the market against the depradations of Brussels bureaucrats. In this worldview immigration – the free movement of labour – is a good thing, in fact it is close to sacred!

    For political reasons Farage (despite his former career as a City spiv) has kept one foot in the traditionalist, quasi-nationalist camp, seeming to oppose all those destructive tendencies that have transformed Britain in recent decades, but most of which libertarians applaud.

    1. Farage finesses the free market argument for immigration by saying only admit the workers ‘Britain needs’. This sounds alright but does not bear close examination.

      It’s a trick since cheap labour is always a ‘need’ as far as business is concerned.

      1. Before buying any of his products, please remember, Dyson is one of those advocating more immigration for that very purpose. Cheap labour at the cost of the British people.

      2. You are absolutely spot on in this respect Mike. Farage and his ilk do not want EU migrants, who may work for comparably lower wages than the British people, but never for wages as low as would be acceptable to third world immigrants. It is the promotion of market slavery at our expense.

    2. A very good analysis of UKIP’s REAL political position and one which has already caused Britain much damage. Libertarianism DOES make sense in some areas of government policy but in economics too much of it can cause marked harm as it has done so with regard to this country’s dangerously depleted industrial base.

      As far as I can see, there is only two good things about Mr Carswell: one he is in favour of EU withdrawal (though NOT for nationalist reasons like us and Enoch Powell – a TRUE traditionalist Tory) and two he was the only Tory elected in 2010 who is in favour of a proportional voting system for Westminster.

  5. You mentioned the sickening events in Rotherham. Interestingly, I had a phone call from a woman from the BBC this week asking me if I could give her any details on similar goings on here in Wakefield.

    The Police in Rotherham were alerted as far back as 2006 as to the rape of children but to their shame (do the police have any) choose the easy option and allowed another 1400 girls to be raped.

    1. A joke candidate for a joke party ‘led’ by an incompetent clown who is very likely to lead his party to a defeat in May of next year after just one term in office. I believe only Ted Heath holds a similar record as far as the CONServative Party is concerned.
      God only knows what the Tory Party was thinking of when they elected him to be their leader! Talk about seriously out-of-touch!

  6. It does not surprise me that Douglas Carswell has been allowed to say whatever he pleased, even against the beliefs of much of his new party, as he is their best hope of a first MP in Westminster. That would itself be a proof to the electorate that voting UKIP was not a wasted vote at next year’s General Election.

    In that respect Mr. Carswell’s personal views do not matter. Nigel Farage is a shrewd political operator and knows this very well. I agree that UKIP are not the right party to save Britain from the mess we find ourselves in after years of misrule under the LibLabCon but if the electorate show a strong desire for change, and then are disappointed with who they have pinned all their hopes on, we must be prepared and ready to offer the true solution and genuine policies that will achieve salvation for the British people.

    Political correctness is a tool of the Globalists to manipulate populations and crush dissent. It is not understood by most of those who practice it, and it is camouflaged as being simply fairness. It is a national characteristic of us British that we believe in “fair play”, and as such we have been particularly vulnerable to the seduction of PC. Those who wish to research the origins of political correctness will soon find the truth that it started as an idea of Marxism. It was just one of the tools to be employed to undermine social values in order to dissect and reassemble society along Communist lines. The facts are out there for all to see.

    If Mr. Carswell is not willing to do even the most basic research into this subject then he is not fit to wield any power or influence as an MP. But then again none of the present MP’s are either, as we well know.

    1. An excellent comment Geoff. It is well to remember that when referring to Political Correctness it is, as you say, a ploy to control dissent and is a tool of socialism.
      George Orwell wrote the book, 1984, as a warning against the control of the socialist state employed by Stalin, Mao and at present, North Korea, to name but a few.

  7. It is not necessarily a given fact that Mr Carswell will win his seat under his new political colours. I was in Clacton-On-Sea on Saturday (I’m an Essex man and Clacton is in the North of the county whereas I am in the South) and campaigning there has started in earnest. I actually walked past Mr Carswell outside the UKIP’s offices and he was talking to party activists who had been out delivering leaflets.
    I picked one up from the pavement and it is fairly amateurish and doesn’t really elaborate much on what UKIP really stands for other than saying they are some sort of ‘alternative’.

    Clacton-On Sea constituency doesn’t just include the town of Clacton but also nearby places like Jaywick Sands (one of the poorest and most deprived local government wards in the ENTIRE country) and genteel Tory areas like Frinton-On-Sea which is known as ‘God’s Waiting Room’ locally and until the year 2000 didn’t even have a pub!

    The Tory majority at the last election was 28% over the Labour candidate so it is amongst the Tory Party’s safest seats. UKIP also didn’t stand a candidate there at the last election. No doubt Mr Carswell will do very well for UKIP but a possibility the Tories will retake the seat at the by-election can’t be written-off entirely. After all, in Newark UKIP didn’t do as well as they expected and hoped for and the Tories retained it with a 7,000 odd majority. This was also the first time the Tories had won a seat of theirs at a by-election whilst being in government since William Hague won Richmond (North Yorkshire) in 1989.

  8. As shown by that by-election in Newark, UKIP is also beginning to attract an anti-UKIP tactical vote by moderate Tories, Labour and Lib Dem supporters. Clacton-On-Sea is one of the 50% or so of seats in Essex that has a good Labour support in it (they came second last time with around 25% of the vote) so quite a few of them may vote Tory to try and defeat UKIP. Lib Dem voters may do this also. They have little to lose in casting their votes this way as they obtained only 12% of the vote here – one of the poorest Lib Dem performances in Essex and the entire country.

  9. (Party Member) Having previously advocated that our Party adopt the Policy of scrapping INHERITANCE TAX as it is taxing money TWICE, I was not surprised to see that Ukip have announced this Policy. The Conservatives may do similar or at least reduce the number of people who pay it. Of course the Labour people will not like it, but let’s face it THEY WOULD TAX THE PENNIES OFF A DEAD MANS EYES !

  10. (Party Member) The news that another Conservative M.P. has defected to Ukip , citing the fact that our Prime Minister ” has no intention of dealing with Immigration , fills us Nationalists with mixed feelings. HE SHOULD HAVE JOINED THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  11. That by-election will be interesting to watch. The constituency of Rochester and Strood is around 9% less safe for the Tories as Clacton is so he may well have a harder job retaining it as a UKIP candidate. Indeed, there is a possibility that his candidature may allow the Labour Party to ‘slip through the middle’ and win!

    1. Perhaps Labour might have had a chance here on a split vote, given that they polled 28% at the last general election.

      However I see that they have selected a young Asian female candidate. Since the constituency is still very White, I can’t see this going down well.

      (I think the candidate had already been chosen in anticipation of next year’s general election: doubtless if Labour had been selecting specifically for the by-election they would have made a more pragmatic choice.)

  12. It’s still a possible she may ‘slip through the middle’ and win. The official Conservative and Unionist Party candidate and the other candidate from Britain’s new Tory Party called UKIP will be engaged in a fight to the death over this seat and both Tory Parties will throw everything at it. As the seat isn’t as safely Tory (on the figures at the last general election) as Clacton was a Labour victory isn’t beyond the realms of possibility even if the Labour vote share slips a bit.

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