At Last, A News Headline of Hope For The Hard Pressed British People

by John Shaw

The Prime Minister is expected to announce that E.U. Citizens who arrive in Britain after the 15th March will no longer have the ‘automatic right’ to settle in our country.

The reason being that if we leave this measure until the date we actually leave the E.U. then a ‘government source’ says half of Romania and Bulgaria will come here.

However, E.U. citizens already here will have their rights to be here maintained until negations decide the rights of British Citizens living within the European Union Area.

Given that the British Health Service, Housing Market, Jobs situation and even traffic levels are already at breaking point we can only applaud this common sense measure and ask that it be applied to ‘commonwealth citizens as well’.

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  1. Forty years to late however if we are going to salvage something out of the current mess its a step in the right direction.

  2. Firstly may I commend you on the new site, which looks very good indeed.

    There has always been a tendency to try and deflect the immigration concerns of Brits to that of European ‘EU’ immigrants.

    I have seen it time and time again. It really depends upon which particular group are coming from Romania, if it’s the Roma gypsies then there will be countless problems.

    But Many Romanians are not Roma !! It’s a similar thing with Bulgarians. Admittedly there is a bad gypo element of them. Immigration from outside the EU is the type likely to drain our resources the most. Amongst many other I think most people with their head screwed on know this.

    Good immigration, educated and hard working kinsfolk from Europe may help our falling birthrate and dwindling population.

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) Thanks for your kind words , South East. We are all volunteers ( we put in to the Nationalist cause , not take out ) Our Editor works very hard to further the Cause and we all believe we have the correct approach. Personally , I have nothing but goodwill towards all Nationalists , but feel that NATIONALISM IS CLASSLESS and should be as we WANT THE BEST FOR ALL OUR PEOPLE. We have a respectable and growing name that we feel will be the future of NATIONALISM IN THIS COUNTRY. Even if a member of another Patriotic Organisation , I urge all to JOIN US TODAY.

  3. If indeed it is a common sense proposal, then I’d presume it was accidental or just another empty promise (lie) in simple terms.

    As I write British born folk are still queuing behind foreigners to get into the land of their birth after a short vacation. Which I at least find deplorable.

  4. Our Party is the future for Britons & Great Briton not the Tory tribute band UKIP We must offer a real alternative to UKIP and the Immigrant loving Lib-Lab-Con

    • Indeed, we should. The British Democratic Party’s time may well be coming now that it looks as if UKIP are on the decline having achieved their sole distinctive aim. I would copy UKIP as regards one social issue but in other ways we must be very different indeed ie in having a much harder line with regards to immigration particularly that which originates from outside the EU, in having a stance of sensible ‘intelligent economic patriotism’ as Marine Le Pen and her Front National party has in France, a tough stance on law and order issues etc.

      Somehow, we must get it through to the British people that our country desperately requires a patriotic government putting Britain and the British people FIRST and this needs them to vote for a pro-British, ‘Britain First’ party ie us.

      • Also, we need to get out there and start competing in council by-elections to build the name of this party and the recognition it exists! We’re totally unknown at the moment and the public think that UKIP is the only nationalist or quasi-nationalist party in Britain when that isn’t the case at all!

  5. John Shaw ( Party Official ) The extreme left and indeed liberal types are very good at getting ‘ made up ‘ words into our conspiring media and thus into the National Language. Words like , nah , I am not even going to repeat them. They are NOT WORDS but just examples of lefty campaign slogan titles. Well , I have got a word for them that sums up the ( mostly ) non violent , but still GENOCIDAL removal of our People and Culture. It is BRITICIDE ! ( B.D.P. Patent pending ) I HOPE IT CATCHES ON !

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) Talking about BRITICIDE , I felt very sorry for the Chairman of Tesco , John Allen. He made a speech at the ‘ Retail Week Live Conference ‘ and has been CASTIGATED by the New World Order , Multi- Cultural media ! His OFFENCE was to say that the Pendulum has swung the other way regarding WHITE MEN dominating Company Boardrooms and ” if you are a Female and from an ETHNIC background and preferably both , then you are in an extremely propitious period “. He then went on to say , ” I think if you are a WHITE MALE ,tough . YOU ARE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES and you are going to have to work twice as hard “. Well , I don’t know about PLC Boardrooms and I appreciate some of his speech was ‘ tongue in cheek ‘, but in today’s Barmy , Multi-Cultural and POLITICALLY CORRECT Climate , HE WAS RIGHT ! THE WHITE MALE IS BECOMING AN ENDANGERED SPECIES , AS IS THE WHITE FEMALE . BRITICIDE INDEED !

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