Loughborough Hastings ward 24.10.13 by-election update

Kevan Stafford has been busy rolling out his by-election campaign on the ground. The weather has not been very favourable for any party in Hastings over the last ten days.

Kevan could do with a little extra help Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th (Polling Day).

If can help Kevan you can contact him on: 07952 977114.




Happy Eid 201 Tory leaflet

The Conservatives have been delivering  ‘Happy Eid’ cards to selected voters while the Labour candidate was leafleting and chatting to voting worshipers leaving the Mosque assisted by the Asian County Councillor.

UKIP have been delivering a letter and leaflet with mainly national issues. One of their local issues is to stop a walk-in centre from closing.  Unfortunately for them it closed several months ago.

The Lib Dems must be running an invisible campaign.

Whatever the result on Thursday, Kevan should be commended for his hard-work and commitment to the people of Hastings ward. This election will form part of Kevan’s ongoing campaign in the Hastings ward in preparation for the all-out Charnwood BC elections in 2015.

Kevan would also like to thank everyone who has helped in this campaign.


7 thoughts on “Loughborough Hastings ward 24.10.13 by-election update

  1. What exactly does the British Conservative Party wish to conserve? Our national sovereignty and independence? No. Our nation? No The material wealth of the richest 10% of the population? Yes!

    They are an irrelevance and becoming increasingly so as the years go by. Time for a change of name for them! Its unfortunate the Trade Descriptions Act doesn’t apply to political parties!

    I wish Kevan a great deal of luck on Thursday. Hopefully, he can take a chunk out of all the other parties’ votes including the media-puffed UKIP’s.

  2. When campaigning for local government seats it is of vital importance the party finds out what the local issues are and expresses an opinion on them. UKIP as is shown here often don’t do this and that is one reason up until now that they have performed badly at local elections. They would still be doing so if the media didn’t give them an importance they don’t deserve.

    1. Steven, it is vitally important that the candidate knows all the local issues. It is of vital importance that the party selects a quality local candidate who can do the job if elected and supports their chosen candidate.

      That aside, the UKIP factor will be part of this election. They have mopped up all the anti-immigration and protest votes in recent by-elections leaving the other smaller patriotic parties trailing in their wake.

      Let’s hope Kevan can reverse this trend.

      1. Yes, selecting a candidate who could make a good councillor is very important. Small parties often have difficulties in doing this so that when they do manage to elect a councillor that person can be unsuitable and bring disrepute upon the party. It is one of the hazards of a minor party but one that is hard to avoid due to a party’s small size.

        I agree that UKIP have managed to scoop-up a large proportion of the anti-immigration and protest voters. They have become the new ‘respectable’ anti-migration party thanks mainly to be being constantly promoted by certain media outlets (the Daily Express in particular) and have largely replaced the Lib Dems as the ‘dustbin’ of protest votes. Needless to say, those protest voters really need to look at what UKIP actually stand for as I am sure that quite a few of them are voting against neo-liberal, globalist economics which UKIP embrace to a higher degree than even the Tories do!

    2. That’s a good insight. It will be interesting to see how well our candidate (who has campaigned on local issues) and theirs (who has simply put out national leaflets) each fare.

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