Nigel Farage poses with Donald Trump in New York

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Nigel Farage with the President-elect Donald Trump – Tweeted by Nigel Farage

Interim UKIP leader Farage travelled to New York to meet President Elect Donald Trump.  A Trump campaign manager revealed they discussed ‘freedom and winning’.

Mr Farage has now beaten Prime Minister Theresa May to a summit with Mr Trump and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said the meetings went well.

Ukip financial backer, Arron Banks (second left) with Donald Trump, Nigel Farage (centre right) and Raheem Kassam who pulled out of the Ukip leadership race last month

Ukip financial backer, Arron Banks (second left) with Donald Trump, Nigel Farage (centre right) and Raheem Kassam who pulled out of the Ukip leadership race last month

Mr Farage publicly supported Trump’s Presidential campaign and joined him on the trail at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi, where he was introduced by his friend as ‘Mr Brexit’.

Such is Farage’s political respect for Trump that he even watched the election results come in at the US presidential night party at the US embassy in London, before catching an early morning flight to America. 

The following video is one of the most powerful campaign videos the Trump campaign released across the television media on the run up to the election.

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  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Always on the correct side , it is wonderful to see our type of people on the WINNING SIDE as well. With the British democrats website UP TO DATE with events to add to our superb insight , things are looking bright for us Nationalists , WORDWIDE.

  2. Clearly we are making strides in the Right direction. A Le Pen victory would make it a spectacular hat-trick after Brexit and Trump…and then there’s Austria. This is not about ”hate”, it’s about survival.

  3. If only nationalist parties in Britain could get their act together, little things like printing leaflets and magazines that aren’t full of spelling and typesetting errors, and responding to letters and suggestions, and yes, criticism, the potential is enormous. The vast majority of the public is sick to death of political correctness etc. Nationalists in Britain seem to spend more time bickering with each other than fighting the real enemy. Time is running out, should we throw our rattle out of the pram and start another party with half a dozen members, or should we act like adults? We can always argue about small policy differences once in power; let’s get there first.

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) So very true , white warrier ! With the media having ruined ALL THE OTHER NATIONALIST GROUP AND PARTY NAMES and the name ‘ Democratic Party ‘ associated with another Country , left and Liberal type Policies and indeed failure , the ‘ last man standing ‘ is the respectable sounding and indeed truly respectable and genuine BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

      • John Shaw ( Party Official ) Further to the main reason to JOIN US is the fact that , like Ukip and dearer to my heart the Front National , we BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY Nationalists have a measured CLASSLESS APROACH and indeed appeal ! The notion that the white , so called ‘ working class are going to rise up and sweep to POWER is ridiculous and futile. OUR GENUINE CLASSLESS APPROACH , WHERE WE WANT THE BEST FOR ALL OUR PEOPLE , IN A FAIRER SOCIETY , IS THE WAY FORWARD FOR NATIONALISM IN OUR COUNTRY.

  4. Farage keeps popping up, regardless of his insistence he has stepped down. The latest carrot being dangled, is some sort a ambassadorial role in the EU for the US president elect.
    Well I guess even a worn out Nige is up for that . Lording about in Brussels in front of forelock pulling Commissars . And getting a good deal for our Brexiteers.
    But then again this is Nige we are talking about . Mrs Thatcher in drag. And just remember what she did to nationalism in 1979.

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) You can always tell a True , long standing NATIONALIST , straight away. When baz4545 makes a point , believe me , it is spot on ! In 1979 I was literally working day and night for our National Front. There was a massive stirring in the Country as proper Labour VOTERS realised that it was their areas that were being destroyed , their Jobs taken and their offspring who were being put LAST for HOUSING and much else besides ! On the other side , Conservative VOTERS were taking our leaflets , with great goodwill and saying that they supported Enoch Powell , PROMISED TO VOTE FOR US ! It was Fantastic and then two things happened. The HORRIFIC VIOLENCE against us ( even our large contingent of pensioners ( never mentioned in the press ) Got even worse as it was ORCHESTRATED BY COMMUNIST TRADE UNION OFFICIALS WHO AGAINST THEIR MEMBERS WISHES , PAID FOR THUGS TO BE BUSSED ARROUND TO ATTACK US ! The second thing to happen was Mrs. Thatcher , knowing a large number of her VOTERS were going to give us their PROTEST VOTE , made MASSIVE ANTI- IMMIGRATION SPEECHES AND PROMISES. OUR VOTE WAS WIPED OUT OVERNIGHT AND NONE OF THE PROMISES WERE EVER KEPT ! JOB DONE BY THE ESTABLISHMENT , AGAIN !

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