Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale guilty of the brutal murder of Lee Rigby



Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, have been found guilty in the Old Bailey of the brutal murder of fusilier Lee Rigby.

They were found not guilty of attempting to murder police officers at the scene of the killing on 22 May 2013

It took the jury of eight women and four men about 90 minutes to return guilty verdicts on the pair.

Adebolajo glared at journalists as he was led to the prison cells and kissed his copy of the Koran. Adebowale did not react to the verdicts.

Sentencing will be in January.

This sick and barbaric murder by two London Muslim converts and Islamic extremists has united the entire nation in condemnation.

Both Adebolajo and Adebowale had been known to the police and security services because of their extremist beliefs but they had not been considered a significant or immediate threat.


Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Lee Rigby.


12 thoughts on “Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale guilty of the brutal murder of Lee Rigby

  1. The real blame for Lee Rigby’s death along with all the other people slaughtered on the altar of multicultural liberalism is the British people. They could have put a stop to this many years ago but they chickened out and voted for the criminal LibLabCon. Today and everyday we endure the harvest their cowardice sowed.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Chris. It saddens me, but I seem to lose faith with the general populace, day by day. However, my children and grand-children sustain my belief in our survival as an indigenous people, with or without the misguided or the apathetic.

      1. If you think the public are complacent now – well try doing this in the 1990s! The sheer venom indicated how right we were.

        There is growing awareness at last – maybe too late maybe not. No one can know that so much is changing. One can only do one’s bit.

        Personally I’m more optimistic than I’ve been at any time in two decades. You certainly can’t win if you are not in the game.

  2. (Party Member) The people who committed the awful attack on British soldier, Lee Rigby, said at the time that it was because of Britain’s actions in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    This is a recorded fact as an impromptu interview was given to horrified witnesses who did not pass by but bravely confronted the culprits and filmed them.

    Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and one of the chief multi-cultural apologists in our country realised the significance of the attack. Straight away he announced that people should not jump to conclusions and the incident was nothing to do with Islam or Britain’s actions abroad. In true Stalinist doublespeak he had contradicted the statements made by the perpetrators themselves!

    Since then we have had the most sanitised, politically correct trial in British history. The sheer dignity and decency of the Rigby Family has been matched by the British people but now is the time to say enough is enough. People who are clearly not fit to live in our country should no longer be allowed in. Who in their right mind could disagree with that?

    1. That’s the nub old chap. Our governance is not of the right mind, nor are many voters voting selfishly for number one or because the X party member is pretty or handsome.

      Still this tragedy is another milestone on our journey back to sane governance. I would find it very difficult for our apologists in government to paint a pretty picture out of this one.

  3. Apparently the lady who spoke to one of the killers has had harassment and death threats since then. One has to hope that the police are giving her the support she obviously needs.

    Some American commentators I read on the web in the aftermath simply could not understand how it was that so many people just stood about and did nothing. Whatever has happened to Britain, they said. Are these the descendants of the people who went through the Blitz with such courage?

    Of course, the reality is that they may well not have been British at all.

  4. I totally agree with Chris Roberts. Someone else recently commented on this site that the British people have the government and they deserve. In the final analysis the people who have voted LibLabCon are the people responsible for the mess this country is in.

    The sad fact is that the majority of the British public are currently quite happy to live in the mess they have helped to create.

  5. I condemn the slaughter of Lee Rigby but his superiors in the Army bear some of the blame for over a million deaths plus maimings and destruction from British bombs and guns in predominately Muslim Iraq. But then 21000 in Sedgefield kept voting for Blair!

    The Lancet medical journal stopped publishing estimates of the numbers killed (at about 400,000) in the early phase of the war before the spate of huge deadly car bombs. Saddam never threatened or harmed us. The oil is being quietly plundered.

  6. Why they both were not charged with a racist murder? If you reversed the colours of the victim and attackers it would then be treated as a racist murder.

    1. Presumably they were not charged with a racist murder because they made it abundantly clear that their intention was to kill a British soldier regardless of that soldier’s ethnicity. They were not out specifically to kill a white British soldier – any poor sod drawing army pay would have served their purpose. This is totally consistent with other Muslim outrages such as the London bombings which had the objective of killing people as a claimed act of revenge against Britain.

  7. (Party Member) On the 20th of this month the killers of our Lee Rigby will be sentenced at the Old Bailey in London. I hope Members and Supporters of our Party in London will be there in a show of support.

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