Migration Crisis = European Death Wish

By Hogarth


Jean RaspailIn 1973, French author Jean Raspail published his controversial and remarkably prescient novel, The Camp of the Saints, which became a bestseller.  It described how the Third World burst its banks and how its people headed, en masse, towards Europe – a civilisation of milk and honey.   The immigrants had no intention to assimilate but wanted to avail themselves of the higher living standards Europe offered.

Over 40 years later, the nations that comprise Europe have succumbed to massive and relentless immigration.   Their peoples’ mental defence mechanisms have been eroded and disarmed by remorseless propaganda, spewed out by the liberal-left  mass media, the political establishment, the trades union movement and academia.   The bulk of the Western population has lost its ability to defend its interests, culture, heritage and identity.   This has never before occurred in history.  The population has, in effect, allowed the mass media to do their thinking for them.

So serious has the problem become that,  long before the end of the current century, there will be no Western European nation whose indigenous people have not become reduced to minority status, displaced and replaced by those from the Third World.

The implications may be summarised in the simple truism that distinctive cultures come from distinctive peoples.

Raspail’s brilliant masterpiece is being fulfilled in reality.

As wave after wave of migrants hit Europe’s southern nations, with many tearing up their papers, claiming they are from Syria and heading tomigrants-face-hungarian the more prosperous North, a recent article noted: “Outside Vienna station, thousands of supporters of the migrants chanted (in the manner Raspail’s book predicted): “Refugees are welcome here.””

What is wrong with our people?   One could never have made this up even 20 years ago – albeit a small minority such as Raspail and others (including the author) saw this coming.

One answer to the question, posed above, becomes immediately apparent when it is appreciated how the mainstream media focuses, deliberately and consistently, on isolated individual stories of suffering, hardship and distress – often cases involving children.   Never does the media focus on criminality or the consequences for the host communities of immigration (usually working class areas but now increasingly middle class locations too):  muggings, rapes, knifings, drug dealings, prostitution rackets, money-laundering, gang warfare, gun-running and so on (quite apart from wage debasement and housing shortages).

How easy it is to control the ‘sheople’, when you run the media.

The people of Western Europe intuitively know that our Western Christian civilisation, as our ancestors constructed it over the centuries, is in its end game.    They have been cowed by years of political-correctness – social Marxism – so well described by George Orwell in his literary and prescient masterpiece ‘1984’.

british jobsAnd yet the overwhelming bulk of the population does not support mass immigration and nor does it subscribe to the media’s view of ‘cultural enrichment’ or economic necessity.   This in turn explains the sociological phenomenon known as ‘white flight’, which occurs as the indigenous population migrates from city locations, which then become immigrant enclaves.    Those who flee, to seek security amongst their own kind, display another phenomenon, described by George Orwell as ‘doublethink’ or ‘blackwhite’, where two contradictory beliefs are held simultaneously and where the culprit censors his own thoughts, usually because he has become indoctrinated and lacks the courage to resist the pressures within the system.    That same person will therefore continue to vote for the political parties that have caused the difficulty in the first place, regardless of the longer term prospects for his children.

A recent correspondent asked the question:

“Why aren’t any political groups standing up to this rotten, spineless Government?  The first duty of any government is the safety of the people and we are now actually being invaded, our holiday makers are threatened by mobs in Calais and Euro Star trains halted because migrants are just walking through the Tunnel!  Most of the so-called migrants are hardly terrified asylum-seekers when they can afford thousands to pay traffickers or even fly to Sweden then to travel down to Germany.  So much for remembering the Battle of Britain ‘Few’ when we are actually even now being invaded (and have been of course for many years). Not a squeak of protest from any political party (including Ukip) as far as I can see.”

Answer:  because the governments of Europe, in conjunction with the EU, want this to happen.  Their desire is the extirpation of European nation states, to be replaced by international governance, international agencies, NGOs, corporate globalism and what Peter Mandelson once described as the post-democratic age.   Nation states are the product of distinctive peoples.  When distinctive peoples are deliberately shorn of their identities and reduced to minority status in their own ancestral homelands, then their respective nation states cease to exist in anything other than history.

Last weekend in London there occurred the annual Notting Hill Carnival, once described by decadent politician William Hague as one of Britain’s greatest cultural events.   Its yearly presence provides another example of both the ‘enrichment’ and cost to the host population of immigration, rarely discussed in the media or analysed by the unthinking population.

At last week’s event, 7000 policemen were on duty and there were 407 arrests.   By contrast, the author of this article recently attended the annual CLA Game Fair in Yorkshire.  With a footfall of over 1/4m people over three days, he did not see one policeman.  He was unaware of any arrests.    This was an event of those almost exclusively indigenous to these islands, whose attendees have yet to become culturally enriched.

In a recent interview,  Raspail stated, unwittingly depicting ‘blackwhite’:  “The supporters of immigration are not more charitable than I.  There probably isn’t a single one who intends to welcome one of these unfortunates into his home.”

At an election hustings earlier this year, a candidate from the pro-Afro/Asian immigration party, Ukip,  stated that the UK was doing insufficient to accommodate refugees from Syria.    The author heckled him, asking how many he, personally, would accommodate.   There was a deathly silence.




The-Immigration-Invasion-JUly2015-webThe consequences of mass immigration have been described in the book ‘The Immigrant Invasion’, which can be ordered here:



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  1. Other than pen an article on the crisis do the Brit Dems intend to organise any campaigning in response? Indeed, forgive me for asking, but what does the British Democratic Party intend doing to counter this growing crisis and threat to our nation’s existence? I would suggest that this is both a reasonable and appropriate question; one that a great many visitors to this site would appreciate an answer to.

    • ( Party Official ) Well said Jim. Only the other day I advocated an out of European Union leaflet and a campaign against MASS IMMIGRATION . For the record I put our general recruitment leaflet out every week. If ever you holiday in the Bournemouth area , please get in touch ( via head office ).

    • Here in Wakefield we are in the process of a large 150 known Nationalist and supporters mail out. We are organising a meeting to discuss the way forward.The meeting will be open to all Patriots of all Party,s.Our aim is to create a group of like minded individuals who are interested in moving forward and not still complaining about past betrayals painful as this is for most of us.There has never been a better time to advance our cause and although our meeting will only be one small step it is a step in the right direction.

      • That is great news Graham. I often feel quite despondent when visiting this site at the absence of reported activity and resources, such as down loadable leaflets, that people like me can print off and put out. Although I am sure it is not true it just gives the impression of a lack of drive and organisation. .

    • Spot on Jim, people are crying out for Leadership all the other parties have abandoned them.

  2. There is one glaring error in the above article..”The bulk of the Western Population has lost the ability to defend it’s interests…..This has never before happened in its history”..
    It would seem that the bulk of the Western Population including you have also lost the ability to learn the lessons of their own history…If you read any great Nationalist thinkers,like Hegel,Spengler or Yokey,you will understand why history moves in cycles..
    Have you never heard the old,wise saying..”History repeats itself,the first in tragedy,the second as farce”…The collapse of the Western Roman empire was a tragedy,not learning its lessons is the farce…
    Might I suggest all Nationalists read Spengler’s “Decline of the West”as a matter of urgency

    • WE have not lost the ability, rather than it was taken away by the Holocaust lobby
      All should read Francis Yockey to understand why Nationalism has been attacked this way .How our culture has been distorted and sickened by the Secular Jewish lobby that runs America.
      Until the truth of the holocaust is revealed, it will be use against us daily, or even twice daily . the lie has to be repeated. a truth stands unchallenged. A bit unfortunate for I’m sure this party wishes it would go away. But it will not. And Nationalism of an ethnic nature, will always attract the holocaust industry. Homogenous Nations are almost extinct. but that was always the plan. And all the time we have the first past the post system of shamocracy. our future is bleak indeed.

      • The accuracy of the tale is a matter for historians and others to discuss and not political parties. The REAL point about that topic is not whether it happened or not or whether the numbers have been grotesquely inflated BUT THE USE TO WHICH IT IS PUT and the uses are undeniably wicked; it’s used to browbeat Western populations into accepting and lauding mass immigration with all its consequences for us and also to deflect blame away from Israel when they to totally over the top ‘defending’ themselves.

        • It is ESPECIALLY wicked for Zionists and others to use this story to prevent rational and wide-ranging discussion of mass immigration and its consequencies and to make us feel guilty when the history concerned IS THE HISTORY OF GERMANY AND AUSTRIA in particular and of some other European countries AND NOT BRITISH HISTORY Why should we be made the victims of this ideological and emotional hammer treatment> When they bring it up we should just say it isn’t the history of Great Britain and we refuse to feel guilty about it.

          • (Party Official ) Steven , I note with interest that you do not mind the Labour Party marching , which they do all the time , and organising violent demonstrations against many party’s. They are organising one against the Conservative Conference as we speak !

  3. ( Party Official ) I have also announced my intention to commence targeting Hamworthy East in Poole for the Council Elections in four years time. Also activity throughout Poole for the NEXT GENERAL ELECTION ! All help will be welcome as just turning up at election time does NOT WORK OUT , does it !

  4. Eddie Milne, you are correct in your comments and thank you for stating them. I should have made myself a little clearer. My remarks were focused on the present Western population as opposed to the populations of the ancient civilisations, such as Ancient Egypt, which also collapsed for the reasons to which you allude.
    In addition, my comments were set within the context of the subversion that is occurring within the West from the agencies to which I referred, which have engaged in what is largely a nameless and undeclared war against their own kind. Third World immigration is the leading tool employed and this is almost unique in world history, although the Ancient Egyptians imported significant Nubian elements, with consequences that history subsequently related.
    Kind regards

  5. At the risk of being accused of hogging the comments section may I be permitted the following two observations?
    Firstly – the majority of these economic migrants (for that is what they are in the main) are coming from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and via/from Libya. These being the countries that have experienced US regime change. In other words, the US is largely responsible for the crisis – a fact that has been entirely ignored by the controlled media. Surely the US should be taking these people; they are responsible for the problem, not Europe.
    Secondly, the controlled media has made much of the fact that both Jordan and the Lebanon have “accepted” huge numbers of migrants – yet ignore the fact that Israel has taken few or none, even though it shares a border with Syria. Why is Israel being spared hostile media attention whilst Britain is being crucified by the “international community” and the controlled media?

    • Yes, the USA is responsible for this crisis and as the USA is a vast country with very plentiful resources of land and money they should take them and not Europe which is overburdened with Third World migrant populations already and with little in the way of land etc to accomodate them. It isn’t surprising to note that Israel is not willing to take these people and that the so-called ‘Western media’ refuses to castigate them for this stance.. This isn’t just to do with the fact that Israel is a small country but more to do with the attitudes of the Israeli government which is basically ‘racist’ (or nationalist depending upon your point of view) and therefore determined to uphold Israel’s ‘racist’ immigration policy which basically turns away anyone who isn’t a Jew. It is fine for Israel to adopt ‘racism’ as national immigration policy but woe betide any European country that wants to do the same as if they do do so then then Jewish Zionists will condemm them for ‘racism’ whilst conveniently ignoring Israeli government ‘racism’.

    • Jim, Israel is being spared hostile media attention because of Jewish Zionist ownership and control of western media, money banking system and political system! That is why Israel can get away stealing Palestinian land , persecuting Palestinians, and getting £billions in US dollars to support their criminal state!

      If zionists governments in USA, UK and Saudi Arabia, Gulf States hadn’t funded and supported so-called Islamic State terrorist then there would be no ‘refugee problem’ but that wouldn’t benefit the Greater Israel project would it?

  6. Getting a wider reach for our ideas is a real problem..The Trots thanks to Corbyn will soon be making mischief again in Labour..But for Nationalists to enter and take over Ukip would be extremely difficult,thanks partly to the antics of the Griffins and EDLs we are seen as undemocratic bullies..When it is the Libertarian Farage who is the real autocrat..We should certainly be going to their No rallies and exposing the contradictions in their policies..Those audiences are our potential recruits……Le Pen has avoided our mistakes so stands on centre stage already..

  7. The EU has proven (yet again) it can act just like some old Colonial power, completely and utterly undermine national sovereignty and democracy through its deliberate undermining of a Nation’s own border controls & immigration policy. Our “Free Press” prove (yet again) their nauseous obsequiousness to proprietorial control in their complete and utter failure to point out any negative impact of the inevitable consequences to ordinary UK citizens and those of any other Western European nation with generous welfare provision; matched only by the truly Orwellian silence in the same mainstream media of any report of Russia’s current military support for Assad in Syria. Shortly our Government will (yet again) do their paymasters’ bidding and attempt another mandate to launch further military action in Syria, ostensibly against ISIL but in reality against Assad. Yet this hyped humanitarian narrative of fleeing Syrian refugees will not play out well when juxtaposed with military strikes on inevitably civilian areas hence the apparent ambivalence in taking “refugees” only from camps in Syria. Shortly, therefore their narrative will do doubt alter slightly to suggest removal of Assad will cure this mass “refugee crisis”. Cue more infamous BBC “Doublespeak” – this is modern post world war two freedom loving democracy; new style!

  8. ( Party Member ) Our Prime Minister was ambushed when calculating T.V. people filmed him without warning, they showed a dead Illegal immigrant dead on the beach. None of us want this to happen but soon it will be our dead children on the beach, as we try to escape Militant Islam. Think on and then Join us Today.

  9. (party member)Hammer on nail time… how true it is that the media focuses on individual cases which can elicit our sympathy, in order to convey what they would have us think about the wider social impact of even more unsustainable immigration. We all know only too well the names of individuals who are used as our guilt symbols.

    Evidently the migrants don’t agree with the leftie liberals…that ”we are all the same”…because they are not heading in any other direction than northbound to the lands of whitey, and once again the stark truth is there for all to see. We are the most compassionate of peoples, and that has been shamelessly manipulated by the barrel scrapers of the establishment media.

  10. We need more than just a leaflet, we need action why don’t you organize a Rally. March through London, round Trafalgar Square and have Lord Nelson as the figure head then on to 10 Downing St,

    • ( Party Official ) I admire your enthusiasm , John. However , our Party will NOT be adopting those sort of tactics as the reds and Immigrants attack the march and the media then gleefully report it under headlines saying ‘ B.D.P. VIOLENCE ‘. So the tactic does NOT WORK ! For the record I marched through the seventies to the mid eighties , including Brixton , twice !

      • Yes, whilst superficially attractive an idea to many people, in political terms it just doesn’t work because, as you say, if there were to be any sort of violence then it would be the BDP that would get the blame. The biased, left-wing anti-nationalist media are very good at deflecting the blame onto nationalists and not the usual perpetrators ie the far left and the immigrants.At any rate, marching makes you look like a bunch of apolitical thugs spoiling for a fight like football hooligans rather than a political party.

        • It was only after the old party stopped activities which were interpreted as ‘bringing trouble’ that it began to look serious. Having marches tends to be emotional self-gratification for those who don’t want the boredom of normal politics.

          • I agree. Normal political parties who SERIOUSLY aspire to govern even local councils let alone the country DON’T MARCH and it is as brutally simple as that. Marine Le Pen’s FN doesn’t do it (her party is probably the most credible nationalist party in Europe) and neither should we.

  11. Thanks for the advice John but I’m having a problem finding the “general recruitment” leaflet to either purchase or download. In fact I can’t find anything at all to disseminate. Have I missed something; not very impressed if I haven’t.

    • ( Party Official ) Dear Jim , As Dorset County Organiser I do not know if you are a member. I know you are a long standing Nationalist . Write to the P.O. Box at Leicester and ask to buy our leaflet. They are available at cost ! If you are not a member , enclose your membership application and £25. We need great people like you. Simon Fairbairn , Dorset County Organiser.

  12. The cynical controlled media has sold a lot papers with a shameless guilt festival focused on a child drowned because his father wanted dental implants. But they want to sell more, So we can expect some backtracking in the next week to keep up interest. The hostility within the published comments to the blatant distortions which have been issued has been amazing.

    People now wonder whether Cameron does not care about losing the referendum in view of today’s announcement since he’d ignore it anyway.

  13. I agree that marching is not the answer, however, the BDP (of which I’m a member) need a serious rethink as to its organisational structure (or lack of). You can’t expect an isolated member to work up a branch on their own, in a tiny number of areas the party has recruited a few former Nationalist organisers and self-starters but over most of the country this will not be possible. We need a basic structure, a National Organiser and regional contacts. The BDP has been going a number of years and has not made the progress that it should, if this was a business we would be seriously looking at where things have gone wrong. I have said the above before without any reaction. We can make endless comments about how bad the situation is with immigration etc , however, we know all this, what’s needed is a debate as to how the BDP can move forward.

    • The answer is that the huge number of people who used to be involved have to put aside their dismay following Griffin and start working again. It’s not the fault of the BDP that things are as they are but it’s still a fact. One or two won’t help. There has to be a change in mood.

    • ( Party Official ) Well said , fellow member , John M. As Dorset County Organiser I can tell you that you are right. I am respectfully pushing the great people on our N.E.C. to get systems and action in place.

  14. It is now clear that Merkel is utterly determined to destroy European civilisation and rules Europe. It’s a nightmare unprecedented in human history. The only comfort I can find is that hubristic schemes like it have a habit of going horribly wrong since the one thing the maniacs can’t defeat is human nature although some of them like the communists think they can.

  15. The Party has the following: Chairman, national officer, deputy chairman, group development officer, social media officer, some regional contacts, nominating officer, treasurer, policy officer, elections officer – all regions are covered by an email contact on the website. The Party has a leaflet section on the website. A couple of roles created recently, the majority have been in place at least a year. Someone travelling hundreds of miles from the Party centre cannot build a group, it needs to come from local people, who need to get together. The Party centre can send a speaker, advise, provide leaflets, however people in different regions need to show initiative in their areas. The only way of building groups is via local leafleting and attracting people in said regions.

    • ( Party Official ) All members of our N.E.C. SHOULD BE SENT THE FULL MEMBERSHIP LIST WITH MONTHLY UPDATES. Also County organisers should get their area membership list with monthly updates plus information on all enquires WITHIN THEIR AREA , EVERY MONTH. The enquires are kept as contacts to sign the nomination papers at election time. This is what I refered to previously as ‘systems required ‘.

  16. If You want to keep your culture alive, have more children. Nothing can be more simple, if you want your culture to die out, pretend that your leaders will stop immigration, they will not and there is nothing you can do to change that.If you want your culture to die make every excuse not to have children, ” the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Alexander the Great.

  17. organize an ANTI MASS IMMIGRATION march in London

  18. People say that the Germans want to accept millions more immigrants because they feel guilty about the Jews. Well it’s a funny way of showing it when the immigrants Merkel wants and its claimed they do too are Islamic Middle-Eastern people who are mortal enemies of Israel.

  19. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Much more to follow on this but the POSSIBLE IMPLICATIONS of Theresa May’s declaration that BOTH HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT will be VOTING on BREXIT , MAKES MY BLOOD RUN COLD. Most of us were born free British Citizens and would like to eventually die , free British Citizens. Will Parliament THWART THE WILL OF THE VAST MAJORITY OF INDIGENOUS BRITISH PEOPLE AND SIDE WITH THE HORDES OF IMMIGRANTS WHO VOTED TO STAY ?

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