The Missiles Flew The Wrong Way

by Anglo Saxon

Personally I do not like people being killed, even when they are doing wicked things to other people. I just cannot find it in me to be pleased.

However, gassing the general population, including children, must rate as bad as the horrific murders of the population by ISIS, in the North of Syria.

Our liberal media, with their dual standards, just will not explain that the events in Syria are a civil war between two types of Muslims.

When the legitimate and by Arab standards, benevolent President Assad, started to win then ISIS took over areas in control of the losing side , centred around Mosul.

It should be remembered that the people of Mosul had sworn to kill their President, murder all his supporters and their families and destroy a very civilised and peaceful Syria.

Now President Assad has been punished for this atrocity, all efforts should now be focused on the madmen in the North of Syria.

3 thoughts on “The Missiles Flew The Wrong Way

  1. What an utter heap of lying tripe.
    Either ‘Anglo Saxon ‘ is deluded or he’ it is an Globalturd.
    Here are the facts- the easilly, verifiable facts:
    The powers-that= be are; is not sympathetic to independent (of the FED) banksters0 but opposed to them/it.
    et up to date via childish adult sitez such as ‘Guardian or Daily Mail/ BBC.’

  2. Re: My earlier comment.
    Don’t know what happened there, but my message got utterly jumbled and shortened so it doesn’t make sense.
    Sorry about that.

  3. Is it me or is the English language in a state of advanced decay?

    Firstly, what are “missils”?

    Secondly, what in Heavens name is John Bayldon on about? As far as I can see his comment is gibberish.

    On the assumption that it’s not me, one wonders why such abuse of the English language is tolerated.

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