Marxist Jeremy Corbyn next Labour leader?

By Leicestershire Correspondent


Jeremy-Corbyn-with-Gerry-AdamsA surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn has seen him topping Labour CLP nominations and he is now installed as favourite to be next Labour leader. He was previously rank outsider at odds of 200/1 and had to gain support of Blairite MPs to even get on the ballot.


Two of Corybn's key backers include former token leadership candidate and racist Diane Abbott and former London Mayor Ken Livingston (also commonly known as 'Red Ken'). He is also backed by the Communist Party of Great Britain, the Morning Star (far left newspaper) and Irish Republicans.  One must also not forget to include anti-fascist and communist musician Billy Bragg. He has the backing of the two biggest unions: Unite and Unison.


According to one  unofficial poll recently released 42 per cent of party members intend to vote for Corbyn as their first choice, compared to only 22.6 per cent for Yvette Cooper, 20 per cent for Andy Burnham, and 14 per cent for Liz Kendall. When voters' second preferences are taken into account, Corbyn is only ahead by two points, on 51 per cent to Cooper's 49 per cent.


The new Labour leadership election rules (post Miliband) works on the alternative vote system, in which voters can rank candidates according to their preference. The only known outcome of the election is that the winner is probably not going to be Liz Kendall, who has been given the nickname 'Tory Liz'. 


It is clear if Corbyn wins the Labour leadership in September, Labour will experience the biggest lurch to the left since the days of Michael Foot in the 1980s. If Labour move to far left, there is potential for millions of their voters on the right of the Party to seek a another party to vote and join, many are unlikely to switch to the Conservatives.


For those in the patriotic movement seeing a destabilised Labour party is to our advantage particularly in urban electoral centres.   


To summerize Corbyn believes and has campaigned for:


Splitting up the UK and is friends with Sein Fein leadership

Supports mass immigration from Asia and Africa

Is a leading anti-fascist and has campaigned against the BNP and UKIP

Supports more trade union rights (he is backed by Unite Union)

Opposes grammar schools

Wants a communist driven economy and publically praises Karl Marx

Campaigns for scrapping nuclear weapons

Described terrorist groups such as Hamas as "friends"


Moreover, Corbyn is sexist, and doesn't believe in the notion of appointment based on merit. In fact he has put forward a document entitled 'Working with Women', this includes a target to ensure that 50 per cent of Labour MPs are women.


Politics would certainly become far more interesting if a 66 year old socialist and hard left candidate became Labour leader. As I write, several leader Labour politicians are discussing a coup, if he does manage to win.  We must all follow the next few weeks and potentially months with interest. 

26 thoughts on “Marxist Jeremy Corbyn next Labour leader?

  1. Does he want a ‘communist’ economy? That word should be used carefully in any political context but particularly when it comes to the subject of economics. A heck of a lot of Tories these days would call ANYONE who wasn’t a total 100% supporter of the most rabid forms of economic globalism as practiced by Mrs Thatcher a ‘communist’ even when Mrs Thatcher’s own party (admittedly a longtime ago ie the 1930’s and before) wasn’t as fanatically opposed to non-globalist economic policies like a measured degree of protectionism as it is today.

    On the basis of his non-economic views, he is a globalist but then so are many Tories and other ‘Right-wing’ people as well nowdays! The conventional ‘Left’/ ‘Right’ political axis shouldn’t be used to describe parties like ours or Marine Le Pen’s in France. We’re proudly outside of that ‘system’!

    Sadly, a Labour Party led by him may do surprisingly well (at least in terms of halting the continual slide in the Labour Party’s ‘core vote’) because he does at least ‘stand for something’ unlike the Blairite and neo-Blarite clones like Andy Burnham who is as dull as dishwater and if Labour elect him the Tories will be laughing!

  2. Why is this article referring to Corbyn and Bragg as ‘anti-fascist’ , their anti nationalist anti free speech politics should not be described in such a way , especially by a nationalist!

    1. The BNP and UKIP are unionists, the later party also claim they are libertarian. Corbyn is also known for his support of Sein Fein, who are described as nationalist/republican, so saying he and Bragg are anti-nationalist depends on the context. 

  3. Unlike Milliband, one thing Corbyn may be able to achieve is the mobilising of the ethnic vote engineered by Tony Blair and Co. His shameless displays of grovelling will be so openly pro-immigrant and anti British that many of them might finally summon up the effort to get off their rear ends and actually vote for the Party that invited them to colonise Britain and eradicate our culture. Naturally the usual suspects are lining up to pirouette their pro Jeremy/hate Britain agenda. Red Ken, anti white Abbott, and Billy ”big house in the countryside” Bragg.

  4. Corbyn represents the true face of the Liebour Party, his election would be a ” breath of fresh air ” for Nationalist.For the last 50 years the Liebour Party has been conning the dumb White Working class in this Country few who realised it was actually taken over by the Public school luvies years ago.With Corbyn in charge it will set up an anti White , anti British pro immigrant agenda that even the regular Liebour voting idiots will see through. Roll on his election. as Nationalist we have spent years trying to persuade the voters to back us , its time for a dose of nasty Corbyn style medicine for the General Public.

    1. Will they see this though? If they have been conned for fifty odd years then it surely a good bet they will continue to be conned.For all that he stands for in other areas of policies, Jeremy Corbyn seems to want to move the Labour Party back to some older Labour values in terms of the economy, taxes ect which could help to solidy the Labour Party's electoral base/'core vote'. I think we nationalists should realize that whilst we are concerned about matters like immigration, many ordinary members of the public vote with their wallets at general election times. It's time nationalists started to talk more about other issues like the economy and say how nationalist policies in this are can increase the country's prosperity and that of the broad mass of the voters.

      1. Indeed. I suspect one of the main reasons why the CONServative and Unionist Party received so many votes and gained many marginal seats in the 2010 general election that they nearly won that election outright was because many of the voters and certainly those normally inclined to voting Tory wanted to get rid of Labour and replace them with a Tory government so that immigration could be brought properly under control. Yet what actually happened? Camerona and Theresa May FAILED TOTALLY to do this and this information was released just before this year's election. The voters obviously failed to take this in and voted Tory again in the naive belief the Tories will get to grips with the problem. I highly suspect they won't.

  5. Its now clear Corbyn is on just 18% recent polls suggest.
    And with an influx of Marxist filth into the Labour party. It ain’t worked out well . Also he wishes to bed the SNP . These guys really haven’t a clue. They even make Alexander AKA Boris Pfefel Johnson sound intelligent .
    But just like America who after whittling down thru 50 million Blacks , still ended up with Barak the imbecile. Our Labour party, well is anyone who is a member suitable to lead anything.

  6. I think Corbyn will win. Labour party members want to be honest about their true intentions, but this it might not cost them unlike the 1980s.

    The resident BAME voters are now gaining strength and will back their man.

    We need to invoke the UN Declaration of Rights For Indigenous Peoples which surprisingly supports our rights against the colonisers.

    1. Sadly, I believe you are right and this isn't just in regard to the ethnic vote factor you describe. If he is elected their leader, the Labour Party will, once again, appear to actually believe in something (even it it does turn-off large numbers of voters) again which under Bliar and Brown it didn't appear to do and which consequently had a pretty severe effect upon their 'core vote' with many of them abstaining from voting altogether and thus making the Tories' job winning elections easier. You should never under estimate the effect a leader can have upon a party if he/she can play sucessfully to the party's 'core vote' and thus help retain its core voting strength at an election.

    2. A Corbyn Labour party might not necessarily gain m. An overly anti-White Labour party in power has more chance of facing a White backlash than a ‘Conservative’ party which keeps a steady ship.

      Cameron and his cabinet’s routine ‘tough’ soundbites: “10’s of thousands”, “multiculturalism has failed”, “crackdown” “swarming”, spun by the liberal left and neo-con media keeps the White masses contempt. As a result there is no opposition to the ‘long march’ of liberal multiculturalism. Such soundbites were a monthly occurrence by Macmillan, Heath, Thatcher, Major and their cabinet ministers as well. Hot air with no actual change in policy.

      Non-Whites do pretty nicely as it is under a Conservative government. The institutions of the state are tripping over themselves to further liberal agendas, the government considers parties like the National Front as extremists on par with ISIS (1), the public readily adopts liberal viewpoints put across in media & education and White society is happy to collectively represses itself.

      Unlike the Conservatives a Corbyn Labour party would speed things up and take liberal multiculturalism to the unfortunate level of Sweden & America. Affirmative action, teaching ‘white priviledge’ in education, proactive immigration policies rather than the current laissez-faire approach. More stringent anti-free speech laws and punishments, more ‘anti-racism’ policing, more government and council spending on non-White community groups, housing & improving their economic conditions and lighter sentences for non-Whites (2) etc.

      Previously under Labour and currently in France parties that oppose the liberal system do better under left wing governments as these governments lack the ability to give pressure valve soundbites and they more freely admit their treachery to the population.

      As such we can ask would non-Whites under the current liberal system prefer to have in power a Conservative party who will further the long term interests of Non-Whites without social upheavals? Or risk a White backlash by voting a Labour party in power intent on alleviating their self inflicted racial guilt onto the White British population?

      (1) David Cameron on Channel 4 News September 2014:

  7. ( Party Official ) Nationalist thinking on the vile Marxist Corbyn is that we hope he wins. This will hasten the final demise of the Labour Party as they would continue to want thing that their traditional support base do not want. Giving houses to Immigrants is just one example ! Bring it on vote Corbyn, you reds !

  8. Apparently Jeremy Corbyn used the theme tune from the Hollywood white guilt trip film ”Selma” about Martin Luther King, when he entered a pro-Corbyn rally in North London(a pitiful display of pandering), as the crowd were chanting ”Jez we can”…

    This Commie will bend over so far backwards he’ll soon be limbo dancing. But could this even end up making the Tories Rightwing ?

  9. Just a correction, in my previous post…I meant to write …Tories ”appear” Rightwing. Such is the extent of Corbyn’s open and shameless anti-Britishness, it could possibly lead that way. I for one, hope it does’nt. No doubt the Tories will be ecstatic if Corbyn becomes leader.

  10. ( Party Official ) Answers on a postcard please ! Which political party can not even run a leadership contest and a membership list , let alone run the Country ?

  11. ( Party Official ) Great news for Nationalism in Britain. The Labour Party death wish continues with the election of Marxist , Jeremy Corbyn !

    1. Sadly, this is not necessarily so as he may IMPROVE the Labour Party’s position. During Bliar’s years in office, many ‘core’ Labour voters either voted Lib Dem (mainly because of disgust at the Iraq War) or increasingly abstained from voting altogether (the turnout in the 2001 general election was one of the worst on record). I suspect Jeremy Corbyn will start to ‘speak-up’ for people who are being continually attacked by the Tories ie the disabled and the unemployed far more than the Blairite non-entitites like Andy Burnham would. In short, the Labour Party could gain more votes by being a ‘true’ Labour Party again and actually standing for something against the Tories.

  12. ( Party Official ) More great news for Nationalism , that has suffered terribly at the hands of London Labour Party , SADIQ KHAN has been elected as London Mayor Candidate !

    1. Why is this great news? London is inevitably going to have an ethnic as its mayor at some point because basically its a non-British city nowdays. The Tories will put-up a white candidate against him but that candidate will be just as much anti-British as Sadiq Khan is!

      1. ( Party Official ) ASIAN POLITICS ARE COMPLICATED. To many Asians he is the wrong type of Muslim and Hindus won’t vote for him. It is OBVIOUSLY GOOD NEWS because resentfull WHITES may turn to US NATIONALISTS AT LAST !

        1. They can just as easily turn to the Tories who too many people still (despite the evidence of sixty plus years) think are in some way ‘nationalist’ or to Farage’s mini-me Tory Party!

  13. The above picture of Jeremy Corbyn with his friend , who at the time was widely believed to have been the General in charge of the I.R.A. , IS A DISGRACE ! I hope the Party calls for a GOVERNMENT ENQUIRY into just how much Corbyn knew , if anything , about all the MURDERS AND BOMBINGS. I am sure that the security services will have files that can enlighten the British People about just what sort of person is leading the Labour Party nowadays ! When it happens and the enquiries findings cause this despicable individual to RESIGN ,REMEMBER who started the ball rolling ! the British democrats , apposing Marxism , wherever it is found !

  14. JohnShaw ( Party Official ) This older ‘ spot on ‘ article of ours , with Jerry Adams and Jeremy Corbyn pictured together , say’s it all for me ! However , today the horrible Telegraph , so called newspaper , has an article about International Marxist Group and Labour Party Leader , Jeremy Corbyn. It explains that Jeremy has appointed a former head of Sinn Feign I.R.A. London’s ADMINISTRATION OFFICE , to work for him and the Labour Party as head of ” stakeholder engagement ” , whatever that means ! In employing JAYNE FISHER ,Marxist Corbyn is continuing his long standing connection and support for the I.R.A. AND THEIR IDEALS . Surely now is the time for a PARLIAMENTRY COMMITTEE , with help from MI5 , to look into just what Mr. Corbyn knows about the troubles in Northern Ireland in the past and what , IF ANY , was his INVOLVEMENT , I note with interest that the VAST MAJORITY OF LABOUR M.P. ‘S are shocked and angry . Well , the British Democratic Party are not shocked at all but we are ANGRY !

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Anyone reading our excellent POLICY DOCUMENT will see that the British Democratic Party represents A RETURN TO NATIONALISM in Britain , with other , more established Party’s losing their way over the years. ONE DIFFERENCE is our TOTAL SUPPORT FOR THE LOYAL PEOPLE OF NORTHERN IRELAND , who just want to live in PEACE as part of our Country , which they are and always will be . NO SURRENDER with the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY. With a policy of dual membership allowed I urge ALL LOYALISTS to JOIN US and help us help you !

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