Nick Clegg Coy on Romanian and Bulgarian Immigration

clegg-hypocriteIf Nick Clegg’s recent performance on his weekly LBC phone-in show is anything to go by then we can expect, as some have already warned, a tidal wave of Romanians and Bulgarians to hit our shores from early next year.

According to Clegg the government has “estimates”. Yet as to the magnitude of these estimates Clegg seemed less than enthusiastic when called upon to elaborate. He said: “I don’t think it helps public confidence in the immigration system.” To which he added: “I don’t think we as a government should start bandying around estimates, estimates which at the moment aren’t very precise.”

So what can we deduce from that?

Clearly, if the estimates were both reasonably accurate and modest then Clegg would, presumably, not be at all reluctant to reveal them. The only plausible deduction that can be made is that the figures are truly horrific and will have a significant and detrimental impact on employment, the NHS, policing and the benefits system here in Britain.

Although both Romania and Bulgaria have been members of the EU for some years now, restrictions were put in place to prevent mass immigration from these countries to grossly overpopulated Britain, these restrictions are to be lifted next year.

In actual fact people from these two eastern European countries have been free to live in Britain and anywhere else in the EU since 2007, but as far as Britain is concerned have either had to apply for one of the limited work permits available, been self-employed or worked in a specific list of jobs – such as seasonal agricultural ones and domestic servants.

All this will change in January as “relations are normalised” in line with EU requirements.

Meanwhile, is a statement that stinks of pure hypocrisy, a Labour spokesman commented that the government were “in a hopeless mess” over the issue; the pot calling the kettle black comes forcefully to mind.

Yet the prize for pure unadulterated hypocrisy must sure go to Labour’s shadow immigration minister who reportedly stated: “They should trust the public’s common sense and publish the impact assessment immediately so that we can all decide for ourselves whether the plans in place are adequate.

“People are sick of governments making promises and politicians spouting warm words about immigration but doing nothing.”

However what few people know is that, according to the ONS, there were 94,000 people who were born in Romania and 47,000 people who were born in Bulgaria resident in Britain last year. If the Polish experience is anything to go by then these figures could swell by a factor of 5 in as many years – a deeply disturbing fact that may explain Clegg’s reluctance to reveal the official estimates.

Or perhaps the hapless Lib Dem “leader” fears the events of 2004 when the then Labour government predicted that only around 13,000 Poles would arrive in Britain – when, in fact, the actual number was counted in the hundreds of thousands – much to their embarrassment.

Recently Migration Watch predicted that 50,000 Bulgarians and Romanians will come to Britain every year when the restrictions are lifted. Assuming they are correct (and they usually are) then we can expect to play host to the biggest community of Romanians and Bulgarians outside of their home countries within a very few short years.

Their arrival clearly has the government rattled. Only last November the Tory Home Secretary, Theresa May, said that temporary curbs could not continue under EU law and the government was looking instead at limiting access to benefits and the NHS to reduce the “pull factors” that encouraged migrants to come here.

Isn’t it high time that our tax-eating politicians did the job they were elected to do and started putting the interests of the British people first?

5 thoughts on “Nick Clegg Coy on Romanian and Bulgarian Immigration

  1. Our benefits system, especially in regards to those on jobseekers is already massively overstretched as is the governments work programme. Even if all the Romanians and Bulgarians come here to work, the presence of thousands of cheap workers will ensure that the dole queues are filled even more as the lower-skilled, low paid jobs, so fought over by the legions of the young unemployed are taken up by foreigners.

    Any government minister who collaborates with the EU is a traitor. We must educate the public and highlight the crimes committed against them by politicians in the last 40 years. In my opinion some deserve punishing for their crimes against the people.

  2. Labours Shadow Immigration Minister;- “They should trust the public’s common sense and publish the impact assessment immediately so that we can all decide for ourselves whether the plans in place are adequate.”
    Just like labour did for the whole of their term in office! NOT.
    I was in Spain during a massive influx of East Europeans both Bulgarian and Rumanian (legal or illegal?) I saw there the massive increase in crime they brought with them.Even down to having fake uniformed police stopping cars (especially British tourists) and confiscatiing any cash they were carrying with them on the excuse that it was illegal.
    One elderly English couple travelling to complete a sale were carrying £60,000 in cash that they lost in minutes. Whether they had declared the cash to customs to legalise the process I know not.
    Twice my wife and I were accosted by East Europeans while resting during daylight on the motorway at a restop. Once they even took the valve out of my rear tyre. Fortunately while caravanning I always carried spares and an electric pump.
    Bulgaria only has a population of just over 8,000,000 half of which are Roma Gypsies. Surveys by their own authorities have shown that at least half the population intend to leave when the borders officially open. That means 4,000,000 immigrants. If only half reach the UK then expect at least 2,000,000. The crime figures then will become horrendous and the subsequent demands on our ludicrous benifits system will bankrupt it and George Osbornes budget as well.
    Be Warned.

  3. As you will know from the British Democratic Party constitution and policy documents , we are determined to avoid the mistakes of the past. When the Ugandan Asian Crisis broke the N.F. could not handle the sheer volume of enquires and indeed new members. People tried to flock to the banner. we must have our head office infrastructure and new organisers ready for a similar situation when the country is flooded with people from Bulgaria and Romania. This will be on top of the massive increase in interest in our party due to people finally realising the truth after the massacre of our Lee RIGBY. With our excellent steering committee I know we will prevail.

  4. Following the disclosure by the Office For National Statistics that they have underestimated the figures regarding people coming to Britain from Europe , can we now have some honesty ? In fact would our John Bean or someone similar in our party, please calculate the population of the world that might be able to come here ! If you count Commonwealth citizens and European peoples , the true figure would be TERRIFYING ! Surprisingly no one seems to have yet done this. We could then shout it from the rooftops ! ! !

  5. (Party Member) Apart from Boris Johnson Nick Clegg is the only British so-called ‘politician’ who is not furiously back pedalling regarding immigration. Either these two have more principle than the rest or more worryingly they actually believe what they have been saying – which is frightening given the facts.

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