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By John Shaw

The cracks in the Marxist led Labour Party are getting worse by the day!!

Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper (That’s Mrs Balls to you and us) and even red Len McCluskey (who makes some people in Moscow appear soft) are back pedalling on IMMIGRATION.  All three of them are finally admitting that mass immigration has made unemployment worse, is keeping wages down and is the obvious effect of such a policy!  WOW!!

 The National Front started to point this out around 1980 and we nationalists have tried to tell the ‘Traditional Labour Voter’ this, ever since! With people in places like Barnsley and Newcastle starting to vote UKIP or not at all, the warning is on the wall for the Labour Party!

We British Democrats have long pointed out that labour policy always hurts working people’s lives, as in housing, jobs and health.

Meanwhile pro mass-Immigration Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott are furious at their comrades and do not give a dam about workers or anyone else!


11 thoughts on “Marxist Watch

  1. The love of ”diversity” always masks an underlying hatred for what is White and British. Whether it be the ”anti racist” sad sacks from the likes of Hope Not Hate or UAF, Anti White Abbott and Co from Corbyn’s suicidal Labour Party or the hacks of The Guardian, Independent or Evening Standard. They are worthy of each other.

  2. The Left-wing are rotten through and through.Time is coming to an end for them, no real Brits with an ounce of common sense will vote for them anymore. But you cannot really hate Corbyn because to tell you the truth he is not a very bright or intelligent man. Pity him and his brand of politics.

  3. John Shaw ( Party Official ) MORE MARXIST WATCH. Amongst other things , I noticed that Brendan Cox made very heavy left wing comments , the day AFTER his wife died. Any normal person , suffering such a catastrophic event , would be under sedation in bed. Since then he has been making quite a name for himself as the obsessed NEW DARLING OF THE LEFT. Now I read that he is going to make an ‘ ALTERNATIVE CHRISTMAS ‘ MESSAGE on Channel 4 . I know he won’t mention anything decent and will just try and make out the British People as sinister , heartless monsters for not wanting to tolerate MILLIONS OF PEOPLE , many with HATRED IN THEIR HEARTS , ARRIVING IN OUR COUNTRY and causing untold harm to JOBS , HEALTH AND HOUSING PROBLEMS that are bad enough already ! To cynically use yor wife’s demise for your own POLITICAL PURPOSES , is beyond CONTEMPT !

  4. Well said John, and even Prince Charles is at it, speaking about ”tolerance” and comparing ”intolerance” of migrants to Nazis…while he lords it over the mere mortals in one of his country mansions. It also transpires that the husband of the murdered MP has chosen a dodgy ”anti racist” group to receive funding due to this tragedy… How sad it is that these discredited individuals of this organisation benefit financially from such a horrible crime.

  5. John Shaw ( Party Official ) As Dorset County Organiser , it gives me great pleasure to WISH ALL MEMBERS , SUPPORTERS AND PEOPLE OF GOODWILL , A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

  6. John Shaw ( Party Official ) MORE MARXIST WATCH ! When you switch your lap top on and the M.S.N. ( Marxist Supplied News ) headline screams at you that areas of Britain , that overwhelmingly VOTED LEAVE , now want TO REMAIN , you think , here we go again ! They are trying to establish a new buzzword , REGREXIT ! The MARXIST controlled Hartlepool Mail , Newcastle Chronicle , Sunderland Echo and now the awful , Wolverhampton based Express and Star , all say that their surveys prove people now wish they had voted to remain ! To be fair the small print say’s that an organisation called the British Election Study say these so called opinion polls are flawed and designed to give the result they want ! REMINDS ME OF EVENTS IN AMERICA ! Anyway this is well down the column and well after most have just read the ‘ IN YOUR FACE ‘ PROPOGANDA HEADLINE. Let’s campaign for a DECENT MEDIA , free from the onslaught of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND MARXIST PROPOGANDA , just like the great , DONALD TRUMP.

  7. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Marxist Watch ! Former Marxist lead Labour Party Leadership challenger , OWEN SMITH , has revealed that he is still getting DEATH THREATS after his failed attempt to get COMRADE CORBYN removed from the Leadership ! Now he knows how decent NATIONALISTS feel when faced with the ARMY OF MARXIST THUGS. None of this is a surprise , remember how many Nasty LABOUR PARTY M.P.’S were to frightened to attend their own Party’s A.G.M. ? Maybe Britain could do a deal ( AS DEMOCRACY FIGHTS BACK ) with CUBA or ANGOLA for them to take in these COMRADES ? They would not like it though , as they would have to do as they were told as well as wash and even worse , HORROR OF HORRORS , THEY WOULD HAVE TO WORK !

  8. What is this obsession with Marxism? The Russian Revolution happened 100 years ago and the last Communist was thrown out of office in 1991 – a quarter of a century ago. Mass migration is a right-wing policy followed by Theresa May who has promised the Indians that she will let in more of their workers in return for a trade deal. It’s all about cheap labour which is a capitalist objective..

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Well Bill , you would do well to read up on the International Marxist Group and then our Parties article on Angela Merkel , who realised that with all Communism TOTALLY DISCREDITED , THEY HAD TO INFILTRATE OTHER PARTIES AND THEN RUN THEM. They are Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Being a NATIONALIST , sure we realise that many Conservatives wanted Immigrants to come to Britain as a source of cheap Labour. Meanwhile the Marxists in the Labour Party wanted the Immigrants to overthrow society and vote Labour ! US ? We NATIONALISTS WANT THE BEST FOR ALL OUR PEOPLE !

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