The Left Wing Extremists, Who Now Control The Labour Party, Are Trying To Sleepwalk Us Into An Islamic State

by John Shaw

Recently the Marxist leadership of the Labour Party floated an idea that men and women should have segregated railway carriages.

This was supposedly a reaction to various unsavoury incidents on our railway system where women were molested in full view of other passengers by groups of people with unknown heritage.

Islam is very big on the idea of segregation in this manner and would have been very pleased if the Labour Party idea had been adopted.

This would have been the thin end of the wedge with other Islamic ideas regarding women soon appearing.  Woman’s rights would have been set back centuries as let’s face it, these people say they believe that women are only worth a sixth of the value of a man.

Fortunately this dreadful idea, which was secretly designed to please Labour’s block Islamic vote, was instantly dismissed by nearly everyone.


10 thoughts on “The Left Wing Extremists, Who Now Control The Labour Party, Are Trying To Sleepwalk Us Into An Islamic State

  1. YES ,Enoch’s Shadow. It amazes me that the Conservatives do not halt mass immigration because every year that passes brings more and more Labour People. Don’t they understand why , despite a massive vote in numbers , that we have reached the tipping point and there will probably never be a Conservative Majority Government again. Future Political battles will be between Communism and Islam with DECENT , BRITISH PEOPLE HAVING LONG LEFT THIS COUNTRY. All because OUR PEOPLE did not listen. Oh well , AT LEAST WE BRITISH DEMOCRAT’S TRIED TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM FALLING INTO THA ABYS THAT ENOCH POWELL WARNED ABOUT , LONG AGO !

  2. Exactly John Shaw, Eventually the Tories will be praying that the newcomers will begin voting for them, if they can field enough non-British candidates to attract these voters. At the moment only 12% of ethnic voters support them. Looks like they’ve got a long way to go! The demographic shifts combined with the White Liberticide vote only favours the Left, and the Tories for all their efforts to reflect ‘diversity’, will be left grasping at air, like bellied up beetles- unless of course they opt for their only remaining glimmer of hope, a Black or Asian leader!

    1. Yes, the CONServatives importing more and more Third Worlders is insane not only because this is bad for our nation but also when you consider the issue with regard to their own selfish political interests. They should have listened properly to the great man Enoch Powell. Enoch was opposed to mass migration for patriotic reasons but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had also been thinking about his then party’s electoral interests too. I doubt whether even an ethnic leader would help them much! This doesn’t just affect the Tories because the Lib Dems also get few ethnic votes.

      1. all the LibLabCon need getting rid of and the thought of Jeremy Corbyn Abbot McDonnell Starmer smug fat midget Emily Thornberry running Britain is dreadful

  3. Yesterday I put the T.V. on and had a terrible shock. On his own , outside 10 Downing St was E.U. President Donald Tusk , giving a speech. I thought the Superstate had invaded to overthrow our referendum !

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