Successful Leicestershire Action Day

Leicestershire Day of ActionBy Leicestershire Correspondent

On an overcast Saturday 28th February people from London, Essex, Leicester and Yorkshire, including Andrew Brons centre of photo undertook an action day in north Leicestershire in a key area where there has always been a strong patriotic vote.

Thousands of leaflets where delivered and a positive response was received from local people, who live close to Labour dominated Leicester City Council.  The Leicestershire team, wish to thank those who travelled to help them out.

The Party has recently printed 40,000 generic leaflets and another batch of 10,000 has been ordered due to popularity.

In addition the Party is now starting to build structures in Essex, London and Wakefield. This is the year for national unity and for growth regionally and nationally. We encourage all those without a patriotic political home to get involved and campaign to save our culture and values. We must unite to save our nation!

Further action days will take place in the coming weeks in various locations of West Yorkshire and Leicestershire, and leafleting will be going on in Pendle, Wakefield, Thurrock, London, Dorset and parts of the West Midlands.

Despite rumours in some circles, we have not gone away – we have just been planning and kick starting different regions!

12 thoughts on “Successful Leicestershire Action Day

  1. Will the party be standing any candidates in this year’s general election or is your present activity directed towards preparing the ground for council elections and to get people to know the party?

    1. To answer Steven’s question. Both parliamentary and council seats will be contested. The recent upswing in “on-the-ground” activity has contributed to a mood of great positivity. We must adopt a cautiously optimistic approach which will stand us in good stead. The BDP is the only authentically nationalist party taking any concrete, practical and realistic action

  2. ( Party Member ) Our Classless, Decent Nationalism is getting Votes of between 4.5% and 18.5% and with NO HUMILIATIONS so far, things are looking GOOD for the British Democrats.

  3. Would like to thank Kevan Stafford for contacting me. My dig wasn’t just at BDP but Nationalism in general. I have this feeling that if your not already “face,” a “name,” within Nationalism nobody interested.

  4. Great to see the website up and running again, looking forward to this Saturdays “Day of action” lets hope it is the springboard for progress here in Yorkshire.

  5. I hate to sound a pedant, or rain on your parade . But three activist plus someone taking the polaroid. Does put out the message given
    I notice in the photos of that other incarnation once on the cusp of something numbers are down to a mere trickle .
    And is that a police car in the background.

    1. baz4545
      We all know that the BDP is small in numbers and a “day of Action” does not have to involve dozens of people ( nice as that would be ) but any activity is better than none and so I am sure you will have to agree that the guys in the image should be applauded for the effort .We are holding a ” day of action” here in Wakefield this Saturday if Four people attend I for one will be delighted .

  6. baz4545 – there were 7 people present not 3, some were not in the photo and no it is not a police car, are they yellow, I thought they were white.

  7. Thank goodness for that (political campaigning)! I have been feeling quite despondent over the percieved lack of activity vis the website. Please report more on activity, policy and initiatives – the BDP does not do enough to promote itself in my opinion, which is a great pity as it could go places.

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