Leicestershire Group Activist Meeting

By Leicestershire Correspondent

Leicestershire Group meeting

A British Democratic Party meeting was held on Sunday 21st September to inaugurate the creation of a local group for Leicestershire.


Following discussion, members were selected for the posts of Elections Officer, Fundholder, Secretary, and Membership and Enquiries Officer.

It was agreed that the group will arrange for a party bank account to be opened locally, and that it would be expedient to utilise the main party PO Box address for correspondence for the time being, as it is based in the locality.

Scotland says ‘No’

Those in attendance were pleased that Scotland voted ‘No’ to independence and agreed that the party needs to expand into other parts of the UK to become an effective, sensible, patriotic party for the whole country. A member pointed out that, if the UK were to split into regions, then the EU would become far more powerful.

Other Parties

There was consensus at the meeting that UKIP will be found out before long to be the bogus anti-immigration party it is. The British Democrats need to do more to expose UKIP’s pro-Islamist agenda, notably support for cruel ritual slaughter of animals and for continued Mosque-building. Part of the rise in UKIPs support is due to internal difficulties of the patriotic movement and to the Conservatives’ rejection of traditional family values and their moving to the centre ground of politics.

It was felt that the English Democrats, who now support splitting the UK into separate countries when they originally only wanted an English Parliament, are now dancing to the tune of the EU in this matter.

The British National Party is now considered by many to be effectively unelectable and is yet again fighting internally after the recent ‘appointment’ of a new Chairman. The BNP moves from one crisis to another.

Public Relations

Members discussed ideas on how to improve the brand/public image of the party and proposals will be forthcoming at the AGM in relation to this.

National Executive Elections

Leicestershire and the East Midlands area generally have supported sensible patriotic policies in the past and the group plans to expand further with the help of that support.

May 2015 Elections

The British Democrats are looking to contest elections next May and anyone wishing to stand in the Leicestershire and wider East Midlands region, or wishes to donate funds to help contest elections should contact us soon via:

PO Box 10376

Loughborough LE11 9HT

Tel or text: 07513 975408

13 thoughts on “Leicestershire Group Activist Meeting

  1. The” Best of British” to our Leicestershire members may your group become established in an area that has been so let down by past Nationalist groups. .

  2. They certainly named the local cheese correctly when they called it Red Leicester. It’ was once said to be the richest city in Europe. Now it’s a dump.

    1. It is also a city the Tories used to be able to win parliamentary seats in (Leicester East and Leicester South) as recently as the 1980’s. No prizes for guessing why they are unable to do so nowdays and why all three of Leicester’s seats stayed firmly red in 2010 even though that general election was the second worst Labour performance with regard to their national vote share since 1918!

  3. Reading Steven’s comments reminded me of events prior to the 1979 General Election . I had travelled over to Leicester with several carloads of Nationalists from my hometown of Derby. We were so convinced we were about to witness the breakthrough with our own Nationalist candidates elected!

    We were all on a real high in those days and our lives revolved around the cause. After we had spent several hours door knocking we retired to a local pub only to be joined by a journalist looking to get a story. After a few beers we all agreed (the journalist included) that if the breakthrough was going to be this election then this is where it would happen. We felt that everyone we spoke to was rooting for us. They really were wonderful days.

    As it was the Tories did what they do best. Thatcher promised everything and delivered within months 100,000s of boat people and mass unemployment.

    History has a habit of repeating itself and today we have Farage every bit as big a liar as Thatcher and just as happy to mislead the voting public.

    1. John Bean has often pointed out what was wrong.

      The public may like the message put over by street activities but it will not support such organisations electorally. They look to the public like bringing trouble instead of solutions.

      That lesson has still not been learnt with something of a return to the streets lately by some parts of the Nationalist movement.

      More regular politics is far more effective in the end even if it does not generate instant enthusiasm.

      1. Absolutely spot-on! Not only does ‘campaigning’ in this way give the public the distinct impression you are nothing but a bunch of thugs spoiling for a fight (even if you don’t have any violent intentions) it gives the far-left and their friends in the globalist anti-British media plenty of potential amunition to mislead the public as to your true motives. It is a totallly failed ‘tactic’ and will NEVER work. Marine Le Pen and her Front National party in France shows that REAL politics is far better if you want to have the public on your side.

    2. (Party Member) Well done Graham. Some of us were there and some just look up things on the internet and then comment on them !

      1. Very true John, but whilst some were there, others may have been elsewhere, perhaps not even born at the time.

        I wish the Leicestershire group the very best of British. My first wife came from NW Leicestershire and working in the knitwear industry in the very early 70s very much understood the locality issues. At the time and coming from Ayrshire I did not, but we all learn in time as the cancer spreads itself throughout the land.

  4. Thank God that the UK stayed united! All the very best to the true nationalists of Leicestershire that are today working in the BDP.

  5. You could not make it up. Yesterday’s Daily Mail front page. “Blunkett warns that British feel swamped by mass immigration.” surely this has to be the blind leading the blind!

  6. (Party Member) To me nothing enrages me more than things like this. David Blunkett was a leading player in the policy , admitted by them , of swamping large areas of our Country. How these people , like him , have the audacity to say the things they are now saying is beyond belief !

    1. I can believe he has no shame in admitting the obvious and that is because he is a fully signed-up member of the globalist Lib/Lab/Con party. He thinks he is totally justified in taking the mick out of the British electorate and frankly when he surveys the evidence as to how easy it is to do this who can blame him?

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