A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation

by John Shaw

We are not American, we are British, but having listened to Donald Trump’s wonderful speech regarding American strategy for home and abroad, I really do feel our country needs a leader like Donald trump.

Having created 2 million jobs since he came to office, having restored national pride, having commenced actually deporting foreign criminals and starting to stop more arriving, the list is endless with many other decent achievements like stamping down on drug dealing gangsters, opposing the horrible political correctness that has been destroying America and Britain, like opposing Islamic thought and defending Christian values!

Here, we need the British Democratic Party within a Parliament, that so far, is failing our people.

3 thoughts on “A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation

  1. There is no doubt Trump is making good his election promises (unusual for a politician) – Well done to Trump.

    British politicians need to follow his very good example of serving the people who elected him.

  2. Just idly put Sky News on to see a picture of Stockholme in Sweden. The newscasters voice and I quote , said ” a woman has died outside Stockholme Railway station as she picked up an object and it exploded “. Just as I thought ‘ poor woman ‘ the newscasters voice went on to say ” THERE IS NO SUGGESTION THAT THE INCIDENT WAS TERROR RELATED “. THESE INSULTS TO OUR INTELLIGENCE , for Political reasons , MUST CEASE.! The lady newscaster should have refused to read the last line. It all reminds me of George Orwell’s book called 1984 . It was written in 1948 and although a few years late , its PREDICTIONS are becoming reality in Britain. At least Donald Trump tells the TRUTH !

  3. Fox News tell us that in America IMMIGRANTS from El Salvador have 18 months TO LEAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and any remaining by September 2019 will be ARRESTED AND DEPORTED. The background to all this is that 200,000 People came to the Country as Refugees from an earthquake , back in 2001 ! Obviously El Salvador has recovered from this , many years ago and despite this , various American Governments have just renewed these Peoples Permission to stay ! With a common sense Administration now in charge , these People now have to return to their Communist U.S.A. Hating Country. IT JUST SHOWS , IT CAN BE DONE , READ OUR EXCELLENT policy DOCUMENT regarding People whose bad behaviour and Rejection of BRITISH VALUES ,will be returned .

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