Met Plans to Deport 100 Foreign Criminals a Week

scotlandyardMetropolitan Police figures show 30% of those arrested each year in London are foreign nationals. About half of them are from the EU, according to figures released in 2012.

The Met and immigration officials refer to the case of Lincoln Farquharson, a 46-year-old Jamaican man living in Lewisham, south east London, who was finally deported last month as an example of the ongoing foreign crime spree in the capital.

Farquharson was arrested for rape in November 2011 and further investigations revealed he was suspected of being a serial rapist, with a history of domestic violence, who had been charged with rape five times between 2006 and 2011. Two cases went to trial but the juries failed to reach any verdicts. Eventually, police and immigration officials collected a file of evidence on him to provide to an immigration tribunal to illustrate his continuing threat to women in London. He was eventually removed from the country last month.

As a result of this ongoing crime spree, more than 100 foreign nationals are to be targeted for deportation each week by the Metropolitan police in a crackdown, called Operation Nexus, on individual foreigners suspected of carrying out serious crime in Britain.

A 100-strong team of police officers is now working with the UK Border Agency, which has been less than effective in the past, in order to increase the number of people deported from London this year by 2,400. Some of those being targeted have lived in this country for several years and will not have been convicted of offences, akin to the Farquharson case highlighted above.

The political and ideological criminals sitting in Westminster who allowed this disturbing situation to arise in London (and elsewhere) seem reluctant to apologise for their misdeeds.

Indeed, the howls of protests have already started.

Rita Chadha, chief executive of the Refugee and Migrant Forum of East London said: “When Nexus first began we were reassured it was only about people who had criminal convictions in this country or in their home countries and who were very high risk. What we are seeing now is that they are targeting all crimes and low level criminality…This is totally going to mess up local policing and any trust communities have in the police.”

They should be ignored!

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  1. Low level criminality what is it? As far as i’m concerned crime is crime and should be punished based on what the crime is. Low level crime makes our communities insecure especially for the elderly. As far as foreign national commiting crimes then they should be deported why should they make peoples lives more difficult than they are?

  2. What a great article with FANTASTIC NEWS !

  3. I think NEXUS is wonderful . We could bring our soldiers home from foreign wars that are nothing to do with Britain and with our army EXPAND NEXUS massively.

  4. ‘The political & ideological criminals……’ I wish we could deport them as well. How far will this initiative get, I wonder, before the howls of outrage from all those ‘right-on’ Gruaniad types shuts it down?
    Sorry to be cynical & disbelieving, but I have had almost a lifetime’s training in those two attitudes!
    I pray that they will be left alone to do the job.

  5. The fact that the Met intends to deport 100 criminals a week does NOT mean that they will actually do so!

    • Good point. The police have been trying to deport foreign criminals for years but the politicians and the EU nonsense they sign up to prevents this. I doubt the police will deport anywhere near this number.

  6. It is a pity that our 4, 500 redundant soldiers can not be offered a great job in the expanded B.D.P. Border Agency, which without doubt we would create . They could then assist the police in London with the excellent Operation Nexus. The foreign RAPISTS and other Criminals would not know what had hit them ! Operation NEXUS has to be one Government initiative that the British Democratic Party does support ! Do the right thing , Join the party today !

  7. And what percentage of the ”British” criminals are actually British..? Another very useful tactic of the Distorters.

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