The Ministry of Defence Has Lost Around £4.2 billion of Housing Assets during the past 21 years.

by Will Whitecastle


The MoD has lost around £4.2 billion of housing assets after selling over 57,000 homes[1] to a privately owned property company in 1996 and failing to predict the property price increase.


According to the report [2], the MoD could not have predicted the increase in property prices when they were sold in 1996 to a private company which then leased them back to the MoD. None the less, over a period of 21 years the increase cost of rent and house prices will imply that the MoD is paying more to lease back the property it sold, than if it had simply kept the properties.


The MoD had hoped to address the quality of living for its families living in the houses through better property management. Sadly, the report explains that the sales have “not generated the improvements in the management of the estate that families who live in the properties would have hoped for”.[2]


Hindsight can be a cruel judge. If better care and Government funding of our Defence was provided when the problem needed to be addressed in 1996, would the MoD be facing financial defeat? Perhaps not. So what we need is better investement and support in our country’s Defence and help for the families who work for the MoD.


The British Democratic Party recognises the continued value of our country’s defence. The Party Policy Statement reads “Our forces have sometimes been weakened by ill-considered defence cuts which has then resulted in huge unnecessary expenditure.”[3] Tragically that appears to be true today.


This country needs a political party which is ready to support the MoD and the families who work hard for it. This country needs a party which will continue to act with responsibility for the long term interest for the defence of Britain. That party is the British Democratic Party.







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  1. A Year ago I commented that the British Democratic Party adopt the following Policy and mention it in any discussions regarding Housing. ALL Members of our Armed Forces , upon RETIREMENT , should by Law be offered a Council Home in the Area that they originally came from. They would not have to take up the offer but it would be a wonderful thing for a Grateful Country to do. Once they knew about this B.D.P. POLICY , I am sure it would generate great interest in our Party and our General Attitude to the Men and Women of our Armed Forces. It would certainly solve the terrible problem of Homelessness within the ex Forces Community.

  2. the May Government is an absolute disgrace just like Labour these people must be put on trial for Treason there must be a complete removal of the 3 old parties House of Lords BBC our Military must be fully rebuilt and our Country rebuilt from education infrastructure nhs and rebuild our Manufacturing base like Germany’s

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