Migration Flood: EU Bosses “Do Not Care” What Voters Think

John Bean reports


Germany - Merkyl RefugeesIt is only three weeks ago since Germans and Austrians were greeting the spearhead of the never ending column of alleged ‘Syrian’ refugees with applause, sweets, fruits and pastries. It was, of course, part of the indoctrinated German ‘angst’ to show the world that they are nice people now, good world citizen liberals who wish to disassociate themselves from the horrors that were carried out by some of their grandfathers.

Now, those welcoming faces are missing at Vienna, Munich and other German railway stations, as the German and Austrian ordinary people see the reality of the stupid – if not treacherous –  call made by Frau Merkel that Germany would welcome 800,000 ‘refugees, now more likely to be one million. Acting through the EU they expect the rest of Europe to rally to this call for European suicide.

Syrian-Migrants-640x480 (text)Utilising the natural sympathy for the suffering of Syrian women and children, with BBC and ITV film editors blocking out most shots showing the preponderance of young men, it seemed that all of Britain and the rest of Europe was applauding this advance legion of would be conquerors of Europe. Then short reports started appearing in the press that first some Finns, then Danes and even French .were protesting at the invasion. Hungary led the way for  recognition of the reality of what was happening. Knowing what it is like to live under Moslem rule, and being invaded three times in the past century, their Government led the resistance.

Single sentence reports on obscure inside pages began to appear that some ‘Neo-Nazi’ youths in east Germany had demonstrated against immigration and even burnt down a building that was going to be used to house immigrants.

Now, the lid is off the boiling cauldron.  Although not all are reported, in many German cities rallies of several thousand people are taking place in protest at the invasion – the number of these demonstrators far outweigh those who are ‘Neo-Nazis’. A German public opinion poll now shows that support for Merkel has sunk to an all-time low.  In an election, September 27, in the state of Upper Austria the Right-wing populist Austrian Freedom Party, which proposes building a border fence, won 30.4 per cent of the vote, which was double the proportion it took in 2009.

The attitude of the EU’s unelected leaders to this catastrophic effect on Europe’s people is that they “do not  care about the political cost” of the crisis because they do not have to face re-election. This was stated by Dimitris Avramopoulos, the commissioner for migration, whose plan to relocate 120,000 immigrants in different countries has caused division among the EU’s lower orders. It is said that the remarks were met with astonishment by British eurosceptics.

European Commissioner - 1The commissioner repeated when questioned by Poland’s delegate that: “The Commission does not take the blame because it does not care about the political cost. It means nothing.”


 Only One in Five is a Syrian

Even the BBC could no longer  hide the fact that four out of five of this immigration surge were not Syrians ( except most of those arriving at the Greek island of Lesbos).

They are coming from  all over the Middle East, plus Pakistan, and the non-stop contingents of Africans.  The German police are calling for them to be separated as a result of a wide number of attacks upon Christian and Yazidis genuine refugees.

Several clashes took place between different race or religion immigrants in Kassel-Calden and 18 people were injured. A fight broke out among 200 Syrian and Afghan refugees at a shelter in Leipzig,  with migrants wielding table legs and slats. After violence at accommodation in Suhl,  Thuringia, this German state is accommodating refugees separately according to their country of origin.

In Lesbos it is common for Afghanis to attack Syrians so that they can steal their passports and thus minimise the chance of  being rejected as asylum seekers.

Finally, my view is that we should accept Syrian refugees until the West, in co-operation with Russia, makes an all out attempt to drive out Isil. The Syrian men should be the first to go back. Why is it that those under forty are the first to push their way onto the trains? If they had the courage they would be fighting against Isil.


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  1. The snag with ‘temporarily’ accepting Syrians is that driving out ISIL won’t solve the problem partly because economic migration is a big root of it and partly because a triumphant Assad could be just as bad. Secondly, it’s very difficult to deport people en masse who don’t want to go. Where do you propose to put them when we have huge housing lists?

    I see on Breitbart there is a report about Syrian women who complain they’ve been left unprotected as the men flee.

    1. ( Party Official ) Bearing in mind we are talking about an Arab Country and regime , I think President ASSAD is very good. Previous film , never shown now , showed a prosperous and civilised Syria. Certainly compared to his various neighbours. WHY is Cameron and Obama so determined on regime change. Churches and indeed Christians are safe under his control and he does NOT THREATEN Israel , so what’s it all about ? Support for ISIL ?

    2. It will always be difficult to re-patriate thousands who have no papers in the first place. Not allowing them any benefits might make a few go .
      But like the Germans ,we have enough deluded here that would create a din. The very same that protest us when we get mass support.
      Its a big problem for sure . And if we don’t get out of the EU then the rise of the right (sic) in the EU will force these migrants to flow westward to Calais in numbers yet only imagined.
      That is the truth. Any vote to stay in is suicide.

  2. Isn’t it strange that the reports written here about places being burnt an other anti new wave of millions. fails to make the BBC news. And if amongst that million there are ten kids Be sure the Beeb will find them and post their distressed faces. It realis that a putrid organ of lies.
    But Strictly come dancing features as headline in the far more important ratings war with ITV. . Are the people really that dumb. Well I for one believe they are.
    We will be like the 300 Spartans. It really is a war, but our army is playing it out on their I Pads

  3. Merkel could have been remembered as a credible leader, whose party maintained a successful economy… but she will go down in history as a misguided fool who destroyed her native homeland.

    1. Indeed.. Many Germans call her ‘Germany’s Margaret Thatcher’ though unlike Thatcher she and her party know how to run a successful EXPORT-DRIVEN economy which Thatcheritite Tories would have no comprehension of!

  4. German capitalists, like their British and French colleagues, attach no importance to race, nationality or culture. They see people only as economic units and welcome the Syrians as replacements for the Turkish workers who have stopped coming. The Turkish economy has survived the worldwide recession and wages are ten times higher than they were twenty years ago. Turks wishing to emigrate are now going to Russia and the Gulf States. This situation will persist until we stop apologising for being Europeans and learn to value our traditions and culture. Dave Cameron talks about immigration control, and “British values” but actively recruits workers from India and China. Low birth-rates throughout Europe can be countered by automation, training, and education. We do not have to rely on non-European labour.

    1. ( Party Official ) You are right Bill , but I have to tell you , WE ARE NOT EUROPEANS. Europe is a Continental Land Mass that happens to be NEAR US ! There are SEVEN CONTINENTS in the WORLD and GEOGHRAPHICALY WE ARE NOT ONE OF THEM !

    2. Spot-on.. I was fuming when I heard that moron from the Institute of Directors being very critical of Theresa May’s so-called ‘anti-immigration’ speech (which, of course, is just lot of meaningless hot air for gulliable Tory voters to swallow) The selfish self-seeking cretin needs to realise that an economy should serve the nation NOT the other way around!

  5. John Shaw (Party Official) if we are not Europeans is it a coincidence that we speak an Indo-European language related to German and French, practice a religion that once dominated Europe, have a monarchy derived from Germany, and share our racial characteristics and our continental shelf with our near neighbours? And if we are not Europeans are we Asians, Africans, Americans, Australians or Antarcticans? You can hate the EU with impunity but you cannot rewrite history and geography. We are Europeans; in or out of the EU.

    1. Agree totally. We wouldn’t be taking note of reality if we ignored this. We shouldn’t use the language of moronic Tory ‘newspapers’ like the Daily Mail and Daily Express which explains why they fail to reach certain conclusions about some matters!

    2. ( Party Official ) We Anglo-Saxons are the White Race. Our Ancesters came also from Germany and Scandinavia. We Peopled America, Canada and Australia. The term European has become a Marxist construct that belittles people and Countries. The wonderful Italians are clearly different to us and also say, the French. We acknowledge and respect the peoples of the world , unlike various Lefties and Liberals !

  6. Anyone with half a brain cell can see what she is doing to Germany, a national suicide of their own culture. What they like to call diversity just means one thing, less whites, no more of your own traditions kept alive. All gone. They show the scenes that are supposed to make Europeans feel guilty, but this is just to soften us up, they show women with children. What is Saudi Arabia or Israel doing, nothing, and the people don’t want to go there they only want Europe. Then they get there, increase in numbers, cause crime and tension, turn us into the third world. Just look at Croydon, where I went to school, whites are dissapearing fast. Gangs everywhere, horrible atmosphere, no community spirit anymore and white flight being the result. If Germany only knew what this woman has done to them, and the rest of Europe, too.

    1. I believe that a clue can be gained as to Merkel’s motivation by researching her family roots. Such searches reveal that she has something in common with Cameron, who, according to himself, is “proud of his Jewish roots”.

  7. ‘Refugees’, ‘economic migrants’. Buh! Call them infiltrators, it is what the masters of discourse use in Israel quite effectively. It fits the middle ground between liberal terminology and ‘invaders’.

    Generally when we use liberal terminology, even when criticising it, we are giving those terms legitimacy. When the terminology is no longer used or recognised it is delegitimised a long with it’s associations which are what really influences people. You say “No refugees” 100 times and it only reinforces in the minds of the public that these people are woman and children feeling for their lives rather than young men infiltrating Europe for their selfish desires.

    What did the media call non-Whites gang raping White children? ‘Grooming’; a word the majority of the population would associate with a beauty pageant than gang rape. How did most of the right respond? They repeated the liberal term ‘grooming’ which is relatively harmless considering the associations the majority of the population links with it.

    Just like in the old Soviet Bloc the terminology of the ruling system must be delegitimised and cast away. When the terminology of the system is rejected so is it’s ideology. The Emperor is without his clothes. As a positive suggestion the radical right must introduce new language into anti-immigration discourse to deny our enemies legitimacy and to influence the discourse on the broader patriotic right.

    1. ( Party Official ) Well said Ryan. The mis-use of the word Fascist , infuriates me. The left and liberal types use it as a derogatory term and to mean authoritive or violent. Also it could be said that it is realy themselves that they are describing. I don’t mind being called a Fascist as I admire Mussolini , PRIOR to him meeting Hitler. He sure knew how to deal with the Commies !

  8. ( Party Official ) Despite everything , the first u.k. charter flights of ‘ Syrian refugees ‘ will arrive in Glasgow ! The first of many planned for our Country , these flights defy all reason . If you are enraged by this awful decision by our Politicians , Join us today !

  9. ( Party Official ) It is ironic that the main stream news are reporting that the Belgian and also European Union Superstate CAPITAL ,BRUSSELS , is in TOTAL LOCKDOWN with the metro system shut down , shops and public buildings shuttered up abd hardly anyone but Police and armed forces on the streets. Terrorists are moving around freely due to the European Union FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES , OPEN BORDER SYSTEM. END THE MADNESS AND JOIN US!

  10. Party Official ) MASS IMMIGRATION is the biggest problem for our N.H.S. Amongst the millions of words continually debated on our televisions and in our so called newspapers , the FACT is that ALL GOVERNMENTS have ALWAYS poured extra money into the N.H.S. This includes the Tory Government that lost an election on the issue , when Tony Blair convinced people the N.H.S. was being starved of funds. The TRUTH is that ALL THE PROBLEMS of the N.H. are due to the MASSIVE INCREASE IN OUR POPULATION.

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