Local Elections ——- UKIP Do Not Live Up To Expectations!!

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Stephen O’Brien Wins in Sandhill Sunderland for Liberal Democrats

The two by-elections held yesterday in the North (Sandhill – Sunderland) and in the South (Gade Valley(Three Rivers) – Hertfordshire) resulted in the Liberal Democrats taking both seats and also gaining control of the Gade Valley Council.

Labour were surprised that their share of the vote dropped dramatically in both wards and particularly in the Sandhill ward where they saw a massive 29.9% slump in support.

UKIP have not yet formally commented on their performance but must be equally disappointed with a drop of 7.2% in their share of the vote in Sandhill, a ward in which they had hoped to overtake Labour and win.  UKIPs performance in the Glade valley ward was less than impressive, only managing to obtain a very modest 6.7%, where they had put up a candidate for the first time.

UKIP were unable to press home their Brexit advantage in either ward.  This is likely to be the trend for UKIP in subsequent local by-elections as their activist support in local areas has always been weak or non-existent.         

Support for the Liberal Democrats was largely due to a large shift in support from both the Conservatives and Labour Parties.  It is difficult to believe the Liberal anti-Brexit stance contributed to their success since the Sandhill and Gade Valley wards voted to LEAVE in line with the national average.  

Sandhill (Sunderland)
Lib Dem gain from Labour
Liberal Democrat: 45.0 per cent (+41.5)
Labour: 25.0 per cent (-29.9)
UKIP: 18.7 per cent (-7.2)
Conservative: 10.0 per cent (-5.7)
Green: 1.3 per cent (+1.3)

Gade Valley (Three Rivers)
Lib Dem gain from Conservative
Liberal Democrat: 60.9 per cent (+24.0)
Conservative: 19.1 per cent (-22.9)
Labour: 11.6 per cent (-9.6)
UKIP: 6.7 per cent (+6.7)
GRN: 1.8 per cent (+1.8)

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  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) People in the North East are just NOT liberal , woolly types are they ? Also the Liberal Party and indeed liberal attitudes are in a MASSIVE DECLINE , thank God . Maybe they were just better organised and focused on local issues ? Whilst very PROUD of our support in the SUNDERLAND AREA , I am very sad that the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY was not REPRESENTED , this time !

    • I believe that in local elections candidates must reside in the local election area and be members of the British Democratic Party in order to stand and represent that Party.

      It looks to me like the author of the article was expressing surprise at the resurgence of the Liberal Party and the failure of UKIP to gain support in two election wards where the Brexit vote was in favour of leaving.

  2. Whilst very PROUD of our support in the SUNDERLAND AREA , I am very sad that the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY was not REPRESENTED , this time !

    Quite right John, easy to criticise other people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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