Nigel Farage Invited to Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration

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It was reported today that Nigel Farage has been invited to the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th as a guest of Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. 

Asked if he would be attending the event, Nigel Farage told Sky News, “I most certainly am, I can’t wait.”

“The governor of Mississippi has invited me and I’m there for a few days and it’s going to be a great, historic event. In America they’ve had a political revolution and it’s complete; the problem in Britain is our revolution is not complete because the same people are still in charge.”

Farage spent decades campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union and helped to force then Prime Minister David Cameron to call the June 2016 referendum that resulted in the Brexit vote. He was also the first British politician to meet the president-elect after his victory, ahead of Prime Minister Theresa May.

Trump has said Farage – the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) – would be great as Britain’s envoy to Washington, but the British government has dismissed the suggestion.

The government should have been more pragmatic and included Nigel Farage in the New Years Honours.  He is certainly more entitled to be honoured than some of the ‘Remain Campaigners’ who got their honours simply for losing…..

5 thoughts on “Nigel Farage Invited to Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration

  1. John Shaw (Party Official ) This Party gives ‘ credit where credit is due ‘ on many subjects , unlike a couple of whining , snivelling , little Parties, who I don’t need to name . Although there is precious little to praise in our Country due to the failed , self seeking , People destroying Conservative and Labour Parties. Donald Trump is the best HOPE OF THE CIVILISED WORLD and I wish I had been invited !

  2. I feel many Farage supporters will feel he has jumped on a band wagon . But why not its what politicians do. Has he sold out, or enjoying the sun whilst it shines. The irony is, Trump cannot chose who Britain sends as ambassador to Washington DC, but can choose the American ambassador here representing him .
    I do not know if Donald reads this webpage , but if he did, appointing Nige as his spokesperson in the Court of St James. might cause a ripple or two here including the spokespersons for such anti British sentiment. The BBC.

  3. John Shaw ( Party Official ) SHAME ON CHARLOTTE CHURCH , who we are told has bowed to pressure from the IGNORANT Leftie and liberal types and refused to sing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration. Talking about IGNORANCE , I am sure she does NOT KNOW that the Donald opened the first G.L.B.T. NIGHTCLUB and is also helping improve Black Lives by getting rid of black gangsters who terrorise black people in ‘ their areas ‘. You did not know that , did you Miss Liberal ?

  4. Trump is not perfect and we should not believe all he says until he is well into his presidency. But this truly is the last stand of the whiteman in the USA, give it time and there will be race riots like never before, as R

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