Mr. Cameron's Compassion

by Andrew Brons

oxfordMr. Cameron is a kind man; there can be no doubt about that. He never allows intellect or reason to get in the way of his altruism – even undeserved altruism. He feels just a little guilty about the fact that his choice of comprehensive – Eton College – might not have impeded his application to Brasenose College, Oxford.

We were all as appalled as he was to learn that only about 1% of each year’s Oxford undergraduates were black. Should that have been ‘Black’, I ask myself guiltily?

There can be only one explanation: discrimination. Either Oxford University was discriminating against them by not reducing the entry requirements for black (or Black) applicants or their schools have been discriminating against them by teaching them how to fail their A levels or to achieve low grades in them. The world is full of truly wicked people.

I know exactly how they feel. Am I Black (or even black)? No, not exactly, though I do show off a fine tan, in good weather – so not very often.

No, I am an over-weight sixty-eight year old and I am a victim of appalling discrimination. You might find this hard to believe but I can assure you that it is true. I have not recently been invited even to be considered for inclusion in any of our athletics teams for the next Olympics. Whether this is weightist discrimination or – even worse – ageist (or even agist, without the’e’) discrimination is not clear. However, there is no doubt that I am a victim. i feel that I am so I must be. Mr. Cameron would understand the logic of that even if nobody else in the whole wide world would – so there!

I have referred, earlier in this article, to truly wicked people and we must guard against their really evil lies. They would have us believe that people of a comfortable age and girth were less deserving of Olympic glory. What discriminatory nonsense!

There are people, just as wicked, who would refer to the uncomfortable – and therefore irrelevant and therefore untrue – fact, that the average (arithmetic mean) IQ of Sub-Saharan Africans is only 70, compared with 100 for Europeans. That is a deficit of 30 – not 3 or 13.

There are just as reprehensible people who would point out that whilst Europeans have produced wonderful artistic, literary, scientific and technological achievements, Sub- Saharan Africans have been remarkably less boastful about theirs.

These people would say that that would explain and even justify Oxford’s discriminatory policy. What utter tosh!

I am on the side of my fellow victims of discrimination, whether they happen to be generously-built, age and mobility-challenged, Black (or even just black). we know that that nice Mr. Cameron is on our side.

If explanations for failure are unfair, they must be rejected. He would not allow logic or truth to get in the way of fairness or niceness.

Of course, the real question is not so much why so few Africans manage to get into Oxford but how Mr. Cameron did.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Cameron's Compassion

  1. I would gladly cheer on Mr Brons at the next Olmpics, be it the Sprint, the 2,000 meters or high jump, or whatever else…but the fact is he won’t be considered eligible, which is unfair to him, and unfair to all of us. What an unfair world this is.

  2. Which personality traits and behaviours are conducive to the evolution of higher intelligence ? This is a bit like the question about the chicken and the egg. Trait and
    IQ. They are seldom looked at as relative. The Bell Curve only touches on the subject.

    There are genetically fixed tendencies of trait, and these do vary in different races… naturally this would be culture defining. What traits would someone think of as possesing an obvious survival value, and yet not one of capacity in the collective ?

    The capacity in numbers-CIVILISATION- is not merely down to IQ but the traits behind the IQ.

  3. They won’t be happy until every college and university is like an innercity comprehensive. That is actually what they want. And yes, different culture means different intelligence levels. Only a leftwing moron won’t have any of it, because the truth hurts them too much.

  4. The moral of the story is that in order to give the impression that you are being fair, you must appear publicly to approve of reality avoidance. And with the assortment of headless chickens at the top, that’s unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

    Anything that is unfair and involves issues of race must surely be down to one thing…”racism”…which is touted as the most unfair unfairness of all. Hence the media hysteria when there is a lack of ”diversity” at an awards bash, or in recruitment etc

    How’s this for contrast ? Despite the continuing surge in gang/knife crime, there is never any mention of who is behind 95% it. Streatham MP Chuka Umunna is the latest headless chicken to request a Government -appointed body led by senior figures(presumably senior headless chickens) tackle the ongoing gang violence in London.

    One word explains it all. NATURE.

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