Memberships and elections

by British Democrats Elections Officer


Memberships run from 1st January to 31st December each year and it is important that those who are current members renew for this year (2015) so the Party can stay in contact and to help give the Party vital funds for May. Organisations like the Party, which are not funded by big businesses and/or trade unions memberships make up a large proportion of core funding from memberships.

Standard membership is £25 per year, which works out at just £2 per month and much cheaper than other patriotic parties. Concessions are available at just £15 per year.

For those of you who are interested but have yet to be members, interest in the Party has grown over the two months. Facebook followers have doubled by 100% and likewise, with the Party Twitter account.

Now is the perfect time to join a genuine sensible patriotic Party that isn’t a throwback to 1980s Thatcherism like UKIP and without an appalling reputation like the BNP.

The membership form can be downloaded on this web site.

The Party can also be followed on social media for updates on:

Twitter: @BrDemocrats

Facebook: British Democratic Party

Elections in May

The Party is in the process of modernising and professionalising its marketing approach. A new-styled rosette has been ratified that is unique to the Party, and efforts are being made to improve the Party emblem.

A new colour recruitment leaflet is being worked on to help facilitate growth in members and activists to further a sensible patriotic message.

Subject to availability of funds the Party is committed to contesting seats in the General Election and in local seats this May. If members or supporters wish to help support the Party in May, or want to fund their own campaign, the costs are as follows and all support is welcome:

Local Election address £200

Parliamentary deposit £500

Parliamentary seat leaflet £1000

The Party Address is: PO Box 10376, Loughborough, LE11 9HT or use the contact box provided on site.

3 thoughts on “Memberships and elections

  1. Our elections officer is doing good work in improving presentation. Activists should certainly contact him with a view to beginning work for the May elections now.

  2. (Party Member) I urge all Nationalists to Join the British Democratic Party whether a current member of another party or not. The concept of the party is that with an UNTARNISHED NAME and a determination to AVOID the mistakes of the past, we all have the opportunity to build a classless Nationalist Party for ALL OUR PEOPLE.

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