New Leader For The Conservative Party?

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If the Conservative Party do not get their act together soon they will become unelectable and pave the way for a socialist Corbyn Government which would without doubt lead this country into a political mire from which it may never recover.


Jacob Rees-Mogg ticks all the Brexit boxes and would certainly inspire more confidence and command greater respect amongst the Conservative membership and electorate were he to replace Theresa May.


The British Democrats believe Jacob Rees-Mogg is the right man to be leading our Government and the Brexit negotiations at this time.

Join the British Democrats and help support our call for decisive leadership in Government and the Brexit negotiations.


9 thoughts on “New Leader For The Conservative Party?

  1. If more Tories were like Mr Rees-Mogg I would consider them a genuinely Conservative Party,which let’s face it, they currently are only in name, You can trust this fellow on Brexit, and if he was the Party leader and had a televised debate with Corbyn before the next general election, Rees Mogg would run rings around him.

    1. The number of true Tories in the Conservative Party (certainly amongst their MPs) can seemingly be countered on the fingers of one hand. Perhaps, you could go further and say Jacob Rees-Mogg is the ONLY one in the party! In truth, the Tory Party hasn’t been conservative for many decades now and even the veneer is now starting to slip badly!

      Jacob SHOULD be their leader or at least Brexit secretary or Home Secretary but they would prefer to give important jobs to incompetent virulently anti-British morons like Amber Rudderless. People like Jacob are, frankly, completely wasted on that party.

      Yes, he would stand a chance against Corbyn as he is a pretty gifted debater and I think he would either maintain Tory support or increase it. One thing is for sure if May is still ‘leader’ at the time of the next general election, the Tories WON’T win and we’re have a Corbyn-led government which will be the final nail in this country’s coffin due to even more extreme levels of mass immigration not that Amber Rudd is even attempting to control it!

  2. get rid of May Hammond Davis and Rudderless is vital I don’t like the Tories Labour or Lib Dims but Rees Mogg is the Man to take on the vile traitor Corbyn a Man who never hides his contempt for Great Britain our Traditions and way of life

  3. Even us who are totally into the Brexit situation and devoted to Britain ACTUALLY LEAVING , are feeling the strain. It is driving the mostly uncaring Population nuts ! Anyway , a Massive thing happened on Monday , following pressure on Theresa May to ABANDON PLANS TO STAY IN THE CUSTOMS UNION. This Pressure came from decent Conservatives , determined to respect the referendum result and Conservative Party FINANCIAL BACKERS. Agreat VICTORY was won for us when Theresa May ANNOUNCED WE ARE DEFINATELY LEAVING THE CUSTOMS UNION ! Now we need a similar declaration saying WE DEFINATLEY ARE ENDING THE FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES SYSTEM. Anything less would be a great betrayal and a constitutional crisis !


  5. IF it is true that changes to the Universal Credit system , that the Conservatives are Proposing , will result in a Million school children losing their ‘ Free Lunches ‘ , then shame on the Conservatives. They say that there is no such thing as a ‘ Free Lunch ‘ and under the Burden of trying to look after the WORLD with MASS IMMIGRATION , then there won’t be Anymore for OUR eligible School children !

  6. Boris Johnson , at the moment , is a total DISGRACE. On a tour of South East Asia he has embroiled hiself and presumably our Country , in the iNTERNAL AFFAIRS of a 57 Million strong Sovereign Nation called MYANMAR . Formerly known as BURMA , this strongly BHUDDIST COUNTRY has witnessed a 3 Million Population Growth , between 2014 and 2017 caused by , you guessed it , MASS IMMIGRATION. Very MUSLIM BANGLADESH is to the West and slowly but surely the Muslims crossed the river border until there was MILLIONS of them ,taking up more and more of the BHUDDIST Country. Like all Islamic People , once they were strong enough they started agitating for change in the Host Nation. A few months ago it was all getting out of hand , with 10 Police Murdered in various incidents. The Bhuddist Government decided enough was enough and threw them out ! They fled back to Bangladesh and now BORIS JOHNSON wants the International Community to FORCE MYANMAR to take these violent and Disruptive Muslims back ! In an effort to please Muslims at Home he is showing why HIS JUDGEMENT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE PRIME MINISTER , EVER !

    1. Boris Johnson, despite having had a very expensive education at Eton College, is and always has been a congenital idiot. His judgement isn’t the best and being able to evaluate situations accurately is an essential atribute for a decent Foreign Secretary which is the THIRD most important cabinet position! Also, he is only really interested in himself rather than his job or the country. I hope he NEVER becomes PM! The CONServative Party nearly always nowdays has an eye on the increasing muslim vote in this country – a vote that they will NEVER receive in decent enough numbers regardless of their ever more drastic attempts to pander to these voters!

  7. I was DISMAYED ( pun intended ) to see on the television news that our Prime Minister is holding an emergency Cabinet Meeting to DISCUSS POSSIBLE ‘ ACTION IN SYRIA ‘. It is the stated POLICY of our Party that BRITAIN SHOULD NOT GET INVOLVED IN FOREIGN WARS THAT DO NOT INVOLVE OUR NATIONAL INTEREST. She should take our advice and this mornings CABINET MEETING could spend the time discussing how many PLASTIC REPROCESSING PLANTS WE NEED TO ORDER and decide the locations they are needed in BEFORE making us separate plastic packaging , for the refuse collectors , only to see it all dumped together AGAIN. For more BRITISH DEMOCRATIC , DECENT NATIONALIST COMMON SENSE , JOIN US TODAY.

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