Local Election Result from Loughborough South

by Leicestershire Correspondent

Result from Loughborough South (Leicestershire County Council):

Conservative – 1329 votes

Labour – 1107

Lib Dem – 105

Green – 101

British Democrats (Kevan Stafford) -30

Also, 145 UKIP councillors defending their seats in local elections last week were beaten, although the party did pick up one seat in Burnley. In Lincolnshire, where Paul Nuttall is expected to stand in the general election in Boston and Skegness, UKIP went from being the official opposition to having no seats at all as the Tories gained 23 seats. Moreover, in a bad night for UKIP they also lost all  of their nine seats in Essex, just four years they gained 27% of the vote.

3 thoughts on “Local Election Result from Loughborough South

  1. On the face of it our result even after so much hard work by a few activist is very poor but can we really expect to pick up votes in the wake of the Tory rise and UKIP demise.Ukip has built on the back of ex Nationalist and the right wing Tory vote . Considering the effect of the Brexit decision and the imploding of the hopeless UKIP leadership the Tories were in a win win situation.If we had paid for billboards and TV advertising we may have achieved 31 votes ! it,s just the way it is at the moment we have to hope the useless Nutall continues to alienate UKIP members and perhaps the fickle electorate will see through this disaster Mrs May.In the meantime lets all enjoy the circus going on at the moment.

  2. well Done Kevan Stafford one Day our time will come and We will take power and rid Our Country of the Traitors and Bankers

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